Modi needs to wake up and smell the coffee

Modi must realize that some in his own circle are sabotaging his plans for a Shresht Bharat and unless he acts now, he stands to lose big

Modi must realize that some in his own circle are sabotaging his plans for a Shresht Bharat and unless he acts now, he stands to lose big
Modi must realize that some in his own circle are sabotaging his plans for a Shresht Bharat and unless he acts now, he stands to lose big

It is back to basics time. Mr. Modi, you promised in the run-up to the 2014 elections with great fervor, that the corrupt will be booked and sent to jail. Four and a half years into your term, the patient populace is still waiting for you to deliver. Indians understand the task you are up against and are willing to give you another term but you must show results in the following things –

  1. Act decisively in the brewing crisis of Maldives and secure the Indian Ocean. Democracy cannot be hijacked by Wahabis.
  2. What is stopping you from jailing the 14-15 culprits who have been implicated in various scams? The same bunch of crooks roams free, now manipulating the currency exchange market. Did you check to see how many of these speculators have underlying assets against which they are buying futures? Could it be that they are placing naked shorts against the rupee? Do not believe the half-baked “specialists” in your government who keep telling you that this is a global phenomenon. It is not. There is a determined effort to short the rupee and tangible steps must be taken in order to reverse this[1]. I have been warning of an engineered stock market crash around Diwali time and there appears to have been a successful test run conducted last Friday. If you don’t act against them, the consequences are dire for you and your party.
  3. Just like you passed the Ordinance on Triple-Talaq (I tip my hat to you on this), pass one to fast-track the building of the Ram Mandir. Remember, you may be in power but Congress continues to rule the country[2].

Smell of corruption in your govt.?

  • No matter how hard a defence you put up, the Rafale scam refuses to go away. Some of your own ministers are engaged in harming you by holding your feet to the fire in this deal. More about this in a separate post.
  • Surely you know that the Maran brothers allegedly transferred ownership of SpiceJet to a benami of a senior minister in your cabinet in 2015 for a throwaway price, violating several norms? The quid pro quo for this was that the Marans would be let off in the Aircel Maxis scam, and that is exactly what happened in 2017 (at least in the 2G Special Court[3]). There is more. The son of the said senior minister allegedly invested a princely sum of over $100 million dollars into SpiceJet and this needs to be investigated[4].

The real reason Mallya left for London

Reliable sources are indicating that the same minister had stuck a deal with Mallya to buy his Indian Premier League (IPL) team, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for the sum of one rupee, in exchange for letting him off the hook. When Mallya replied that the papers were in London and he needed to get them from there, the Look out notice was changed from Block to Report to allow him to go to London, so he could get the ownership papers back to India. Any idiot would have known that Vijay Mallya was not coming back, especially when it was found that he left with 54 bags! Well, the said minister, having had his bluff called, is still waiting for this and Mallya is now safely ensconced in London and thumbing his nose at the Indian prosecutors who (for reasons unknown) are wilfully botching up the extradition case.

A few bad apples…

You have to get rid of a few bad apples and by doing the above 3 steps, you can still hang your hat on your record of at least partially delivering on your promises. Right now, you are batting for four and half years and have not yet opened your account. Wake up and smell the coffee, Mr. Modi. The opposition is not the one you must be concerned about, it is someone in your own backyard that is sabotaging all your efforts.


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  1. Unless he gets rid of corrupt judiciary and some bad apples in Modis ministry and babudom things will never change.One man army Dr.Swamy fights single handedly without any support from Modi expose and punish the culprits.I am surprised as to why Modi can not support him and get rid of some culprits in his own ministry.We now started feeling that though Modi himself is not corrupt,some people surrounding him are sure.

  2. Modi is NOT certainly WALKING his TALK. “Manas Ekam, Vachas Ekam, Karman Ekam Mahaatmanam” The real will to Execute ACTION against Corruption has not at all happened over the last four years. His fiery speeches at election rallies – come in 2019 will utterly fall on deaf ears and carry no impact. BJP will be dumped along with the Congress by smart, educated patriotic middle class Indians reducing India to a coalition rule bringing chaos. It is crystal clear that there are weaker links in the BJP ruling caucus that is part and parcelof the Lutyens Delhi that has stalled the proceedings in high profile Corruption cases. P. Chidambaram-Kati-Maran trio + Rahul-Vadra-Ahmed Patel trio, Vijay Mallya – Mehul Choksi-Nirav Modi trio Roam freely, talk rubbish challenge BJP through Congress backed Media maiming day in day out. The entire India would have backed Modi 100% had he moved swiftly through Special Courts to jail the Top Neta/Bureaucrats Culprits. Modi has a mole in the top echelons of the Finance Ministry stalling or involved in dubious dealing in the guise of filling the coffers of both the BJP and the RSS. So, in reality RSS-BJP is not in any way holier than the Congress regime. The scenario at the Centre is very similar to what happens in TN – “alternate the loot between DMK – AIADMK” Unless Modi, comes out openly to penalize the corrupt commission agents within his executive caucus nothing will move and the court cases will drag on forever and people will lose the trust, faith, confidence and the interest in bringing back the Modi regime. The grass root RSS Swayam Sevak Cadre, BJP Karyakartas will get disillusioned as they are maimed and taunted by Congress/regional parties as they go all out seeking votes for the BJP Top. Act fast Modi and bring out in the open those stalling the cases and causing a slow down in setting up a Corruption free India. What have you truly accomplished/addressed to weed out Corruption in 5 years? Address the big menace of weeding out corruption at the TOP in keeping up to your 2014 poll promise made rather than trying to duck under the garb of implementing welfare schemes. First look within your caucus. “Have you done that? That is the first step to become a Patriot and a Hero, the very first step.”

