How IPL generates Black money – An explosive interview with Dr. Swamy

Is IPL a Black Money generating machine for a select few? How a chosen few are gaming the game of cricket!

Many hitherto not-talked-about topics discussed here:

  1. How IPL generates Black money – An explosive interview with Dr. Swamy.
  2. Why Dr. Swamy wants an e-Auction instead of Manual action.
  3. How a few vested interests are trying to corner the lucrative cricket contracts
  4. Why was Chennai Super Kings expelled from IPL?

All these discussed for the first time!

Complete transcript:

Sree Iyer In conversation with Dr. Swamy

Hello and welcome to PGurus Channel, I am your host Sree Iyer, I am here with Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Member of Rajya Sabha, Dr.Swamy welcome to Pgurus Channel.

Sree Iyer: Dr. Swamy in one of your tweets few days ago you had mentioned that IPL contributes fully 30% of all the black money generated in India, would you take care to expand on that.

Dr. Swamy: The tickets are only small part, the broadcasting rights they usually are valued at about 150 thousand crores and the money goes into match fixing then the franchise’s bidding all this add up to generation of black money per year about 1/3.

Sree Iyer: A Friend of mine told me a very interesting tidbit this is the first few editions of IPL may be first three or four editions. He mentioned first there were only 8 teams, he said, that of all of the teams, Chennai Super Kings was the most efficient, most cleanest.

Dr. Swamy: Yes, Chennai Super Kings is cleanest and Srinivasan was out of the control of Dawood and slowly started began moving its central gravity of cricket moved from Bombay to Chennai, where Dawood didn’t have network. So they targeted him and the media was purchase and most of the sports commentators are buyable, they can be bought and ran a campaign. Now ultimately a rigged PIL was filed, which was discovered later and PGurus wrote about it. Supreme Court was shy to touch my evidence, because there whole thing would have collapsed. They knew that I understood and I didn’t press although all the email of all the petitioners and the respondents and all in collusion meeting to each other do like do like this. Lalit Modi actually financed that PIL filed by Bihar Cricket Association.

Now, then the target was Srinivasan and moreover the Tamil people, because Srinivasan perhaps was a Brahmin they didn’t support him, Mrs. Gandhi and Ms. Jayalalita did not support him even though she may been born out of Brahmin parents but fact that is she just used it as a political tool when necessary but strictly speaking she was always carrying the favor of these extremists the LTT types. Srinivasan was left high and dry; finally when the final judgment was given by Supreme Court they put the paragraph saying that we completely exonerate Mr. Srinivasan.

Sree Iyer:  That never found its way into newspapers.

Dr. Swamy: Absolutely. Many a times the facts have not made it into the newspapers. It is a total conspiracy and then they put a ban on him for two years, when you are exonerated then how can you put a ban. On the grounds that his son-in-law, it was not an arranged marriage. He is a Chettiar boy and in my opinion is stupid. He was accused of match betting and not match fixing and he lost money in it and still put a lifelong ban on him.

Sree Iyer: Just to make it to even they one other guy from North Indian team also and put ban on that guy also.

Dr. Swamy: Yes one more from Rajasthan. So, that was all Dawood game.

Sree Iyer: Cricket as a game is the one thing that its great unified if the country start rooting for the game but in this muck that has crept in terms of like match fixing sometimes they go to even lesser details certain ball is going to be a no ball and they take  bets  and so on that. there was a one HC judgment that said where betting in cricket is not illegal because cricket is game which involves much more than just pure chance unlike card trick or Roulette game because you have to think about strategy and the wicket and the judgment and so on but I don’t see any startup companies doing anything on this which can make online betting legal.

Dr. Swamy: No I would think that should not be allowed the line between fixing and betting is too thin and stakes are too high.

Sree Iyer: Today, is an England based company and you can bet India games there.

Dr. Swamy: They don’t have access to Indian cricketers, it’s that Indian People. So that’s rigging.

Sree Iyer: It seems like every so often this thing periodically raises it raises its head and again its hushed down and do you see the next year Chennai Super Kings will probably be back as the two year ban ends.

Dr. Swamy: Srinivasan will be back.

Sree Iyer: We have to really admire his spunk because he was against the rest of the establishment.

