India Maldives strong connect… The best way forward!!!

Restoring Democracy in the Maldives was mainly due to Dr. Swamy's efforts which have now paved way for a Modi visit to the nation

Dr. Swamy played a major role to establish Democracy in the Maldives.
Dr. Swamy meets Mohammed Nasheed in Sri Lanka

The last year’s change of regime in the Maldives marked a major shift towards India.

Last year, Maldives was gearing up for elections and all indications were that they were going to be rigged. When everyone had lost hope, Dr. Swamy met the ex-President Mohamed Nasheed twice, who was living in exile in Sri Lanka. Dr. Swamy called for free and fair elections or demanded a Military intervention. The then ruling President Abdulla Yameen got cold feet, under International pressure after Dr. Swamy comments on possible rigging of the elections, was forced to allow an observer to overlook election process. Eventually lost the election to Ibrahim M Solih.

Dr. Swamy played a major role in establishing Democracy in the Maldives. One tweet by him of possible Indian military intervention to protect safeguard Democracy in the Maldives tilted the scales towards Democratic forces and Mr. Mohamed Nasheed-supported candidate won the Election.

Maldives (Mala-theevu in Tamil or Maala dweep in Sanskrit) is strategically placed in the Indian ocean and to have an India friendly regime is of vital importance. The small island Nation falls in the path of important sea routes in the Indian Ocean – close to the Gulf of Aden and the Straits of Malacca. Almost all main trade routes to the broader region pass by the Maldives; most of the energy supplies from the Middle East are transported along these routes.

In recent times China’s keen interest in the region by providing financial aid, a trade pact with Maldives and close relations with Sri Lanka, could have had a major Military imbalance in the region.

Last year’s change of regime in the Maldives marked a major shift towards India.

In the process, China lost its hold on Maldives and domination in the region!!! Another instance of Dr. Swamy putting the nation first over everything else.

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  1. wow- Swamy really -his intervention- direct- indirect- MODI is not going to give credit to Swamy in public- Swamy has not acknowledged -that MODI credited him with this pathway to Maldives. Swamy is not going to acknowledge it even if it were true.

    lets assume-Swamy set the stage for this pathway after the 2019 lohksaba elections.

    Swamy- may be playing a hidden role- of a minister at large – reporting directly to MODI?

    MODI administration must use Swamy’s vast skills , relationships, grasp of areas of vital interests to Bharat, grasp of domestic and international politics- he speaks chinese for GOD’s sake- putting the fear in Communist china the most- a Bharat national -who can converse with them in their own language, extensive/practitioner of economics, finance and enable Bharat to leapfrog ahead sooner than we can imagine.

    look- Swamy’s skill sets are varied, expansive, vast, deep, across national borders, across different nationals, experiences in neighborhood politics/economics/finance, experiences over a time line material to current relationships in immediate neighborhood, USA, Mideast, Mid Asia, and GOD knows what other areas of vital interests to Bharat.

    MODI- use this MAN- his skill sets needed for the right reasons at the right time.

    if MODI- using Swamy’s brains- behind the scenes- seceret capacity- hey continue with it- we do not need to know.


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