The scourge of casteism in Andhra – the Reddy and Kamma politics

This is the sad state of the Telugu people. Most of these political leaders perpetrated divisions based on caste, religion and in the process enriched themselves and their supporters in their caste groups

This is the sad state of the Telugu people. Most of these political leaders perpetrated divisions based on caste, religion and in the process enriched themselves and their supporters in their caste groups
This is the sad state of the Telugu people. Most of these political leaders perpetrated divisions based on caste, religion and in the process enriched themselves and their supporters in their caste groups

BJP needs to be very careful with Andhra politicians. I see the same tendencies of the same powerful caste groups of Reddy/Kamma occupying the space

Commenting on the spectacular BJP win in 2019, Jaitley Ji commented, ‘Aspirational India does not accept Royalties, Dynasties, and caste-based parties’. That held true for most of the country except the Southern states of Andhra, Tamilnadu, and Kerala. Each has its own dynamics but as someone born from Andhra, I can say caste politics plays at abominable levels in Andhra politics. The three main parties that contested in 2019 elections represent three farming groups – three different castes, namely, Reddy, Kamma, and Kapu.

The reins of power in the State were almost always held between the Reddy and Kamma communities where politically active people in these caste groups have enriched themselves for the most part. Only recently the third farming group Kapu has been striving to get a piece of the pie enjoyed by the other two groups, with little success. While there are some bright spots, the two powerful political caste-based groups, Reddy and Kamma determined the destiny of the combined state leading it to a disaster. The result is today the combined Andhra is a divided state because Telangana region felt they are not getting the fair share of state development funds and parted ways, leaving Andhra cash strapped with a sense they got a raw deal in the division of the state.

Then there are several accusations that central BJP leadership are being manipulated by smooth-talking state Reddy leaders to part ways with Kamma Chief Minister Naidu.

More than three decades ago, growing up during my teenage years in Andhra, my first encounter with casteism was when I was told that in order to enter the movie industry in Andhra you will not have a chance unless you are a Kamma. I remember those days of Andhra Pradesh Reddy Chief Ministers such as Sanjeeva Reddy, Brahmananda Reddy and then Chenna Reddy. During a visit of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to the capital city of the Hyderabad, one of the Reddy Chief Ministers of the time had introduced all his ministers to Nehru who were standing in line at the airport. After the last minister was introduced Nehru asked the Reddy Chief Minister how come the last minister introduced was not a Reddy? I recall how Chenna Reddy deliberately started Hindu/ Muslim riots before elections and the rampant goondaism in the State and how people felt unsafe.

Kamma vs Reddy

Then came N T Rama Rao (NTR), a popular movie icon from Kamma community who rode to popularity after years of the state receiving step-motherly treatment from the centre. He seemed to have initially ruled with sincerity but soon he also became corrupt as well as engaged in caste Kamma politics. He got ill and then his son-in-law Chandra Babu Naidu usurped power from his father in law. Naidu did have a vision for the State for its development and built the Information Technology (IT) industry in Hyderabad. He and his caste friend Murali Mohan are believed to have robbed millions from the farmers of Electronic City of Hyderabad where they bought the lands of farmers first at low prices and then declared Electronic city and cashed out on the multi-fold rise in the cost. Most of his beneficiaries are of Kamma caste including Eenadu founder Ramoji Rao and others. When his party was part of the Vajpayee BJP coalition Government at the centre, Naidu was able to get more funds allocated to the state and made immense improvements to Hyderabad while neglecting the rural areas. This is the time the rumblings started for a separate Telangana because people there felt for long that their region was not getting a fair share of the state resources.

The worse was yet to come. Naidu lost to Yeduguri Sandinti (Samuel?) Rajasekhara Reddy (YSR), a fanatic evangelical Christian Chief Minister who along with the support of Sonia Gandhi increased the percentage of Christians from less than 3% to about 22% with foreign missionaries openly converting hundreds of thousands of people with the complete support of State machinery and funds. Even the most remote villages in combined Andhra have a church whether there is a practising Christian in that village or not. Worse, YSR robbed Hindu temples and the family amassed billions of rupees in land grabs – allegedly a good chunk must be through selling the Hindu temple lands that were under Government control. YSR had an untimely death, which some believe is God’s punishment for targeting Tirupathi temple in trying to give away 5 out of 7 Tirumala hills to Christian missionaries. Then there is the division of the state, followed by Chandra Babu Naidu joining hands with Modi/ BJP and coming to power in 2014.