Dr. Swamy: The money of the entire cricket matches were pooled at one place called ICC – International Cricket Control Board and that ICC when he became chairman he certainly said how come India which puts in 80% of the money is getting 20 % of the allocation. He got it back to 80% that was another thing because the other entire ICC officials were white people. They have permanent jobs and they felt threatened by this man and Srinivasan is kind of a reticent guy. He was educated in Chicago and particularly during emergency because he had come there for a lecture. I mean just targeted him and distorting was unbelievable never seen such a blatant lie and then Sharad Pawar and Jaitley all politicians he was no match for politicians.

Sree Iyer: These people are doing deals widely all the time with each other, very sad. As a rule Re-entry of Srinivasan even in a limited manner as an IPL owner.

Dr.Swamy: He will come back and it is obvious thing for if Tamils had any self respect.  After he had made them into a champion both in T20 and 50 over match, this comeback as Chennai super kings are champions. These matches are thrilling, they are drawing huge revenues and they had all stars led by Dhoni. Dhoni flowers when you give him free hand and they have given him free hand, they projected him. Dhoni was also subject to Dawood’s attack but by then it was too late and he had grown too big. The Tamil Nadu Cricket associated or Tamil Nadu societies act should not have been amended to say BCCI may say anything, we have separate thing. He would have developed TN to a point where everybody would have been forced to would come into the tournament and nobody would have gone to BCCI.

Sree Iyer: After all BCCI is just a private organization…

Dr. Swamy: One thing I must say that SC has done which I admire specially this Justice Thakur and Justice Lodha. They have devised a new principle which is going to support us in politics and so many other things. They said, Yes, BCCI is a private organization but it deals with the public and takes money from public through issue of tickets and the state give police and give them stadium makes road arrangement, security and therefore it is subject to judicial review of the court on the basis that you’re fundamental rights have been violated in some way.

Sree Iyer: Excellent observation.

Dr. Swamy: Now what has happened is that no political party can say expel anybody. Previously it said it’s a private thing, it’s our association of voluntary individual and courts have no business. But because of BCCI judgment now if you expel somebody and someone says you have not followed the constitution, 99% times you don’t follow it. You go to Court.

Sree Iyer: In fact that was one of the things held against Srinivasan, he used to followed the rule book meticulously and whenever he would come up with an observation the rest of the group couldn’t say no because he had done his home work. I mean, what really saddens me is here is person who is really good at what he does, he has done well for the cricket barring a few cricketers who said that they owe their success to him, everybody kind off buried their heads in the sand.

Dr. Swamy: There is nothing to be sad about. This is Kalyug. Those who have to fight have to fight and ultimate against all odds.

Sree Iyer: The last on this topic you have just moved SC on a E-auction of the IPL rights so they already did that thing manually because whatever happened, happened so where do you see that thing progressing.

Dr. Swamy: The E-Auction matter would have won, there was one problem, it was actually a part of Lodha reforms but the SC had decided that they had enough of this BCCI so they delegated to committee of administrators headed by Vinod Rai.

Vinod Rai, surprisingly after taking long during his tenure as CAG said E-Auction should be done. E-Auction is recommended by the central vigilance commission, it is public policy announced by Modi himself in 2014 and it’s obviously transparent. Manual auction is just a name. It’s actually called for tenders and opening the tenders and seeing whether anybody has bided biggest. Now, it not like Sotheby’s where they are auctioning, bidding where it all open and they say raise your place.

I would say it’s a tendering process, it would be wrong to say manual auction. The Vinod Rai should have said this is the requirement of the Lodha Commission reforms. I direct as an administrator that there should be E-auction; I don’t know what happened to him. I have very high regard for so I am not in a mood to actually motives. The guy said no he said falsely that this is best way to maximize revenues which are not true. We can now in the next year would show. The whole thing was rigged, one of the ways of rigging therefore, if he had to bolted SC would understand he the man we being appointed repose faith in him because there is reputation on the CNG. Now if we start saying you are doing this properly, it puts us in an awkward spot. So we left it, if rigging wasn’t this way and we had predicted that start TV will get it.  Star TV had a financial relationship with the chairman of the IPL Mr. Rajeev Shukla. It was a bogus deal, and I wanted show this bogus deal because star network has not been an advertising agent for anybody. There’s small TV station which is owned by Rajeev Shukla and his wife.