  3. Well said Sir Sure as usual this will never be red by Mr Modi or his Babu’s.One thing is certain Mr Modi never believed in all his Big promises made by him since 2013 and we Indians stupidly believed His Promises.So we are at Fault not Him.

  4. Mr. Shri Iyer,

    Thank God, Your first apprehension did not materialize. (In fact not just you – almost all Indians who keep a track of the happenings in our neighborhood had the same worry)

    To my utter disbelief, it seems a reasonably fair poll had been conducted in Maldives & the Maldives opposition candidate Ibrahim Solih wins presidential poll

    We can now reasonably expect the ruling party will concede defeat & allow Ibrahim Solih to function

    The chilling possibility of democracy being hijacked & Maldives becoming a Chinese Military Cantonment, has at least temporarily, been deferred

  5. Modi Saab we have really heard Enough of your Bhashan for more then four years now for God’s sake let us see some Action.
    Time for Modiji to stop Talking and start Reading and Action.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with Sree Iyer – he has succinctly brought out the important points; I only feel this has come a bit late. Modi ji is still not in control even at the fag end of his Term, which sends out wrong signals to the public on his capabilities; mere rhetoric or lip service is not going to help the BJP in 2019.
    As Sree Iyer commented, the Congress is still ruling the country though Modi ji is in “power”. Such helplessness from a PM who heads the single largest party (which has a majority by itself in Parliament) is baffling.
    The common people of India hope and pray that the points raised by Sree Iyer will be given the immediate attention they deserve.

  7. 1. Form a parliamentary committee of ten persons which will analyze the Income tax returns of all MPS,MLAs,Justices,IAS officers and assess the increment in assets, details of which are already available . If they are disproportionate, they have to loose their positions and also all the assets to be added to Govt. treasury. Only direct appeal to Supreme court on this and Judicial decision can be given on the basis of records within 15 days. No adjournments or appeals. Pass a suitable law for this and act. Let us see how many politicians are going out of system. Finally we can take the case of the ten members of this committee. Good members will be left out and let the country be ruled by them.

  8. “””What is stopping you from jailing the 14-15 culprits who have been implicated in various scams? “””

    Either Modi is under blackmail or
    Modi may be planning to implement all the WELFARE SCHEMES on fast track, obtain a second mandate – to start arraigning all the scam-mafia

    A hardened criminal like Chidambaram is still not just roaming free but also writing half-baked economic rubbish in newspapers is a shame on Indians, Investigation Agencies & Judiciary

    • It is far more likely that Modi is a criminal himself – after all GSPC etc scams occurred directly under him and the CBI under him gave Nirav Modi, Mehuk Choksi, Mallya etc permission to flee.

  9. This is not one man’s job. You need a strong team; good advisors; working system. I doubt the damage can be contained from this point onward. I am neither impressed by the prime minister, nor by RSS.

    They may be good, but I get a bad feeling they respect money and the moneyed too much. I guess they don’t realise this. I believe that is their weak point. Together, they have little concern for a common man. Furthermore, they care far more about power than dharma. They have possibly placed the country in a difficult position as a result..

    …from one of their sympathisers, not from a foe.

  10. Nothing going to happen. 2019 BJP will loose heavily. Just watch the forth coming assembly elections.
    Dr Swamy predicted this stock and currency crash long back.
    ” It is easy to wake up a person who is asleep but very difficult to wake up a person who pretend sleep”