Then Babu, an insecure man who was engaging in caste politics, unable to handle the raw deal to the state, parted with BJP and joined hands with the Congress, the very party that is the reason for the existence of his own party. He bad mouthed Narendra Modi and paid crores of rupees to his Kamma friends in the media to not allow a single fact of Modi’s contributions to the state, lied his way by putting his own stamp to central schemes, only to lose power badly to YSR’s son Jagan Mohan Reddy. Telangana on the other side is ruled by KCR who seemed to be doing well initially, felt he is getting smarter by the day by engaging in Muslim appeasement and was even planning to form a coalition Government in case Modi’s NDA does not get enough numbers in 2019. KCR had the audacity to banish a Hindu saint from Hyderabad for countering the abuse of Sri Ram on one of the locally compromised media channels while he and his people openly abused Hindus during election rallies.

This is the sad state of the Telugu people. Most of these political leaders perpetrated divisions based on caste, religion and in the process enriched themselves and their supporters in their caste groups. All live in very large palatial homes worth thousands of crores while the State is suffering. A video of some of the Jagan Reddy palatial homes in cities across Andhra and in Bangalore displayed the opulence and wealth accumulated which even a billionaire entrepreneur in California cannot boast about. Many of these political families, particularly from Reddy families (and maybe even Kamma) members of the same family are allied with different parties so that no matter which party gains power in the state, they get a piece of the pie! They are amply supported by their caste people who benefit and support the caste divisions. Where are they getting this money from? This is money that belongs to all people of Andhra.

For the most part they are modern day high-class robbers, India’s thugs, feudalistic landlords, who think that they are doing a favour by ruling over lesser mortals, a legacy of Congress party that engulfed the country leaving half of India’s 1.2 billion population still under poverty, every second child malnourished, a country home to one third of the world’s poor. While China is moving ahead in leaps and bounds and has completely removed poverty of 1+ billion people in the matter of three decades, India is weighed down by these thugs leaving a half billion living the curse of poverty in despicable shacks called homes without even the most basic toilet facilities. The same families use a fraction of the enormous looted property to win the following elections and then continue the loot. They are now even using professional political strategists to win elections.

Though I have not kept in touch with the State, I was told that even today every child growing up in Andhra has a deep sense of the caste they belong to. When I was interacting with many younger people in social media, I was amazed at the support based on caste lines. A young Reddy wants to downplay the disaster done by YSR from conversions and plunder to the state, brushes aside any concerns of potential rampant conversions from Jagan. I have seen many a young Reddy even calling Jagan as ‘Jagan Anna‘, ‘brother Jagan’, even though he is no relation of him (other than being a Reddy). Talk to them – they want to throw under the carpet anything done by the Reddy leaders, no matter which party they belong to as if that does not matter. Then there is a Kamma Hindu activist who thinks that Modi is a disaster who needs to be defeated because he did not do justice to the state even if that means Congress comes to power and the country goes to dogs. His main gripe also stems from Modi being unfair to his Kamma Chief Minister and his ‘Kamma brothers’ who brought properties in the new capital Amaravathi may not get the returns they expected. Then there are several accusations that central BJP leadership is being manipulated by smooth-talking Reddy leaders from the state to part ways with Kamma Chief Minister Naidu.

We have a responsibility to come out of our shell and help create a modern India as a service to our mother country which Modi Ji is attempting to create, not perpetuate same backward tendencies.

Too many associations?

This fanatic caste feeling is not just in India, but also abroad. Telugu people have the most North American Telugu associations based on caste and even region since Andhra Pradesh was divided. They are TANA, NATS, ATA, BATA, TATA… the list goes on. This mental depredation lacks the vision that their own children growing up in the United States care little for caste and it is believed that 50% of them do not even marry with those from Indian origin or even within their religion. Each of these groups spends millions of dollars on mega-events every year or two and bring in political leaders from Andhra/ Telangana hoping to get a few crumbs of influence from India while most Indian politicians arguably treat them as ‘useful idiots‘. The tragedy is that India gave them so much through free education, family and discipline that allowed them to prosper here and these people want to grab more from the poor country using these corrupt caste-based Indian politicians – like robbing from your own mother who gave so much to you. These are done with little thought to bringing people together here in the US especially where racism is still part of the American society.

Today a Hindu American cannot claim to get the same justice as a White or Jewish American and Asian students are discriminated into admissions in schools. American students are fed most derogatory things about Hinduism creating an aversion or lack of self-esteem among Hindu American students for their own religion and culture. The community faces many challenges with few people registered to vote and are not being taken seriously by politicians compared to other communities such as Muslim Americans. While the first generation is well off and imparted some of there traits of hard work to the next generation and therefore somewhat insulated, we cannot guarantee the same for further generations. In supporting caste-based discrimination in India, these people must reflect on how it is no different from what they faced and now their children face similar discrimination based on race in this country.

BJP – Proceed with caution!