Sree Iyer: So, they had to have him in whole mix.

Dr. Swamy: They had a deal advertising deal, we will collect advertisement for you, and Dish TV had a very poor viewership in Hindi. He is getting international advertisement worth a 100 crores. Now he parted and said, am recusing myself but the ultimate block I faced is that Supreme Court didn’t want to find fault with this right. Now I have gone back and I have documented the things and shown that the trick was if there are so many things television broadcast rights then face book and twitter engagements.

There are six different varieties and ways in which cricket matches publicize. We buy them all together then you get at a lower price for the whole things than if you buy it separately. So, If you buy it separately the problem is that after the TV shows the cricket, 5 minutes later you can still show the same scene, who would like to see the watch Facebook and Twitter when everyone is chewing their nails. So therefore if you had made everybody auction for each one of those you would get two or three times the revenue than if you bulk buy of all that and that’s the reason star TV could afford.

Sree Iyer: You hit the thing on the head because Facebook is trying to diversify into video because Google has a very strong presence YouTube in Video so is Twitter. Twitter covers football games exclusively which means the games that twitter gets the rights on even TV doesn’t get a right on, so you have to watch it in twitter. People are trying to get into this lucrative space. You are absolutely right to maximize the potential.

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  1. Who is this? One of those frustrated lots who have simply been rendered jobless after this Govt. came to power? Or The kind who pretends not to see the light from the dark? Atleast one should accept that this man has shown the extent of his reach to gather intelligence and has dared to scare some of the most scandulous and wicked people who have played devilry by misruling this Great Nation and has subdued its rising from the ashes post independence to a sluggish pace.
    Anyways. his intellectual prowess in many areas, is something you would have no clue about!

    In the end whatever he does it is Good for this Nation which he does in his own little way.

  2. 1.Pgurus stands for “Propoganda Gurus” , all articles claim to be mix of facts/info pulled from here & there from highly placed contacts in ruling party/Govt who leak selective data and propoganda gurus pushes its agenda using selective leaks.

    2. Dr Swamy should be christened as Dr Spin Swamy for the spin he creates on every event that occurs to suit BJP/RSS agenda. He also acts as diversionist/deflectionist to save present Govt/Modi Sarkar from real issues public face often dodging and encouraging ill-transparency i.e hiding/lack of data though he portrays an image of keeper of conscience etc. This is no doubt surprising for a man of “chequered career” in academics to politics. Recently QS world ranking for universities across globe puts Harvard still at No:3 in terms of employability,others etc. But Dr Spin Swamy creates his own agenda that Harvard is getting bad etc just because his courses were removed as well as he was chucked rightly so because of his nature of poking his nose into more than 1 thing without doing anythin satisfactorily. Sadly he distorts Gita as well often for this reckless/stupidity/cheating via multi taskin.
    Wanted to say this for long time but since yes’day happened to be his B’day waited one more day.

    3. Corruption/Black money connundrum is simply a poll plank and no one has any idea of the right quantum of that which is due to come to Indian Govt/excheq both domestically as well as from abroad. All right wing morons create hype and hoopla to fool gullible by quoting misleading wrong figures . What is sad is that many CAs.statisticians themselves do this routinely in BJP/rulin party including Spin Swamy who often take a position as if anatogonistic to Govt/party itself only to fool ppl in the end.

    Pgurus will carry this comment if it is brave enough and not retort to callin me names or abusing reader/me for i had used none etc.
    Dont care even if they do so..

    • Who is this? One of those frustrated lots who have simply been rendered jobless after this Govt. came to power? Or The kind who pretends not to see the light from the dark? Atleast one should accept that this man has shown the extent of his reach to gather intelligence and has dared to scare some of the most scandulous and wicked people who have played devilry by misruling this Great Nation and has subdued its rising from the ashes post independence to a sluggish pace.
      Anyways. his intellectual prowess in many areas, is something you would have no clue about!

      In the end whatever he does it is Good for this Nation which he does in his own little way.

  3. Disappointing! Dr.Swamy mumbles some figures and says that they contribute to black money. No details. And then they go on to give certificates to N.Srinivasan.
    Least explosive. In fact a damp squib!


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