Is Tamil Nadu going the way of Bengal?

Parochial political parties, "victimhood" mindset is making Tamil Nadu go the way of West Bengal

Parochial political parties,

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]M[/dropcap]any may recollect that Bengal province used to be leading in many industries in the fifties and sixties. It was known for Chemicals/ Pharmaceuticals/ Engineering industries. It had huge Salt Gholas in and around Kolkata and Howrah. The first computer was installed at Indian Statistical Institute at BT road. It had a vibrant handloom industry and was known for its dyeing skills.

The last straw was Singur where the attempt of Tatas to set up a car factory was thwarted by the party of Mamta Banerjee which carried “victimhood” to extremes. It was presented as Agriculture versus inhuman capitalists.

But the partition gave rise to refugees and many called as Bangals from the other side of the border embraced left ideology. It was a sense of victimhood and expressed itself against Delhi.

Actually the Left ideology of Bengal was a regional voice cloaked in ideology. Many Bhadralok intellectuals felt shifting of capital from Kolkata to Delhi in the thirties was the beginning of discrimination against Bengal.

Due to left ideology the political class identified business class as “oppressors” and entrepreneurship was frowned upon. The growth and rule of left from the seventies re-enforced these issues and unfortunately Bengal was shunned by entrepreneurs except some old school like RPGs and Bangurs. The new entrepreneurship shifted/ developed in the western part of the country. The victimhood expressed in the form of usage of resources/ freight equalization etc did find an emotional appeal and this gave way to protest against Delhi and all types of industrial ventures. The last straw was Nandigram where the attempt of Tatas to set up a car factory was thwarted by the party of Mamta Banerjee which carried “victimhood” to extremes. It was presented as Agriculture versus inhuman capitalists. The project abandoned, got relocated to Gujarat and rest is history.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]nterestingly Tamil Nadu, one of the most advanced states is currently exhibiting “victimhood” mindset. Most political leaders are forced to accept this discourse. Koodankulam was the major nuclear project generating electricity. Due to agitation by NGOs funded by foreign forces and supported by Church the project was stalled for years and more than Rs.1000 crores cost escalation took place. Even a mild mannered Manmohan — the then PM – had to express his anguish about this senseless intransigence. Then came Jallikattu issue decided by the Supreme Court. Again a huge anti Delhi sentiment was created and now the Hydrocarbon project at Neduvasal.

Throughout this period we find Congress and DMK ministers at centre giving assent but now the agitators want Modi to “resign”.

In the recently concluded Discovered Small Fields auctions, two contract areas — Karaikal in Puducherry, and Neduvasal in Tamil Nadu having an in-place volume of 4, 30,000 tonnes of oil and oil equivalent gas (oil plus gas) — were awarded to private contractors. According to estimates, these two areas are expected to generate gross revenues of Rs.300 crores as well as a royalty of Rs.40 crores for the State governments. ONGC has been annually paying Rs.250-350 crore as royalty to the State. Dismissing allegations that the Tamil Nadu government was not informed or that permission was not taken before starting the exploration activity or putting the block under the hammer, one official said according to News Reports “Mining lease approval is given by the State government. This is a discovered block — exploration has happened. So, the State was in the know.”

ONGC was given the area under the petroleum exploration license in 1986. Exploration permission from the State government was given in 2008 and the mining lease was awarded in 2013 for seven years. In fact, ONGC had written to the district administration of Neduvasal on December 30, 2016, seeking to convert the mining lease from seven years to 20 years.

Throughout this period we find Congress and DMK ministers at centre giving assent but now the agitators want Modi to “resign”.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]his Hydrocarbon projects are not new to Tamil Nadu or Tanjore. Already more than 100 projects are functioning in Tamil Nadu. The arguments given against the Hydrocarbon project is varying from concerns about environment to bizarre issues of “grabbing” fertile lands by “central forces”. The process of drilling and production requires very limited surface land area (generally 120X120 square metre) which will not affect agriculture or the soil of the entire lease area, he said, adding that operators are required to follow strict environmental norms for the use of operational land. Regarding groundwater table, the official said that extraction is being carried out from deeper earth area (generally beyond 1,000m), and thus aquifers, which are located at shallower levels, are not affected.