BJP needs to be very careful with Andhra politicians. I see the same tendencies of the same powerful caste groups of Reddy/ Kamma occupying the space and Modi/ Amit Shah Ji need to ensure there is larger participation of the state, the goals of aspirational India, as Jaitley pointed. There is no need to choose Kamma Purandeshwari as CM candidate. She brings nothing to the table and people do not care. BJP also needs to be cautious of a BJP Reddy politician promoting only Reddys or a BJP Kamma politician bringing another Kamma into the party, rather than the best person for the job. Talk to activists on the ground and they say most of the state BJP leaders are compromised and they have relationships in business and other dealings based on caste lines with the state ruling party leaders. One activist told me, the relationship between the local ruling party and local BJP leaders in both Andhra and Telangana is that of master and mistress.

I was also told when the BJP contested Lok Sabha elections for the first time, it got 2 Lok Sabha seats – one was from the combined Andhra (the loser was Sri P V Narasimha Rao!) and another from Gujarat. However, while Gujarat picked up and now rules the country, Andhra Pradesh never picked up because of the shady relationships of the central and local BJP leaders from the state have with the ruling party leaders of the State. If BJP aspires to penetrate Andhra/Telangana, many suggest it will be successful only if it brings in total new state leadership and be extremely sensitive to the designs of the members of established powerful caste groups driven by greed and power than to serve. (Note: Many say the need for this complete replacement of local BJP leadership also applies to other Southern states such as Tamil Nadu).

I know this article evokes strong sentiments, but it is important Telugu people come out in the open and be honest about it. There are always exceptions and there are people from all communities doing great service to Dharma and country without any agenda of self or feeling of caste. Caste or ‘Jati‘ was never based on birth, but a natural classification based on human tendencies, not to be used for division or discrimination, but for efficient organization of a society. Living abroad all of us can be a role model to those in India.

America faced the challenges of deeply rooted racism by being open and honest about it and when we open up and talk freely we have a chance to break these barriers. In fact, the American military is considered the least racist many decades earlier than the rest of the country because of this open and honest communication. We have a responsibility to come out of our shell and help create a modern India as a service to our mother country which Modi Ji is attempting to create, not perpetuate the same backward tendencies. We are not realizing that this deep-rooted casteism is not only destroying the state but also playing a catalyst to conversions and leading to Breaking India forces.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both in India and US. He played a critical role in the introduction of paper trail for India's Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT. He and another activist organized All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions insideHindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. His presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai and pursuing a career in Telecom in the US.
Satya Dosapati


  1. Writer – while the mentioned casts were robbing telugu states, what’s your BJP at center (and Congress earlier) have been doing? watching drama..? How much cut out of this corruption they are getting..?

  2. Even I as a hindu Reddy we need more unity around all caste of hindu,,and let’s kick that anti national ,Muslim,Christians away,,,telanaga and Andhra pradesh are very wealthy states and we don’t want to ruin that

  3. Hi Vamshi Krishna Reddy,,I grew up in Hyderabad and I consider myself more kattar Hindu than proud Reddy,,,,and I grew up with all caste and religion people together,,,But worst part is secular political parties and congress,Tdp,ysrcp the most,,,,all they do is combine there caste people and minority people together which becomes magic number to win ,,,but they don’t care about the hindu majority ,, ysrcp is having the convertion bank and here comes the Tdp who are fake hindu these days,,,, jai hind,jai telangana ,jai telugu tali,,,we need change with you bjp brother ,,,please support us

  4. What were you smoking when you wrote that due to YSR, the christian population increased from 3% to 22%. When the hell did it become 22 percent? According to CENSUS 2011, AP had 1.34% christians. Presently there are 1.38% in andhra. Get your facts right and stop this BJP fake news agenda.

  5. Mr. Dosapati might be on BJP payroll, who thinks BJP can bring prosperity to Andhra. Andhra Pradesh (United) has been an extremely well performing state especially during 1995-2004. It has performed better than all BJP ruled states in all socio-econimic indicators.

    We have managed to build a decent city called Hyderabad which is still much better than Ahmedabad.

    Your anguish against Kamma’s, clearly proves your objective. They have made telugus proud by making films such as Bahubali. They built a studio, which is still the best one in India, Ramoji film studios, even bollywood movies are shot there. Because of their rule, today thousands of acres around Hyderabad have gone up in value and million have profited from it (Mostly non kamma’s).

    LV Prasad eye hospital provides eye care for millions of patients, which is non-profit run by kamma’s. Indo-American Cancer is a non-profit run by kamma’s, Usha Mullapudi Hospital is a non-commercial hospital run by them. They provide employment to Lakhs through their enterprises in the state like School’s, College’s, pharma companies and etc.

    There might be some irregularities like everywhere, but if you say starting a business itself is bad and whatever they do is bad, nobody in the state is in position to accept that

    I am not a kamma, yet I have the heart and brain to appreciate any good done by anyone.

    What BJP is trying to do is, it is trying to create space for itself politically in the state. Instead of helping the state for making India a 5 trillion dollar economy, they are creating rifts among the people of the state using fault lines. Shame on you.

