Hindu God Idols in the NASA led recruitment of interns tickle the Hinduphobics

So-called Left-liberals Hinduphobic intellectuals are targeting NASA interns for their photos with Hindu Deities' idols.

So-called Left-liberals Hinduphobic intellectuals are targeting NASA interns for their photos with Hindu Deities' idols.
So-called Left-liberals Hinduphobic intellectuals are targeting NASA interns for their photos with Hindu Deities' idols.

NASA intern suffers Hinduphobic attacks for their pic with Hindu God Idols

Most people get tickled when certain parts of their bodies are touched, but the tickling may not always be pleasurable. The case in point is Pratima Roy’s photo with Hindu Gods and Goddesses, used by NASA together with three other interns. I am tickled and thrilled with joy and happiness that NASA used photos of four interns (including Roy) representing gender, racial, and ethnic diversity at its best. I do not doubt that NASA wisely chose the photos of three talented women to attract the next group of interns with a message that the gender gap in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) workforce continues.

To me, Roy’s photo is not only about her gender and ethnicity but the steadfast belief in divine Gods and Goddesses who bring inspiration and strength to her. True diversity is all about respecting who we are, what we believe in, and how we choose to do things. Roy valued, believed in, and liked to be surrounded by Gods and Goddesses. But for many Hinduphobic Left-liberals, the mere sight, not the touch, of Hindu Gods and Goddesses led to an “unbearable tickle,” leading to more emotional reactions and hateful responses.

Tweet from NASA for Internships:

At one level, Hindus must take the high moral ground of forgiving the Hinduphobics of their ignorance about Hinduism and the tenets of Sanatan Dharma but I see it going beyond forgiveness and deserve a strong condemnation from all Hindus.

I am very dismayed that people like Ashok Swain, the self-professed intellectual are questioning the ‘scientific temperament’ of Roy rather than celebrating her successful internship at NASA[1]. As an intellectual, he should know that NASA, a premier space agency of the United States, selects interns through a highly competitive and rigorous process. Roy’s selection is a testimonial of her intellectual accomplishments, scientific talent, and future aspirations. Speaking of the so-called intellectuals, the notorious Ashok Swain had falsely claimed that ‘Hindu supremacists’ were involved in the Capitol Hill riots in Washington on January 6[2]. Most Hindus I know are God-fearing with no ‘supremacist’ tendencies but Swain, I am afraid, is speaking for himself as a supremacist in that context. What more I can say for such people who are Hindus only in name but developed disdain and disrespect for Hinduism along the way for reasons best known to them.

NASA’s intern, Pratima Roy, with Hindu Gods and Goddesses on her table and their photos pinned on the wall.
NASA’s intern, Pratima Roy, with Hindu Gods and Goddesses on her table and their photos pinned on the wall.

I know of other people who are born Hindus but have hesitancy in identifying as Hindus and celebrating Roy’s photo with Gods and Goddesses. What our community has been unable to achieve as (united?) Hindus, NASA has done it for us and yet some Hindus are afraid of celebrating our heritage, culture, and belief systems. All I ask of Hindus is to take pride that if Hindu God idols create the phobia in the minds of Hindu haters like Swain, it is more power to our Gods. Anyone second-guessing NASA’s intentions in choosing Roy’s photo with Gods for the recruitment of new interns (manifestation of diversity at its best) is nothing more than a reflection of their corrupt mind.

Today, the Indian diaspora in the United States is about 3 million strong with the immigrants of Indian origin making visible inroads in almost all walks of professional life and most of their next generations are smart like Roy. They are getting selected for high profile internships, studying at Ivy League and other top colleges/ universities, working in high positions in STEM fields, Medicine, corporate, and beginning to emerge in politics. It is unfortunate, however, that there are still many Hindus among Indian Americans who have chosen the misinformed and misguided path away from their roots.

The unity among Hindus can withstand and confront organizations like CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) for their anti-Hindu venom and/ or promoting Hinduphobia, but if Hindus become non-believers, our issue becomes much larger.

In the end, I want the readers to rejoice and take pride in Roy’s photo and its use by NASA for a higher purpose of valuing and not discriminating against one’s religion/ faith. Her one photo is larger than the combined efforts of Hindus among the Indian diaspora in the U.S. since doors for immigration for Indians were opened in the Sixties.

Let me conclude with the following Tweets to warn Hinduphoboic intellectuals that they are creating a hateful path only for themselves. Sanatan Dharma and Hinduism have stayed around for thousands of years and are here to stay.

Anshul Saxena’s Tweet

Left-liberals are targeting & mocking NASA interns Pratima Roy & Pooja Roy for their photos with idols of Hindu gods & goddesses. The same left-liberals were using Burnol when NASA astronaut Sunita Williams took Bhagavad Gita & Upanishad to space to derive inspiration from them.


All those mocking her: Hijab, polygamy, child marriages, Niqab, prayers on the road, etc., are supposed to be respected under the concept of ‘choice’ and ‘pluralism’ but a Hindu lady practicing her faith has to be ridiculed. Carry on! Your bigotry will make her faith stronger.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] Photo of NASA intern with Hindu Gods and Goddesses on her table sparks Hinduphobic meltdown: How Roy was attacked for her Hindu faithJul 11, 2021, OpIndia

[2] Was a Hindu man holding a saffron flag present during the violence that erupted at Capitol Hill? A fact-checkJan 08, 2021, OpIndia

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