Tamil Nadu is already facing an employment crisis due to lack of new industries and crisis in Middle East coupled with the decline of IT sector.

Whenever the central scientists/ bureaucrats go to Neduvasal to explain the issues they are gheroed and intimidated. The “victimhood” is taken to heights and now turning into anti-industrialization. The argument given – supported by local ministers – that if locals do not want it then do not have it — is dangerous. This can be replicated in Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh. No extractive industry can be started. Actually what is below surface belong to entire Indian society and not to local villagers.

Tamil Nadu is already facing an employment crisis due to lack of new industries and crisis in Middle East coupled with the decline of IT sector. Instead of focusing on this the political parties are stoking linguistic fanaticism and a sense of victim hood against Delhi. It is interesting to observe that many forces that were supportive of Veerappan the forest brigand; are actively involved in Kudankulam and Neduvasal protests. NGOs mostly funded from USA and Europe are very active in this protests. In all Tamil Nadu is in a situation like Bengal which will be shunned by industrialists and which will increase its sense of “victimhood”. Also Tamil Nadu has enough secessionist forces supported by terror groups like LTTE. An explosive cocktail is brewing.

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Prof R. Vaidyanathan

Cho S Ramaswamy Visiting Chair Professor of Public policy[CRVCPPP]

Sastra University

An expert in Finance and a two times Fulbright Scholar, Prof. R Vaidyanathan is a much sought after author, speaker and TV commentator on all items related to Money and Finance.
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  1. Well written Professor. Considering the voids created by demise of Late CM Ms. Jayalalitha and absences of Former CM Mr. Karunanidhi, all other local (small) parties are taking up each and every chance they get. All these senseless protests are very much politically motivated against the center government by them. As pointed out by the author, there have been so many Hydrocarbon projects are underway in TN. What happened suddenly in last two weeks? It appears that those parties are intimidated by growth of BJP and their performances across india. So they are agitating people against center in the name of environment issues, land grabbing etc. Their main motto is to use people’s sentiment by applying tamil fanaticism and not to let BJP come into the state politics. We can’t blame people, they are sentimental and emotional in nature. When comes to any sensitive issue even well educated personal very much react in the same way rather than being factual which we have witnessed on jallikattu issue. People are always manipulated by false propaganda of those political parties esp (leftist, separatists), NGOs etc in the name of tamil fanaticism. As long as People don’t unite and stand against such parties, It will be dangerously difficult to stop “ancient rich heritage tamil nadu” to become another north border indian state.

    Indian from TN
    Note: I do not belong to any party. I support center government only on the agenda of development.

  2. Prof Sir,

    Please visit a place where already Hydrocarbon is being extracted. Consult/ Interview the local people and you can present their views UNBIASSED on how their day to day life has improved due to that project in their area.

    Then we will be glad to accept your views.

    • There is no water in Tamil Nadu. Harvesting ponds also disappeared in 16th century. What fertile lands are you talking about. ONGC has been active in Krishna Godavari basin, none complained, infact it gave lots of employment & existing business revenue increased.

  3. interesting article. Knowing who paid pgurus and the author for this article will be more interesting. . There is mass youth movement in TN to support agriculture . Iam also a volunteer in that effort so can sense the currents.

    My engineering classmate works for a oil exploration company for last 13 years. He said Neduvaasal will sure become a town but agriculture will be lost gradually. There are few places in TN that are fertile, has water and has thriving agriculture like Neduvaasal. It will be foolish to destroy it just for 300+40 crores. Article shows full capital mindset. It feel sad that the professor belongs to SASTRA where I did my engineering .