  6. I am very sorry to note that Mr.Dosapati’s article all one
    can see is everything in a caste angle. Mr. Dosapati comes across clearly as someone who’s deeply into caste politics.
    Anyone who writes entire articles about OTHER castes without even doing a perfunctory check of facts can indeed only be termed as a “casteist”.

    First and foremost Mr. Dosapati’s facts are wrong and his accusations are fabricated by him.

    As the adage goes – never get into a mud fight with a pig – you too will be muddy like the pig, but since this article breaks all norms of honesty and fact-based analysis, one is forced to talk about the topic of about caste. FACTS will quash the lies of Mr. Dosapati re the 20 chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh for 70years.

    Of the 20 CMs, ONLY twice were Kamma CMs elected.

    Here is the caste-wise breakdown of all CMs of AP:

    Brahmin – 2
    Vysya 1
    Reddy 11
    Harijan 2
    Velama 1
    Kamma 2
    nominated CM for 1 month1
    by Indira Gandhi

    I am very sorry your dreams of becoming a movie star
    have not been realized, at the same time there are many kamma young men and women also
    probably disappointed. You know that any and everybody cannot become a movie star – one requires good looks, and talent in order to succeed in the movie industry and not what caste one belongs to.

    Lets do a closer examination of the very inflammatory words of Mr. Dosapati:

    1. Kamma vs Reddy
    2. Movie icon from Kamma Community
    3. Engaged in Caste Kamma politics

    4. He and his caste friend Murali Mohan are believed to have robbed
    millions from farmers of Electronic city.

    Does any one know where Electronic city
    is in Hyderabad. There is Hi-Tec city, which was contracted out to L & T NOT to Murali Mohan.

    Construction of HITEC city is the biggest technological revolution of Hyderabad. HITEC city transformed the way Hyderabad is perceived. It made the city
    a competitor to Chennai and Bangalore. That was what Naidu wanted to make Amravati as well –
    a competitor for those major cities and as a result be able to provide employment
    for thousands of Telugu Youth.

    Look some more at Mr. Dosapati’s disgusting comments ” Most beneficiaries are Kamma caste
    including Ramoji Rao” – are all the people working at HITEC CITY kamma
    people, after getting some experience go to U S A are they all kamma? Are they all even Telugu, they are from all over the country.+

    Traitors like writer of this article dropped “amravati”, brand name now that Naidu is not there
    any more because of change of govt, “ Holitech usa “ signed a contract with( Which could have created more than 2000jobs)
    Naidu to invest 1400 crores in Andhra, now due to change of govt they are moving
    to U P. Even KIA Motors was tried to siphon away to Gujarat by MODI, but Kia said they like
    Naidu and hence would want to stay in Anantapur

    Hindu Activist ” His main gripe ——–to His Kamma chief Minister
    and his Kamma Brothers who’ brought’ (BOUGHT) IN THE new capital Amravati
    may not get the returns they expected.

    Then there is this kamma Hindu Activist ,”

    Did he (the “Kamma activist” that you disparaged) ever tell you what
    caste he belongs to or did he ever ask what caste you belonged to, or did he ever
    treat you different? He should have known you better and your poisonous mind, he has innocently treated you like a brother,
    nominated you for office , you were ready to run until you find out
    you have to pay a little bit of money, you suddenly back out, which is so cheap.
    Then he nominated you for an award, until the concerned organizing committee found out that you
    wrote the same kind of article after which they refused to even consider you
    embarassing the Hindu Activist even for nominating for such a person. If he was so communal as you say why was he doing all
    this for you.

    That Hindu Activist guy is the one that introduced you about temple issue
    which you took full credit, and you are one of the 500 people that went to chicago and you claim success in banning conversion , what a joke and a lie. If you are so successful how come Christians went up from 3% to 22%.Is your time better spent on this issue rather than creating trouble amongst Hindus.That Kamma Hindu Activist guy funded many of your shennigans until you conned him last summer.He refuses to be robbed by you
    any more. So you started this.

    How can you do that, don’t you have any conscience, how can you back stab him? Well it is nothing new for you, you did that
    to a national leader , you did that to a non Hindu activist. Who is fighting for Hindus far more than any Hindu. That Kamma Hindu Activist supported you all your activism life , you turn around and everyone can see
    ,how you payback. I bet you must be very proud of yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror.

    Another question that needs to be asked is who stopped Mr. Dosapati from buying real estate in amravati, he has as much opportunity
    as anybody else. Obviously Mr. Dosapati is incapable of doing it himself, so he assumes that somebody he does not even know
    is making money and he whines about it.

