India announces World’s largest food security scheme to 80 crore people. Rs.2/kg for wheat, Rs.3/kg for Rice for three months

India announces an ambitious food security scheme to cover 80 crores (800 million) of its population for the next few months

India announces an ambitious food security scheme to cover 80 crores (800 million) of its population for the next few months
India announces an ambitious food security scheme to cover 80 crores (800 million) of its population for the next few months

A day after the declaration of the 21-day lockdown to prevent the Coronavirus pandemic, the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday announced the world’s largest food security scheme to benefit 80 crore people across the country. Briefing media, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that every person who comes under this scheme will get 7 kg ration per month for the next three months, including wheat at a cost of Rs.2 per kg and rice at cost of Rs.3 per kg. The 80-crore people who would come under this scheme are those who use the Public Distribution System (PDS) and financially downtrodden, explained the Minister.

“The government has decided to provide 7 kg per person of food grains to 80 crore people under the Public Distribution System (PDS), which the world’s largest food security system,” said Javadekar, detailing the Cabinet decision.

“80 crore people will get wheat at Rs.2 a kg and rice at Rs.3 kg for the next three months,” the minister said. Wheat, which is otherwise given at Rs.7 per kg, is being given at Rs.2… this happens otherwise as well, but we should not forget that this is being given to 80 crore people for three months. Rice will be supplied at Rs.3/kg & wheat at Rs.2/kg. For 80 crore people, rice would be available at Rs.3 instead of its usual price which is Rs.37,” said Javadekar, reiterating public to avoid panic in buying essential commodities.

Stressing people to keep social distancing, Javadekar said that Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi also kept distance between Ministers. “We have to keep social distancing for the next 21 days to prevent the pandemic. Otherwise, the purpose will be lost,” he said.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister reiterated that there will be no shortage of food products and essential goods during the lockdown. Immediately after the announcement of 21 days lockdown, grocery stores in the country saw a burst of buyers rushing to gather enough grocery items to keep their household running in the lockdown. On delivery businesses, he said that it is unfortunate that delivery agents are harassed at some places, but such cases are very few in number.

Detailing the logistics of supply of wheat, rice, and other items to 80 crore people, Javadekar said that all states have been asked to take food grains from the Centre in advance for distribution through the PDS and Food Corporation of India (FCI) networks across the country are geared up for this scheme. Under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), the government is supplying 5 kg of food grains per month to over 80 crore people at a highly subsidised price, he added.

Javadekar said that all essential commodities supply shops will be open, requesting the public to avoid the rush and keep social distancing, showing photos of certain shops methods to make people in line at safe distance.

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  1. The Food Security Plan for 800 Million people of the Country constitute 60% of the population. This is the number of people who live below poverty line(BPL) or in abject poverty. The Plan is fairly bereft of any mechanism to deliver the food at the doorsteps, when all or most of them are incarcerated in their homes fearing Covid19 infections. Our Medic and Paramedic staff are doing great job in treating of Covid19 patients risking and exposing themselves to the dreaded disease.
    Let the Government of India utilise the services of Logistics Units of our Army in distribution of basic necessities of life to one and all in this time of calamity?

  2. I also have to mention that there are no Buses, Rickshaws, no transport at all. Their is no Helpline No provided by the Government.

    What are we supposed to do ?

  3. True.

    I stay in Alibaug. We have complete lockdown. We cannot travel from our Village Chaul to main town Alibaug for Essentials.

    No Vegetables n other stuff is available.

    The Govt should have made prior arrangements before announcing 21 days Lockdown.

    How are people to Survive.

    Eat Mud n Grass ???

  4. Why Govt want to sell instead of distributing for free..they should supply vegetables pulses rice wheat to all poor that even door delivery not making them to stand in lines like demonitisation…Government earned a lot of money on petrol..gst..income tax.. now it’s time to return

  5. Are rice and wheat enough ?
    It looks people do not need vegetables ?
    It looks people do not pulses and oil etc. ?
    The shops are closed in the town where I live and very few are half openend – When we go for purchase, shop keepers are rushing the purchasers that police may come at any time.
    Vegetable growers are hit as how they can bring it to market and sell ?
    People are hit as there are shortage of vegetables.
    What kind of crisis management is this ?

    • I need fish, chicken mutton egg pizza.
      I can feel you pain.Hoping you can distribute your vegetables to those needy people.

      Look man Rich people live in ac I leave in old fan house.i can’t expect ac and don’t need which I cant afford.Rich people eat mutton curry costly food should I expect it also. I can servive with rice daal and aalu choka.Hoping they will servive too.
      Virus did not came with invitation and people like you whose abdomen full with biryani will talk about country issue. Please leave us we are happy.

  6. How those people will avail this scheme who is staying in other cities far from their home for their livelihood.
    Will local authorities allow them to avail this scheme locally..


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