Government of India announces Ayurveda medicine AYUSH 64 found useful for treatment of asymptomatic, mild to moderate COVID-19 infection.

In a breakthrough, the Govt of India announces Ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19

In a breakthrough, the Govt of India announces Ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19
In a breakthrough, the Govt of India announces Ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19

AYUSH 64 a new helping hand in the current Covid crisis

There is good news for Ayurvedic medicine users. The Government of India’s Ayush Ministry (the Ministry handling Ayurveda and traditional medicines) on Thursday announced a new medicine AYUSH 64 for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 infection. The government said that enough clinical trials have been conducted and the new drug AYUSH 64 is found to be good for the treatment of asymptomatic, mild to moderate COVID-19 infections.

The Ministry of Ayush-Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) collaboration has recently completed a robust multi-centre clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of AYUSH 64 in the management of mild to moderate COVID-19 patients.

AYUSH 64 comprises Alstonia scholaris (aqueous bark extract), Picrorhiza kurroa (aqueous rhizome extract), Swertia chirata (aqueous extract of the whole plant) and Caesalpinia crista (fine-powdered seed pulp). It is an extensively studied scientifically developed, safe and effective Ayurveda formulation. This medicine is also recommended in National Clinical Management Protocol based on Ayurveda and Yoga which is vetted by the National Task Force on COVID-19 Management of ICMR, said Ayush Ministry in a statement.

Dr V M Katoch, Chairman of the MC informed that the committee has carefully reviewed the outcome of the AYUSH 64 study and recommended AYUSH 64 in the management of asymptomatic, mild to moderate COVID-19.

AYUSH 64 found useful in the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 infection. A randomized clinical study demonstrated the safety and efficacy of AYUSH 64 in mild-moderate COVID-19, said Dr Arvind Chopra. Can be recommended for asymptomatic, mild to moderate COVID-19, said Dr V M Katoch

“In the middle of the havoc wreaked by the second wave of the pandemic, AYUSH 64 has emerged as a ray of hope for the patients of mild and moderate COVID-19 infection. The scientists of reputed research institutions of the country have found that AYUSH 64, a polyherbal formulation developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), Ministry of Ayush, is useful in the treatment of asymptomatic, mild and moderate COVID-19 infection as an adjunct to standard care. It is worthwhile to mention that initially the drug was developed for Malaria in the year 1980 and now is repurposed for COVID-19,” said the Ministry detailing about new Ayurveda drug AYUSH 64.

Dr Arvind Chopra, Director, Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Pune and honorary chief clinical coordinator of the Ministry of Ayush – CSIR collaboration informed that the trial was conducted at three centres. KGMU (King George’s Medical University), Lucknow; DMIMS (Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences), Wardha and BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) Covid Centre, Mumbai involving 70 participants in each arm. Dr Chopra stated that AYUSH 64 as an adjunct to standard of care (SoC) showed significant improvement and thus lesser period of hospitalization as compared to SoC alone. He also shared that several significant beneficial effects of AYUSH 64 on general health, fatigue, anxiety, stress, appetite, general happiness and sleep were also observed. Dr Chopra concluded that this controlled drug trial study has provided substantial evidence that AYUSH 64 can be effectively and safely used to treat mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 as adjuvant to SoC. He also added that patients on AYUSH 64 will still require monitoring so as to identify any worsening of disease requiring more intensive therapy with oxygen and other treatment measures provided during hospitalization.

Dr Bhushan Patwardhan, National Research Professor, Ayush and Chairman of the Inter-disciplinary Ayush Research and Development Task Force on COVID-19 stated that the results of the AYUSH 64 study are highly encouraging and in the current crisis situations needy patients should be able to get benefits of AYUSH 64. He also underlined that this multi-centre trial was monitored by Ayush-CSIR Joint Monitoring Committee (MC) under the chairmanship of Dr V M Katoch, former Secretary, Department of Health Research and former Director-General, Indian Council of Medical Research (DG, ICMR). He further added that these clinical studies periodically reviewed by an independent Data and Safety Management Board (DSMB).

Dr V M Katoch, Chairman of the MC informed that the committee has carefully reviewed the outcome of the AYUSH 64 study and recommended AYUSH 64 in the management of asymptomatic, mild to moderate COVID-19. It is worthwhile to note that this committee has also recommended Ministry to communicate with the state licensing authorities/ regulators regarding adding a new indication of AYUSH 64 for repurposing in the management of mild to moderate COVID-19.

Dr N. Srikanth, Director General, CCRAS elaborated that additional studies on AYUSH 64 are underway at reputed research institutes including CSIR-IIIM, DBT-THSTI, ICMR-NIN, AIIMS Jodhpur and Medical Colleges including Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh; King George’s Medical University, Lucknow; Government Medical College, Nagpur; Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur. Results received so far have shown the usefulness of AYUSH 64 in dealing with mild and moderate COVID-19. He also added that the outcome of the seven clinical studies has revealed that AYUSH 64 exhibits early clinical recovery in COVID-19 cases without further progression. In all clinical studies, AYUSH 64 was found to be well-tolerated and found clinically safe.

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  1. Very encouraging work by AYUSH dept. Sell it thru proper channel. So that common man gets genuine medicine. Keep it cheap. So that our counterfeit experts will not find any incentive..

  2. Like another covert Modi media, it’s promoting Modi not Ayurveda.
    After huge hunting the medicine was available nowhere.

  3. Congratulations to Ayush Ministry. Hope the ministry will expand in all States and UTs with substantial budgets.

    AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy) and Folk medicine too must be funded in a big way because Allopathy segment took maximum load during first three waves of China Virus. Further Allopathy pharma mafia is arm twisting developing countries an are not lifting patents especially during pandemics, AYUSH must get bigger budgetary allocations YoY.

    I am of the opinion that if HIPPA USA criteria/parameters are studied and policy is developed on such lines major controversies can be avoided. I heard that LMP/RMP work force were encouraged by the GOI few years ago and such resources must be deployed during Epidemics / Endemics and Pandemics.

    GOI must increase medical doctors in the country at the backdrop of India has already achieved the World Health Organization recommended doctor to population ratio of 1:1,000 the “Golden Finishing Line” in the year 2018 by most conservative estimates.

  4. why are they describing the medicine in some Roman/English names are the White Babus going to buy it from England?

    What are the local names in local languages? How difficult will it be to ask a Ayurvedha practioner for the local name in each and every indian language and publish it (I meant for the Government)

  5. Link to buy the Genuine Medicine Must be given.. otherwise people wanting to use it will end up buying knock offs, because even on Amazon 10 knock offs being sold..otherwise this is waste article..😢


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