    Mr.Dosapati does not need any reason or cause to accuse people
    Has no respect for truth why would he have any reason to slander
    A non hindu activist who is doing noble work for Hindus. This
    Activist travels between
    Bangladesh and India, lobbying the authorities to look into the muslim atrocities committed against Hindus in Bangladesh. This American activist has been funded in part by the same “kamma Hindu activist” that Mr. Dosapati slandered in the earlier part of his article. This American activist was slandered by Mr. Dosapati on internet, by publishing BASELESS, Wild accusations
    And do not give him any money.Good Bomb Thrower.

    There are many more such cases of vicious casteist and baseless articles written by Mr. Dosapati, and it would be wise for platforms such as PGurus to verify their “analysts” and their background before brining them on , and in Mr. Dosapati’s case to spew/write trash, who’s only purpose is to create baseless community illwill, while creating a “market” for yellow journalists.

    ” A thankless child, sharper than serpent’ tooth.”

    • Instead of rebutting the author with facts, you have gone on a rant and attacked him personally. This is in extremely poor taste.

      • Team PGurus June 21, 2019 at 5:04 AM
        “Instead of rebutting the author with facts, you have gone on a rant and attacked him personally. This is in extremely poor taste.”

        I appreciate your response although you’re wrong on the fact that I didn’t rebut Mr. Dosapati’s baseless and defamatory article with facts and that I went on a “personal rant”. My post IS replete with specific facts and numbers (please point me to something in my facts that you or anyone disagrees with), and it was directed to Mr. Dosapati on a personal level since he SPECIFICALLY mentioned a particular “caste-based activist in USA” in his post, and made his own personal attack against said person!

        I know that specific person that Mr. Dosapati wrongly accuses as a “caste-based activist in the USA” (the person in question is an Indian-American activist who I’ve NEVER even heard talk about his or anybody’s caste) – which was why I pointed out the various instances that Mr. Dosapati directly BENEFITTED from the wrongly-accused person. Additionally, the groups like TANA that Mr. Dosapati wrongly defamed, have been doing MONUMENTAL work in the USA on behalf of the Indian community for over 35 years now (check the hundreds of cultural events they conducted, tens of thousands of poor kids they provided financial support to, millions of US dollars raised during natural disasters in India and the USA, etc,etc).

        The broader issues/questions here are multifold:

        1. Why is Mr. Dosapati, with his checkered past of using dishonest means to gain favors, presenting incoherent and totally baseless write-ups as genuine “articles” being allowed access to supposedly prestigious platforms?
        2. Do these platforms (PGurus in this instance) not realize that peddling such dangerous myths regarding a caste or castes presents enormous danger to the fabric of AP society?
        3. Why are platforms that label themselves as “objective analysts” (which I too believed to be true in the case of PGurus and Mr. Iyer, and hope to get back that trust) bringing on someone like Mr. Dosapati who has ZERO “on the ground” knowledge (which he himself admits in his article) about the issues, and then proceeding to gleefully converse about CB Naidu’s defeat in AP?
        4. It is shocking that many respectable entities are failing in their responsibility towards objective journalism and instead resorting to acting like ‘Modi/Shah bhakts’; this is not only detrimental to objectivity and to the truth, it also creates dangerous repercussions to a certain caste or castes (outlined in Mr. Dosapati’s careless post); why are these respectable platforms taking sides instead of reporting honestly?

        To put this whole saga into perspective, I don’t claim to have the pedigree of Mr. Iyer as an analyst on Indian issues, but I have done/still do co-host an A.M. radio show in Texas. Our shows deal mostly with American internal national security issues and the CARDINAL rule for us as hosts is: NEVER PRESENT INACCURATE FACTS; we always check, double and triple-check our sources before going on the air. If we’re even slightly unsure of anything in our show notes, we omit them completely. We realize very strongly that doing anything other than that would be incredibly damaging to our show as well as the prestigious radio station itself. And the same goes for any other show or online platform.

        It’s only of late that I’ve been taking an active interest in Indian affairs, with the future intention of seeking strong partnerships between Indian security and other analysts with American national security analysts – we have shared interests as well as shared threats. While trying to learn about India-based issues, I first discovered Mr. Iyer’s channel on YouTube and was impressed with his poise, composure and manner of interviewing. As a result I developed a sense of respect for him and his platform (PGurus) to the extent that I had Mr. Iyer as a ‘solid’ source in “my book”.

        But when I saw the same channel entertain “analysts” of questionable background and unquestioned evidence of making up “facts”, I was very disappointed in PGurus and decided to voice my feelings and opinions, backed up by facts. This is in a way “my 2-cents” – and may have the same worth to PGurus as any opinion does – 2-cents.

        Again – I appreciate the fact that I am allowed to express the above on your platform.

        Roger v

  7. Mr. Dosapati has either by omission OR commission – excluded several other castes that have been vying for dominance. For example, he doesn’t MENTION the fact that when Mr. K. Rosaiah was the CM of erstwhile AP, he appointed numerous members of his own caste – Vysya (Komati in Telugu) – into positions of high power. Rosaiah also awarded numerous lucrative business contracts and deals to his fellow Vysya community members.

