Humble request to all temples of the world from Naatyaachaarya V. P. Dhananjayan

Performing Yagnas and Yaagas has been found to be beneficial in combating pandemics in the past and all temples across the world should undertake them

Performing Yagnas and Yaagas has been found to be beneficial in combating pandemics in the past and all temples across the world should undertake them
Performing Yagnas and Yaagas has been found to be beneficial in combating pandemics in the past and all temples across the world should undertake them


YAGNAS AND YAAGAS (sacrificial rituals) PERFORMED  and practiced in the ancient Aarsha-Bhaarata for various reasons had been doubtlessly very effective. At this time of crucial CORONA -19 VIRUS   pandemic,   we should seriously think of performing such YAAGAS  &  YAGNAS to eradicate the dreadful disease. These Yagnas & Yaagas have been scientifically proven to bring environmental cleanliness through the fumes emanated from burning various medicinal Oils such as Ghee, Gingelly Oil, and herbs. I am humbly requesting all our Devaalayas (Temples) religious establishments like Sankarachaarya Peedams to advise their followers to conduct such Yagna and Yaagas aiming to bring a permanent solution to completely eradicate the killer virus from the earth.

Especially the great-great pilgrimage centers of Aarsha-Bhaaratam, such as Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, Kaashi Viswanaatha Temple, Tirupati Venkateswara Temple, Poori Jagannaatha temple, Guruvaayur Krishna temple, Sabari Ayyappa Temple, Padmanabha Temple  (to a name few)  may immediately start performing these Yaagas for the welfare of the world.


IN CONTINUATION of my suggestions on performing Agni Homa(fire sacrifice) Ygana & Yaaga, etc, the bell sounds emanating from the  Church bells and Aalayamani ( temple bells) are done to ward off evils or viruses. The Veda Shastra Puranas tell us the effect of Naada or vibrations of Oom kaara or Pranava mathram. The pooja mantras say “Kurve Ghantaravam Tathra Devataahwaanachanam ” (sounding of well-made bells brings auspiciousness or ward off all evil elements).
So it is earnestly suggested that all our temples and Churches ring their bells and gongs continuously for some time in the morning and evenings. This will certainly bring a good effect on the atmosphere and environments to eradicate the killer virus.
Please don’t treat this as superstition.
This is a humble prayer and request suggestions from a lover of world welfare and well-wisher of humanity at large.

Naatyaachaarya V. P. Dhananjayan

Padma Bhushan awardee Sri. V.P.Dhananjayan, son of A.Rama Poduval and Madhavi Amma, was born in Payyanur (Kerala) in the year 1939. A child poet in Malayalam, he was brought to Smt. Rukmini Devi's Kalakshetra, Chennai at the age of 13 in the year 1953 by the famed Guru T.K. Chandu Panikkar. He received diploma and post graduate diploma in Kathakali and Bharatanaatyam with distinction and served the alma mater (Kalakshetra) as one of the most prominent performing artists and teacher till 1968. Dhananjayan was the leading dancer in the Kalakshetra dance drama productions and became synonymous with the character Sri Rama in the Ramayana series of Kalakshetra.

Founded Bharatakalanjali in the year 1968 along with his wife Shanta Dhananjayan also an alumni of Kalakshetra. Bharatakalanjali under the able stewardship of Dhananjayan and Shanta has become one of the well known institutions in Tamizhnaadu for Bharatanaatyam. They created several prestigious and internationally acclaimed dance productions. "The Cultural panorama of Tamizhnaadu" directed and produced for the Government of Tamizhnaadu won him special recognition from the Chief Minister Thiru. M.G. Ramachandran. They also received several other State and public recognitions including Kalaimamani, Central Sangit Natak Academi, Kerala State Sangeeta Nataka Academy's Fellowship, Nrityachoodamani (Sri Krishna Gana Sabha) and several prestigious National and International awards, titles and recognitions. MA.Chidambaram Chettiyar (MAC Charities) award of Rs.50,000/-, silver casket and citation (2002), the "Swati Ratna" puraskaar for Madras Malayalee club, for their contribution to the propagation of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal's compositions through Bharatanaatyam (April 2004).
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  1. Spend the money to donate to the fees, midday meals, uniform etc of poor Hindu children & to Hindu old age homes instead of pouring ghee, Gingelly oil etc in the homa kunda for our own benefit when 400 million people are hungry in this country. Others will be taken care of by their missionaries. God will take care of us.
    Perform group prayers in temples for God to save Hindus all over the world from their innumerous enemies everywhere who are only waiting & watching like vultures to finish them. That is the need of the hour. Unite if you do not want to meet the fate of the Kashmiri pandits or the dalits of Mewat, Haryana. Pray for our progeny. Do not put money in the money boxes of the temples or buy archanas from the temple offices which will go to minorities to buy the temple land. Give the archakas money secretly outside the temple because the money given to them by the bhakthas are snatched away from them by the office bearers on the command of politicians. Spread awareness & save our posterity from annihilation, torture etc. Om Namah Shivaayah.


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