Know Kalyanam, the last Personal secretary to the Mahatma

Kalyanam, the last personal secretary to the Mahatma, remembers how he ended up working for the Mahatma.

In this video conversation, we get to know Kalyanam the individual, how he came to know the Mahatma, what drew him to the movement etc.

A young Government officer decides to chuck his Rs.200 a month job in 1942 and join Mahatma at this ashram. From then till the day Gandhi was assassinated, Kalyanam was his Personal Secretary. In this wide-ranging discussion, he discusses how India lurched from day to day. Within 2 months of India obtaining independence, MKG got many letters complaining of corruption!

How Nehru desperately wanted to be PM; he just had the support of CWC (Congress Working Committee) but of the 16 Pradesh Congress Committees, 12 supported Patel for Presidentship of Congress. Only 1 (Kripalani) supported Nehru.

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  1. Most of the time, Nehru was on either busy touring the nation or in jail, Sardar Patel was the treasurer of congress party and had the support of a lot of businessmen. Also, many Congressmen had a communal slant including Sardar Patel (some of his speeches reportedly caused communal riots) with many business people wanting partition to avoid civil war that was already affecting their business. In fact traditionally Congressmen were supporters of Hindus with early leaders like Madan Mohan Malaviya and Govind Vallabh Pant leaving Congress to move over to Hindu Mahasabha. It is no wonder that most of the so called central and Pradesh committee members were appointed members owing allegiance to Vallabhai Patel. Sardar Patel himself said that Nehru was the darling of masses and people came to hear his speech. Just because some people have decided to believe a narrative (that also fits with the politics of the day) that Nehru did not contribute to independence movement clinging to personal views of a few people supposedly close to the Mahatma who himself favored Nehru, it doesn’t lessen the huge contribution of the first Prime Minister of India in shaping a liberal democracy ground up starting with empty treasury.


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