    Moreover, the ELEPHANT in the room has NOT been fully addressed – the Reddy domination of AP politics since its inception! I’ve lost count but there have been 14 – 15 Reddy Chief Ministers that ruled AP! If that isn’t TOTAL and utter domination by one community, to the detriment of all others, then the motives of Mr. Dosapati have to be questioned! Especially the Reddys of Cuddapah and Kurnool are NOTORIOUS for their “Bomb Politics” – they murder by chopping or hurling bombs on their political opponents. The kammas or velamas or any other community does not conduct these types of political murders. The GREATEST danger to AP, right now, is Jagan Reddy and his brand of murder politics. His brand of politics will now become a part and parcel of the rest of AP! Add to that – he’s a DEVOUT EVANGELIST (don’t be fooled by his taking a dip in the Ganges with his golden cross around his neck).

    Essentially what Modi/Shah have done in AP is political malfeasance and criminality of the highest order. In order to eliminate what Modi/Shah considered a threat to their domination, in the form of the brilliant administrator CB Naidu, they conspired with KCR and the ever present Tamil threat to undermine AP in the form of Narasimhan, manipulated EVMs (numerous reports are available), pressured the police to turn a blind eye to violence against TDP workers and leaders, and installed a puppet to suppress AP. Thereby ensuring that a CB Naidu led AP would never ever pose a threat to the prosperity and development of their beloved Gujarat.

    But, as the adage goes – if you feed and nurture the snake, don’t be surprised if it turns around and bites you. Nobody should be surprised if Jagan Reddy proceeds to loot whatever is left of AP (after the tens of thousands if not lakhs of crores he looted when his father was CM) and evangelizes the remaining hindus. Don’t forget to thank Mr. Dosapati when that happens, for writing an article that IGNORED the REAL THREAT (Jagan Reddy murder politics and corruption and evangelism), and instead writing a fluff piece disguised as “journalism”!

    • Well said sir. Look at what Pawan Kalyan did this election. He gave almost all the seats to his caste people (Kapu). All regional parties today are caste-based or dynasties. They should think beyond caste and unite before Hindus become a minority.

      • Gautham Krishnan – Exactly! And in falling for caste politics, Andhra Pradesh has been set back by decades through the machinations for purely political reasons by politicians in Delhi.

  8. Problem in India, due the the evil toxic influence of Church and its most deranged demented bastardized progeny Communism is perpetuation of CASTE..So ypu can abuse Hinduism openly, you can abuse Hindu Gods openly, you can abuse India openly, You can say Bharat ke Tukde..BUT CASTE… AND its perpetuated by the above Axis of Evil Christu-Commies (Congis are worst of the Conquistadors under this evilest White skinned Italian)
    I do not know, MANY OF THEM HAVE LEFT HINDUISM for the deranged, demented, vicious ,genocidal, demonical ideology of White Klannism, White supremacy, White Nazism, White conquistador, genocidal ideology of death and bloodthirst called Xtianity, PADRISM, POPEISM (and its bastard progeny called communism) whose bloodthirsty rituals IS WHat WE SEE in the perpetual war these White Xtians engage in, the genocide of North and South American NATIVES 400 million in just 10 years, of Maoris, Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Chinese, Indians, Muslims, Buddhists…and still continues. Many have left it to the Lamaism of Ghengis Khans and KILLER LAMAS of Sri Lanka, Burma.STILL THEY CONTINUE TO CARRY OLD NAMES AND CASTE TAGS…HOW IS AKHILESH A YADAV WHEN HE IS A MULLA AND JAGAN A REDDY WHEN HE IS A XTIAN, OR KANSHI, MAYAWATI CHAMARS WHEN THEY ARE XTIANS??
    Fact is its evil, devilish ideology of White supremacy called Xtianity and VATI-CUNT ISM which cannot live with anybody different..AMERICA IS ATHE BIGGEST BIGOT, FANATIC, LUNATIC NATION IN THE WORLD BIGGER THAN SAUDI..
    GREATEST DANGER TO BHARAT IS XTIANITY..ISLAM IS BEING RADICALIZED BY THE EVIL SATANIC DEVILISH CHURCH AND SONIA TO CREATE A CIVIL WAR WITH HINDUS..LAST STANDING OLD CULTURED CIVILIZATION IS UNDER TOTAL ATTACK AFTER THIS EVIL, VILE WHITE ITALIAN PROSTITUTE SET FOOT IN INDIA. SHE IS WORST ENEMY OF HINDUS AND INDIAN THAN BILLION TAIMURS, NADIR SHAHS, ABDALIS, AURANGZEBS COMBINED..ALL MEDIA IS IN HANDS OF THESE XTIANS WITH HINDU NAMES, BLOODY RUNNING DOGS OF VATICAN..AND MOST OF THEM ARE PAKIPANJABIS AND BANGADS 2 COMMUNITIES WHO ARE WHITE D..K CRAZED, AND WHITE D..CAROUSAL WHORISM RUNS IN THEIR FAMILIES. Buddhism, Taoism is dead under the Xtian evil of Communism in another ancient cultured Chinese civilization , now Xtianity is rising in China with commie demon support (Sun Yat Sen, MAO Tse Tung, Li Xinping, Chiang Kai Shek and even Kim family in Korea are Xtian born)..Here in India Gandhi, NEHRU, ..all were Cryptos Xtians, so is Prakash Karat (a bastard of his mother diallances with a Theology British Professor, who sponsored his education communism= Xtianity, Brnda Karat= suspiciously white, hides here real hideous White paternity of Bangali whorism, Yechury a bastard prd of Razakars, HKS Surjeet- a pakipanjabi bstd prd in british sewers and all his family is in US, just like Krauts and Jesuris, and all satiating the carnal pleasures of whites. SAME WITH MMS, and Congis). LEAVE AT THAT , IN INDIA, MOST OF SC JUDGES ARE FROM 3 STATES ONLY..THE PORTUGUESE XTAIN IDEOLOGY OF RACISM KLANNISM AND NAZISM PADRISM, PAKIPANJABI-THE WHITE CREATED PAKISTANIS, BANGADS WITH SOME INPUTS FROM KASHMIRI KAUL BRAHMINS–THE BASTARDS CREATED BY BRITS AND ITS KASHMIRI KEEPS)