    Have the professor visited neduvaasal? ?he might change his mind if he visits.. It is easy to say what is under the earth belongs to the whole nation, one can realise the pain if Govt says that there are resources under your home and we need to dig that out.

    Why to compare TN with WB. Across the globe there is conflict between nature conservationists and so called development oriented people. Do you know how much damage is done to Chattisham and jharkant in the name of development??

    Such a narrow minded stupid capitalistic article from a professor working with renowned university. ..shame shame..

    • Don’t cast aspersions on PGurus or the author. Stay on topic. Show some maturity. TN by and large is an arid place and needs water badly. In order to do this, it can erect desalination plants along the coast for which it needs money. Crude will give you that. Remember, this deal was done by DMK/ UPA three years ago. Why oppose it now? Which rock were you hiding under, when the order was passed?

  4. The person who writes or understand the facts and finding inga are the person who suppose to use their own brain before comment upon any topics and rest i personally feel emotional idiots . We can’t forward all posts as it’s without our own thinking.

    I wonder when people talk about Dravidian culture and tamil. This state has been ruled by Dravidian parties for more than 3 decades.

    Should I write you on the current state of Tamil and culture. Can’t you alanlyze the standards when you studied and it’s current state and who is the cause for it?

    I won’t wonder if you say modi is the cause…rather bjp tamil leaders should owe it. If I would have been given leadership by now, i would make bjp govt in next election ..Performance Development and Corruption are key points ..The above challenges are stopping our economic growth which includes agricultures.

    We want electricity 24 bar 7 but no koodankulam…

    • Ha ha… If all mp elected me as PM now, I would make India as developed nation within next 2 yrs…?

      No one will come and give you leadership post. You should join the party and rise to that position.
      Hope soon we will meet there…?

  5. In the name of Tamilan, these kind of authors have hidden agendas and we have to be aware of it, just he throws bullshits

  6. These stupid capitalistic ideologies is what drives me away from BJP and RSS.. Is Vaidyanathan a scientist to give a clean chit to those oil companies, that there will be no damage?

    • Before calling a Professor names, do you have any substantive logic to rebut? If yes, write it as a comment here, with the facts.

  7. 10 years back there were a lot of biogas plants installed with government aid..why is the current government not doing that? MR. Professor , while the developed countries are turning towards renewable energy, they want to make oil/gas money out of exploiting other countries. Why is our government helping them to do so? How much commission did the ones who signed received? Life isn’t all about revenue. Don’t try to fool people in the name of development and revenue. India has lost its self sustainability because of free trade policies. Don’t you see what we have done to our country in the name of development? You brainiacs and scientists please come up with more renewable energy solutions rather than digging the earth more…That’s plainly selling the country to the whites again…just an insult for the freedom fighters..

  8. Yes, we are unique. We decide what we want in our land, based on this agreement our Indian constitution was built. If you break it then you are breaking INDIA not us.

  9. Now that crooked congis are exposed as first rate swindlers, there is no sane national voice which will be listened and heard.There is no vacuum in this universe and if there are no sane voices in a particular environment, it will be usurped by crooks/vested interests.The jokers who are running the joker party must realise quickly that their jokers who are manning the local H.Q are a useless bunch of time wasters.Nothing much will be lost if these jokers are kicked out and in their place bring in SS.It is another thing SS will accept to clear up a mess but then he needs to be persuaded in the “National cause”.There is nothing to loose.But then how can people used to the ways of short cuts think straight and logical ?

  10. Are our scientists incapable of achieving what they promise? Why not fight for right execution of project without any impact to environment? Why not we build biggest agro food industry in Tamilnadu? How much are we utilising our potential with coastline ? Are not we undermining ourselves our potential?

    Are scientists undermining our country or politicians? Who should be under fire now? Politicians or scientists?

    We got to have a dream for ourselves like APJ and build TN with largest Agriculture based economy equally supported by other industries. We tamils built the best temples and how much we promote it and build an tourist industry of it? we seriously undermined by our politicians and we got to demand right things and do right things in agriculture and industrialization and lead the WORLD!!!

