Government and public and all of us dropped guard after first Covid wave. Must prepare to face the third wave: Mohan Bhagwat

Stay home, stay safe, stay united: RSS Chief sounds a note of caution on preparedness for the expected third wave of Covid

Stay home, stay safe, stay united: RSS Chief sounds a note of caution on preparedness for the expected third wave of Covid
Stay home, stay safe, stay united: RSS Chief sounds a note of caution on preparedness for the expected third wave of Covid

Describing the failure to contain the second wave of Covid pandemic, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday said the Government, Administrations and people did not take the pandemic seriously and dropped the guard after the first wave. “We are facing this situation because all of us – the general public, Government and administration – dropped the guard after the first wave. Doctors were indicating but we became complacent. That’s why we’re facing this problem. Now there are talks of the third wave but we don’t have to fear but prepare ourselves,” said Bhagwat at a lecture series ‘Positivity Unlimited’.

Calling the pandemic a “challenge for humanity”, Bhagwat said India has to set an example for the world. “This (COVID-19 pandemic) is a challenge before humanity and India has to set an example. We have to work as a team, without discussing merits and demerits. We can do it later. We can overcome this challenge by working as a team and speeding up our work,” he said.

The RSS chief said that this is not an appropriate time to point fingers and all should avoid making irrational remarks.

RSS Sarsanghchalak said the country should stay united and work as a team in these testing times, instead of pointing fingers at each other. Asking people to “stay positive” and take precautions, the RSS chief also warned leaders to avoid making “irrational statements” in current circumstances. “We have to stay positive and take precautions to keep ourselves Covid negative in the present situation,” he said.

The RSS chief said that this is not an appropriate time to point fingers and all should avoid making irrational remarks. Citing England’s situation in World War II when everything seemed going against it, Bhagwat said a quote was written on the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s desk which read, “There is no pessimism in this office. We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They don’t exist”. Similarly, he said, in this situation “we can’t give up on courage. We need to also have steely resolve.”

Describing the fight against COVID-19 as a “test of patience”, the RSS chief said this period will also test the good qualities of Indians and said that “success is not final; failure is not fatal’ the courage to continue is the only thing that matters”. Mohan Bhagwat’s full speech can be viewed at the YouTube channel of RSS.

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  1. Mohan Bhagat Ji
    Vandemataram and Namaskar

    Your message is loud and clear. Thanks. We are united!
    It is said that Healthy Nation is a Wealth of a Nation!
    Unfortunately the present situation is akin to “yatha raja ta-tha praja” followed by “yuddha kale shastra-abhysa (war time lessons ((learning China Wuhan virus war time lessons during 2nd wave))!!

    My humble comments and observations below are borne out of ground realities and my humble feelings.

    Yes “test of patience, patience is a Virtue! But there is a limit to our patience also! Are we headed towards Economic and Medical Emergencies? Inherited rotten system and honeymoon periods are over six years ago!

    Please look at your party dead karyakartas and their respective families 200 (may be more) each in Kerala and WB State not so long ago! Navy retired officer was slapped by your backdoor associate SS party in Maha State! I am doubting patriotism in some of the BJP top self-serving leaders.

    Please look at your nurtured party the BJP breaking backbones of its vote bank and pushing below the BPL who came out of it during the previous 10 years ago!

    Since November 2016 we have been chased by disruptive policies of your majbooth sarkari and self-employed businesses gone into a tail spins, savings at home, and now liquidating FDs in banks started since Jan 2021! More than the first the second covid wave is lethal made majority of the people going bankrupt in buying lifesaving medicines which are in shortage!

    Patience for 7 years now under BJP where people are becoming mice! Your Organization has not only produced brilliants of international repute but also produced few bad politicians which I personally regret voting twice but little pride in voting six times previously! Not anymore at a future date!

    Please recall or meet some of your top notch in BJP and do course corrections in the interests of the majority communities since other religions are getting foreign funds to eke out their livings! There is no ground swell and support for you is weakening for your party. Please do something worthwhile and advice your party’s “Govt of Denials’ to reshuffle, reform, perform or perish!

    Mohan Bhagat Ji, please spell out your own ‘man ki bath” as an elderly statesman whether to run a government based on our nation’s kundali or an individual’s kundali and or do you want us to grow beard, with depleted financial resources drink chai daily and live or start eating two bananas known as common man’s food and live longer to vote for your party for the third term also?! Giving Bhashans/ sermonizing speeches are not the panacea surrounded by non performing Niti Ayog chums with the latest Chinese electronic gadgets!
    Your sister organization the BJP wasted 7 PRECIOUS YEARS so far! Are we going back to Mahalanobis era! Because Gujarat Model and Governance fell flat at Hindi-Chini bhai bhai Virus doorstep with panchasheel variants/mutations along with bankrupt federal state governments supported by comatose admin of our nation have been playing hooky with 7th pay commission’s largesse? One should deserve before one desires!

    Can we learn something worthwhile from a tiny nation ISRAEL? Please advise Mohan Bhagat Ji on missing ‘Acche Din’ for 7 years now!


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