  11. Why don’t you have a look at the promise made by bjp see the video,


    All the time they can’t cheat the people by giving hallow promise,
    Preaching is very easy,
    practicing needs-3H.
    1Head—-big head not in size-broadminded thinking.
    2Heart—big heart not in size -compassion, love,forgiveness
    3Hand—-big hand not on size—helping ,long stretched servicing hand
    Dear pm,Your are chanting the mantra ,sab ka sath Sab Ka vikas, it looks exciting, preaching is easy,promised video.
    In practice what you did,Instead increase the eps95 pensioners pension, you have increased mps salary and perks.Sab ka saath politicians ka vikas,Eps95 pensioners sath kab aavogi. You can’t quench the thirst and hunger of eps95 pensioners by showing images of bread ,water and medicine on peace of paper.
    We request honarable pm immediate release of interim relief 7500rs till the decision.
    We would like to draw your kind attention to SC order SLP Nos.33032-33033 of 2015. We request you to implement the said order at the earliest and pass on the benefits of the enhanced.
    Eps 95 pensioners paid IT as others during in service, and paid professional tax as others during in service, govt enjoyed recoveries stating common law irrespective of sectors, now after retirement  govt  dividing exemted, non exempted, psu; etc, central govt  trying to bring all in the common plat form ,some people deliberately dividing the country.<
    We were disgraced ,we were denied what is due to us, every time when pay commission announced, and monetary policy announced eps95 pensioners sitting in front of tv , and papers eagerly waiting whether their pension enhanced ,but unfortunately not even rupee increased even after a decade.
    How many pay commission formed and how much % of salary ,pension increased, how many time DA enhanced ,how much perks raised to politicians, since adecade,but eps95 pensioners pension stands like pillar from so many years.

    Govt is not interested to enhance eps95 pensioners but all eyes on the very very big epf corpus amount ,even FM,PM,EPFO commissioner diversify the amount to share market, without having debate with the epf members, within the one or two meeting  took the decision, invested in ETF crores of rs.investment in ETF is risk, and volatile losses inevitable, purely depending on the nav,recent years recession is an example to all,global recession time to time is not ruled out,india is not exempted from this.Government,parliament,corporate sector,private sectotor,psu all not showing any interest plight of retired status of pensioners eps95,welfare of the family, they failed to introduce the scheme and allow the employees to take the benefit, root cause of the plight of today’s eps95 pensioners is management ,we want to know why the competent  management is not brought to the notice of employees, gross violation/negligence of human right, fail to brief the benefits and giving option to exercise their opinion, keeping welfare of the employees life at stake, resulting the plight of pensioners, who are struggling and running pillar to post to meet the ends, their daily needs, medical expenses. all are safe , Now we want clarification from the authorities who is accountable for the plight of eps95 pensioners low pension. Instead of discussion with epfo,govt to find resolve the issue,PSU,JK industries vtp mysore,private sectors etc. all are interesting to raise money through selling stocks/disinvestment .public offering.
    I don’t think this money will be used to welfare of th employees, they forgotten services of the old employees.
    Why the central govt,state govt  retired employees getting so much pension, who are all of my age, put the same year of service, paid the IT,as we paid, the answer is lead a dignified life even after retirement.
    Don’t you think,exempted sector/organization pensioners who serve same time joined ,retired as executives lead dignified and respectable life after retirement,eps95 pensioners of all level getting the pension range between 632rs/month to 3000/month, struggle to meet the daily needs and medical expenses, who is responsible for this plight of eps95 pensioners, management,epfo, clarify.
    Law of the nature LIVE AND LET LIVE why the  gap is not noticed so far and eps 95 pensioners grievances, they are in the street .asking the justice, grievances not addressed in spite of refund the withdrawn amount and ready to pay necessary contribution to avail enhanced pension as per SC order SLP Nos.33032-33033 of 2015.
    We are yogis with eps95 pensioners requesting PM,EPFO .MOL&E authorities to look in to the matter and see the benefit to pass all the eps95pensioners irrespective of status of the sector.which is due to us.All these days you were not aware of these grievances of eps95 pensioners.

    Ignorance of law is no excuse. My dear pm,
    Your performance will be measured by time and what you say.
    See the promise made – video
    In spite of repeated request made personally and mps ,various media, you have closed your eyes ,dump to Eps95 pensionersNAC Sr citizens grievance and request to revise their pension to meet their daily needs,medical expenses. Rejected khoshinger committee recommendation.
    Instead you revised mps salary,perks.and ignore the Sr citizen grievances. All are crossed 60 years age and above,they are counting days hoping pm will do give justice.age and time will not wait for any one,every loss of Sr citizen life and their curse will not leave you in this life as well as coming life.
    This is time to decide which side you are taking dharma or adharma.
    It is not important how long we live!
    Yes it is important have we lead a meaningful life, compassionate, love and care with helping hand.
    Don&apos;t underestimate the strength and power of Sr citizen yogis.

    We request you to immediate release of 7500rs +da till the final decision on this issue and earn the blessing of all Sr citizen and their families.

    • Well said Sir Sure as usual this will never be red by Mr Modi or his Babu’s.One thing is certain Mr Modi never believed in all his Big promises made by him since 2013 and we Indians stupidly believed His Promises.So we are at Fault not Him.

  12. It is not modi who can put the people behind bars
    He can only ask the agencies to act fast and make a strong case so that court does not grant bail.
    But in the case of karti is baffling every alternate months he is allowed by the court to travel abroad.


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