  9. Very well thought through article delineating the ground based political facts and challenges. I sincerely thank the author for his candid advice, and request him to continue publishing such articles, and the times will change and all such highly corrupt leaders will meet their punishment. All the committed people believing in “Satyameva Jayate” must work together to contribute toward that positive revolution.

  10. Courageous post Mr.Dosapati.
    One should not forget caste and religion based professions and politics in evergreen and lavish film and cricket stars started slowly in late 1980s and in 1990s with our nation breaking motives from evil forces.

    If one intends to destroy caste based politics and its business nexus among powerful castes in Telugu speaking states (and on pan Indian basis too) and major religions (Gulf- Middle East- KSA-Vatican- Colorado-Mauritius-now Singapore, and other tax havens) – who transfer big monies to destroy India, Government of India might have started identifying “money transfer” companies from US in particular and rest of the geographies in general!! All these Associations world over are associated with one or the other caste and are jokers. Some are like a “failed NRI” Sam Pitroda (Rahul’s bosom friend now) under serious investigations in India !!

    Every caste based CM from Telugu speaking states builds his or her own pockets of filthily rich cocoons and statues of this or that leader! Under TDP and Congress-I regimes in the then united AP State, it is self evident and if one looks at Hyderabad Hi-Tech city and abutting areas certain pockets are owned by Congress-I goons, film stars, MLAs, MLCs and MPs and on another side TDP goons, film stars, MLAs, MLCs and MPs, sandwiched by MIM party MLAs, MLCs and encroaching goons, there was only one mosque 20 years ago, now several with a graveyard swallowing a small lake itself! Few standalone buildings are becoming mosques and churches! Durgam lake/cheruvu shrinked in size and shape! All the above is done on caste lines and party affiliation wise! TRS may be doing consultancy between them all!! BJP seem to be a beggar singing Ram Dhun!!

    in the above said areas, three decades of big bang investments and big black money spinning political profession started with filthily rich real estate crooks looting virgin lands from poor farmers catering to Information Technology and Services companies, international airport to start with and engulfing “catchment areas / watersheds” too!! Does all these so called knowledge based cluster of sectors have proper “drainage and transport systems”? Roads are flooded with knee deep waters!! How about big pollution?

    Family business and politics to name a few: if Palanivel Chidambaram and Sonia with their family members, Ambanis and Dawoods’ gang can bring down stock exchange in a day!!

    In our country there used to be a call for a “scientific temper” to develop and grow only to be replaced by hydra headed “secularism” and all secular skunks paraded in a systematic manner and ensured demise of left over Sanatana Dharma in the country.

    If we need even development, I was also taught “selection of sites’ to build dam or big industrial cluster based on Satellite imageries or aerial photographs! Our politicians started eating rich hinter fertile farming lands and destroyed coastal belts with prawn culture thus polluting ground water and paddy fields!

    In our country another convenient business is to invoke names of Hindus for instance Nehru -Gandhi’s who ruled us for 60 years!! Yousef Khan alias Dilip Kumar,……………….latest controversy YV Subba Reddy a converted X’tian may head TTD under AP CM Jagan in 2019! There is no sanctity left in becoming Chairman of TTD headed by liquor baron earlier too, if I am not wrong Adikeshavulu Naidu!!

