Kodiyeri Balakrishnan performs Pujas and Homams – Hypocrisy or hoping for divine intervention?

The hypocrisy of a Communist - Profess atheism outside and pray to gods inside - Is Balakrishnan a standing example of this dichotomy?

The hypocrisy of a Communist - Profess atheism outside and pray to gods inside - Is Balakrishnan a standing example of this dichotomy?

The Marxists in Kerala may be rationalists and atheists when they come face to face against Hindus. The CPI-M leaders in the State have allegedly given specific instructions to the party cadre to annihilate Hindus, especially those who worship in temples. The Marxist leaders are also allegedly hand in glove with the Islamic terrorists in eliminating the Hindus and drafting Hindu girls to work as sex slaves in Syria and other Islamic State (IS) controlled territories in West Asia. But that has not come in the way of Comrade Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the new-age Al Capone of Kerala and the State Secretary of the CPI-M from conducting five-day long pujas and homams at his ancestral house in Thalassery.

Comrade Kodiyeri was present throughout the pujas. He had also arranged a Brahmin cook exclusively for the Namboodiris who had descended at his residence from Kodakara for the rituals.

People in and around Kodiyeri, a party village near Thalassery in Kannur district were in for a surprise when they saw nearly 12 Brahmin priests taking bath in the pond owned by the Thiruvangadu Sri Ramaswamy Temple daily from December 4 to December 8, 2017. Party villages are territories/ villages where no one other than the cadre of CPI-M is allowed to stay. Those who do not subscribe to the ideology of the CPI-M and its leaders Pinarayi Viayan, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and the three Jayarajans are unwelcome in these villages, numbering nearly 100.

The residents could read only Deshabhimani, the party mouthpiece and The Hindu, an English newspaper owned and edited by Narasimhan Ram, a Chennai based businessman cum CPI-M member. Those who read other newspapers or books banned by the party officials and intellectuals are allegedly either slaughtered or their hands and legs are chopped off. The party leaders would decide which are the movies to be seen by the residents of these villages and the songs to be heard by them. If you think this is an exaggeration, feel free to visit these villages and see for yourself the fear surrounding these villages. The region resembles the landscape portrayed in movies like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and For A Few Dollars More, the spaghetti westerns of the 1960s vintage.

During the five days beginning December 4, specially selected Brahmin priests (we are deliberately using the word Brahmin Priests) because in Kerala, people hailing from all religions and castes could become priests and chief priests as there is government reservation for these posts. Led by Kaimukku Sreedharan Akkithirippadu of the famous Tantric family in Kodakara in Thrissur district, they performed a number of pujas and homams at the house of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan to propitiate different Gods. The entire operation was held secretly, according to local party men. The Akkithirippadus are high-end Brahmin priests, who command respect among the Namboodiri community itself.

“We saw these Brahmins coming to the temple pond for their baths. Since they were total strangers, we closely shadowed them since we were having doubts about their antecedents. But we found that they were staying in a big house adjacent to the house owned by Comrade Kodiyeri and they were seen going inside the house of our comrade. We have been told by the party bosses to keep track of all strangers,” said a party area worker in Kodiyeri.

One of the members of the entourage of priests told PGurus that the pujas included Sudarsana Homam and other Avahana Pujas. “All these pujas were performed to make sure that Kodiyeri Balakrishnan gets his promotion in the party hierarchy.  He wants to become the party’s All India Secretary after easing out the incumbent Sitaram Yechury. We have done our part and it is for Kodiyeri Balakrishnan to somehow oust Yechury,” said one of the priests.

Comrade Kodiyeri was present throughout the pujas. He had also arranged a Brahmin cook exclusively for the Namboodiris who had descended at his residence from Kodakara for the rituals. Unconfirmed reports tell that Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, wearing a blood red veshti (dhoti or mundu) and turban sat throughout the special rituals meant to eliminate one’s enemies. The ritual by name Shatru Samhara Puja (the puja for finishing off one’s enemies) could have been against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other Sangh Parivar leaders. Sources close to Kodiyeri Balakrishnan do not rule out the possibilities of the rituals being targeted against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Politburo member M A Baby and Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Issac  with whom the State Secretary does not have cordial relations.

Though the Marxists profess openly rationalism and atheism, senior leaders of the party are exempted from such party dogmas. “See, they are the ones who lead us. Hence it is our responsibility to ensure their well being. There is no harm in performing pujas for our party leaders,” said a member of the senior cadre.

He also said that the State Conference of the CPI-M to be held at Thrissur in February 2018 is being seen as an Agni Pareeksha by Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. There are efforts by a section of party leaders to anoint M A Baby as the new state secretary.

The belief the CPI-M leaders have in rituals is not new. When E M S Namboodirippadu died, his family members had collected his ashes after the cremation at the electric crematorium and immersed the same in Bharata Puzha, a famous river in Malabar. The ashes were immersed to make sure that the soul of the former CPI-M secretary got instant salvation. A Malayalam daily by the name Mangalam had carried this news prominently but the Marxist-dominated Kerala media chose to look the other way and ignored the significance of this report which appeared in the 2004 edition of the newspaper.

The same was the case of E K Nayanar, who was cremated as per Hindu honours. These leaders are hypocritical in their approach towards Hinduism. While they declare openly that all religious beliefs are reactionary in nature, they practice all kinds of Hindu rituals including witchcraft.

Interestingly, the Kuttichathan temples in Thrissur district and the Odiyan Temples in Palakkad district are mostly frequented by leaders of the CPI-M, CPI and the Dravida Kazhagam (DK) and the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) leaders of Tamil Nadu. It is an open secret that K Veeramani, proprietor of the DK is a strong believer in numerology and selects the registration numbers of the swanky cars owned by him after consulting astrologers and numerologists.

The CPI-M cadre in Kerala are upset over the hypocrisy of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and has decided to bring this issue during the triennial area committee meeting which is to be held shortly. The fuel for the attack on Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is being offered by P Jayarajan, the Marxist don of Kannur district. Jayarajan is cut up with Balakrishnan for the latter’s stance against him during the recent State Committee meeting which saw Jayarajan coming under severe criticism for some irregularities.

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is in the running for the post of chief minister in the event of Pinarayi Vijayan getting convicted in the CNC Lavlin scam which is being heard by the Supreme Court. His main rivals in the party are Baby and Issac who have the patronage of the Church with them.

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  1. Senior Tamilnadu leader and athiest M.Karunanidhi is no different. He always wear a yellow shawl which is brought from a nearby Vishnu temple after adorning the presiding deity. All their preachings are for others only.

  2. Truthful communist like manik sarkar living humbly and are against unscientific rituals and asset making by pseudo members, are welcome to join #FIFTHfront #SATHYAyuga to create service minded new age politics and society


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