  11. Dear Pgurus,

    Where was this Central government when karnataka denied cauvery water to TN dying farmers. What did the central gov do for Vardha cyclone. Enough of this industrialisation in Tamilnadu. The entire mindset of TN youth is shifting towards agriculture. If government wants to do good for TN ..let them provide incentive for agriculture and not destroy it.

    Besides 40cr royality pittance in front of those pitiable farmers..Also kindly elaborate the negative impacts of hydrocarbon projects.If theres no impact,kindly provide the real life project executed in the world where it benefits the environment..Then we TN shall accept.

    N Thangadurai

    • Kutharkama pesiye time a waste pannaringa.Ippa irrurika sundakai moolai manathakali alavukku vanthirum.Why don’t you read what is written in this article clearly? Area used for prospecting in Neduvasal is small,it is not creating any issue for agriculture or agriculturalists.neduvasal is a small place less than, hardly 5000 people live here.What is happening is an external force probably backed by break India forces within are involved in neduvasal propaganda.If you are not part of this crooked brigade, take time out.Read the whole issue pertaining to Neduvaasal.
      1.which Tamilian govt. gave permission for prospecting?
      2.Who is doing prospecting?
      3.How much area involved?
      4.Whose lands have been taken over and what compensations did they get?
      5.Has it affected other people living in this small hamlet?If not, why?
      6.Why all tamil media saying only one thing?Why are there no alternative facts put before people?
      What I am asking you ( I don’t know whether you are part of the crooked mafia whipping up tamil sentiments) is to think with facts and then come to a judgement.
      Cauvery water is an intractable issue where 2 states badly need water.Both states need to arrive at a give and take because when there is shortage, one can only share shortage.Central govt. can do least because both states are in court.You guys should have asked your dmk party which sat in central govt. for 10 long years looting public wealth.What did they do about cauvery water?Who are you to say entire tamil youths are shifting to agriculture?How many million youths you talked to ?Are you a spokes person for all?How do you know that neduvasal will spoil agriculture?Do you have data? pGurus is a website for people who think , not for unthinking opparees.Start to think for yourself first before you post questions.

      • Ithu Kutharkam illa loosu… Fact.. what he mentioned is the underlying pulse that makes any cetral schemes viewd in bad light. You 3rd grade nadodis can’t talk for a cauvery tribunal n still want this to be intractable? shutup if u dont follow.
        Next this article is another stupid one comparing a leftist mindset to a pro-reform state. Your idea of manufacturing stories like break-away-forces won’t cut here as deres no such thing n will fail miserably like u nadodis

    • What did you do to first help yourself? You people keep giving your vote to ADMK and DMK even for parliamentary election and expect progress to happen in the state? TN gave one MP to BJP and Modi made that MP a minister. During 2015/16 flood, Modi went and looked at the flood situation before Jaya did and announced relief. That was how bad the state government you guys elected and you again gave yourself more of the same in 2016.

      The so called rationalism or pagutharivu of dravidian parties has developed poisonous mentality of atheism and language chauvinism in large section of tamil society. They think they are tamilian first before they are indians. They are happy to learn foreign languages like english/french etc but have bias against learning hindi which is our own language. May 10% of people go abroad for jobs use english for the rest of lower middle class and poor people who leave the state and go to delhi/bombay etc hindi is the one that is going to save their livelyhood.

      Both of the so called dravidian parties and their many splinter groups are neck deep corrupt mafias and they have never fought any election in the plank of development. When you ask them what you did in 5 years they talk about their passion for tamil and start talking in senthamil. Perhaps the biggest fraud they ever committed is not telling tamil people, the word “dravida” itself is a sanskrit word and karunanidhi also comes from the sanskrit word “karuna” & “nidhan” or lord of mercy which refers to lord “Ram” whom karunanidhi is very against. This is the tragedy of identity crisis of tamil people after nearly 60 years of virulent dravidian politics


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