    Late AP CM YSR was punished by the Almighty Panchabhootas in 2009-10. It’s reported that smuggler and converted X’tian Cong-I former CM Nedurumelli Janardhana Reddy played a wicked role in funding his party. It’s reported that recently to tame Jagan, former AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu (CBN) appointed nearly 80 X’tian in TTD , when they were asked to apply sandal paste on their tonsured heads /on their foreheads before entering sanctum Santorum by spirited Hindu employees all these 80 vanished!! Naidu appointed one X’tian lady as an Executive to TTD, just to prove his brand of secularism!? Temple lands were encroached under late YSR and during CBN too. Temple town Srisailam is another latest example.

    CBN before contributing for a new hi-tech city, built few parks,flyovers, and stadiums and named after Cong-I CMs! His first love! Younger generations question what CBN done in his 40 years of politics! CBN destroyed TDP itself built by late NTR who solidly stood against mighty late Indira and Rajiv regimes!!

    NTR’s TDP was 62% BC dominated sprinkled with SC/ST based strong party till NTR breathed his last. CBN converted the party into a Kamma caste dominated party!! Kammas and Reddys are hard working caste! Under late NTR Kammas and Reddy’s used to work together equally dominated by BCs.

    Whatever may be the caste and religious politics in divided Telugu speaking states, denied AP former CM late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, loved and adored by all castes in the then United AP State, a truly deserving Bharata Ratna. Subject to correction, it’s reported that late PM AB Vajpayee was ready but CBN put his foot down!!

    One should not blame all Reddy’s or Kammas in their dominated pockets/ provinces, they are also Hindus to protect Brahmins first against evil forces and invaders. A section of them done bad things under late YSR and of late CBN too. CBN did “prohibitively beyond a limit” caste politics and excessively occupied/owned areas by his own caste-men in the new capital city and destroyed himself at the end. Hence, YS Jagan stormed to power with a huge majority.

    PS: What happened to your letter sent to ECI/CEC on voting/contesting elections by persons holding two or more than two passports in India/abroad? Any update Mr.Dosapati? Our RTIs sometime do not give “full” info especially on Nehru Gandhi’s even under Majboot Sarkar NaMo ji for over five years!

  11. I have always liked to read your post sir.
    Well… Nicely written article.
    BJP has to keep on repeating their values to all BJP party workers and must learn to stick by it
    No corruption means no alliances with corrupted parties.
    This has to be their guiding factor.

    Andhra – a nice write up sir.
    Even I have seen a lot of people addressing Jagan as Anna…
    (Christian brother?)
    Missionaries are intelligent in setting up this bond with their Hindu targets.
    They even copy Hindu traditions to convert Hindus.
    They will create so great an image of Jagan in that he is humble, sweet , good etc… But in my personal opinion never trust a Christian…

    (In Tamilnadu Dravidian parties used to say if you see a snake n a Brahmin , kill the brahmin…
    Common people think that Brahmins are selfish .. but their selfishness hasn’t done any harm to temples and Hindu tradition…
    Most of them were god fearing n though they helped Brahmins to prosper , atleast government had good people in large numbers— god fearing n sincere n those who helped temples flourish…
    On the other hand Christians are worst because they too bring in a lot of Christian groups whereever they are but they aim to destroy Hinduism n Hindu temples even forcefully or fearfully – a Christian collector converts all below his cadre, a police IPS does so, a Christian doctor , a Christian school…etc… They even work to change history … )

    You can talk, be friends with them but never trust them….

    Coming to caste politics, same in Tamilnadu too.
    State leadership in Tamilnadu should be changed.
    I don’t have any grudge against her but for more than 5 years she has been in there n nadars are very caste oriented..

    Caste promotion can be countered only by removing castes in educational institutions…
    But it’s difficult to make the common mass understand that… And missionaries and selfish politicians always want a divided Hindu system.

    Demonetization was criticized by all opposition leaders but people didn’t heed ..
    So if people are made to understand that reservations only result in further growth of castes… It could be a boon for India ..

    Maybe when selfless Harijan leaders come up in future n they understand the plight of people and not take advantage of caste politics, they might convince their masses, for a no reservation …. Then India might progress without castes.
    But the current scenario is all dalit leaders want to use up their caste cards…

  12. The writer has correctly mentioned that the scourge of soyh indian politics is casteism. This will be promoted by a fewwho have huge amount of looted or black money. another aspect is conversion by paying money and looting the ageold temples. there should be a watch dog over these conversions and perpetrators should be brought to book and punished. Foreign funds received by them can be controlled. it is time all hindu temples come under aseparate hindu organisation. The smaller temples in the rural areas can be controlled by the nearest bigger temple. A primary health centre and a primary school can be made o run under each temple.


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