Mr. Arun Jaitley, hope you have learnt your lesson for treating Sonia family with kid gloves. You owe answers in Mallya exit

All the good deeds of Jaitley towards the Family seem to have been ignored as Rahul tears into the FM

All the good deeds of Jaitley towards the Family seem to have been ignored as Rahul tears into the FM
All the good deeds of Jaitley towards the Family seem to have been ignored as Rahul tears into the FM

Health challenged Finance Minister (FM) Arun Jaitley is being taken to the cleaners by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi. This all-out offensive must be a lesson to Jaitley and all in the BJP who are reticent about attacking the almost-but-never-the-first Family of India (Family). Arun Jaitley is widely seen as a go-between with the Family and has, in the past, ensured that any attack on them was well and properly diluted. Take the case of National Herald – Jaitley dubiously comes out in an interview with Barkha Dutt and states that the case will be over, if that Rs.90 crores loan is given back[1]. How can a Finance Minister blabber like this when the Courts, as well as Income Tax, were seized of the case? Was he trying to give a “message” to the Income Tax sleuths?

Jaitley and the DDCA

The header photo says it all. Jaitley’s major weakness was and is Delhi’s cricket affairs. It is a known fact that without Sonia Gandhi’s blessings, he can’t continue even for a minute in the Delhi Cricket Association which is popularly known as DDCA (Delhi District Cricket Association). Jaitley was controlling this powerful cricket body for the past two decades and now his buddy Rajat Sharma is in charge of this coveted body. These politicians literally kicked out iconic cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi and BJP’s suspended MP Kirti Azad, who was a member of 1983 World Cup winning squad.

See how Jaitley’s kid-gloves approach to the Family has come to. Ingrate Rahul Gandhi has not missed a chance to kick the FM on fugitive Vijay Mallya’s allegations. The Family goes for the jugular when they are cornered and do not let the minions or deal makers do the dirty work. As a Finance Minister, he has been accused of diluting many cases related to anti-corruption, which was the prime reason BJP got an absolute majority in 2014. All this “karuna” shown to the Family and nothing in return!

It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mistake for accommodating Jaitley who managed to lose a safe Lok Sabha seat that has been with BJP for many years. Add to that Modi allotted plum posts like Defence, Information and Broadcasting, apart from the Finance and Corporate Affairs Ministry. The basic problem with Jaitley is that he is always an advocate of the Bombay Club, controlled by Tata, the Ambanis and Essar. Jaitley has the bad habit of jumping straight into the Defense side of arguments, despite being on the side of Prosecution! It is still a wonder why the Prime Minister allowed an unwell Jaitley who has a danger of infection back in the Finance Ministry. It is a complete surprise because Piyush Goyal was doing a competent job in the Finance Ministry and undoing several mistakes in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and was taking positive measures and responding well to people’s demands.

Sonia Gandhi and the Agusta Westland deal

One more glaring instance of Jaitley’s understanding with the Family must be told. In April 2016, in the Rajya Sabha, Subramanian Swamy was supposed to lead the debate on Agusta Helicopter scam involving Sonia Gandhi.  But mysteriously, when the debate started, a political novice, BJP’s Bhupender Yadav started initiating the debate and wasted 20 minutes without uttering the word “Sonia Gandhi”! That day Jaitley was not present in the House as if he wanted to distance himself from the attack of Swamy on Sonia. After Yadav’s boring speech, Swamy got a chance to speak and it was a full frontal assault on Sonia Gandhi, a rarity in the Indian Parliament[2].

After a few days, the issue was debated in Lok Sabha and non-member Jaitley was present, as a Minister. Sonia Gandhi was also present. Why was Sonia present? Because she got an assurance that a Rajya Sabha- like attack was not going to happen. It is a shame that BJP with an absolute majority in Lok Sabha never attacked Sonia Gandhi on Agusta issue in the lower house! This has the signature of Jaitley written all over it.

We have seen Jaitley’s dirty games in Aircel-Maxis to help his buddy Chidambaram. We also have seen the reports of Jaitley’s daughter being a legal retainer of fugitive Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi firm[3]. As per Jaitley’s admission, they received some fees and that was later returned in December 2017! Due to his immense clout in the media, Jaitley has managed to hush up the matter and Congress also did not rake it up.  But now Congress is getting desperate and will not miss any chance to attack the government and Jaitley keeps providing ammunition.

I don’t know if Jaitley or his family members ever held a legal retainership of Vijay Mallya and his firms. But it is a fact that it was Jaitley, who as BJP’s Karnataka in-charge helped Mallya to enter Rajya Sabha again after he ended his Congress-supported term. It is a known fact that Vijay Mallya and Jaitley have good relations. Otherwise, the State Bank of Indian (SBI) and the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) like Public Sector Banks would have put Mallya in jail by 2015.

Jaitley owes an answer to the nation on this – Were complainant banks aware that Vijay Mallya’s Look Out Notice by CBI was diluted? It is easily seen that the CBI must have done it after the Banks’ message that they can manage settlement with him. The then pliable CBI Director Anil Sinha who wasted two years in Aircel-Maxis case was totally under the control of Arun Jaitley. This is a known fact.

We all know that it was after PM Modi gave strong instructions that the CBI under new Director Alok Verma started acting against the corrupt Chidambaram clan.

Arun Jaitley must remember that the Family ensured his defeat in 2014 by putting up a strong candidate and now is being mercilessly attacked by Rahul Gandhi. All his good deeds towards the Family have done him no good.


[1] National Herald ‘prima facie a strong case, income tax inquiry on’ – Arun Jaitley to NDTVAug 5, 2014,

[2] Shri Subramanian Swamy’s speech during discussion on AgustaWestland dealApr 5, 2016, Bharatiya Janata Party Channel on YouTube

[3] Arun Jaitley must speak on the tainted firm Gitanjali Gems of the PNB Scam engaging daughter’s legal firmMar 18, 2018,

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  1. Dear Shree Iyer,

    The only questions, that matter, and nobody is asking are:

    1. Why did Modi hire a Congress stooge like Jaitley?
    2. When the common man(Specially in Delhi)Him being corrupt was well known, so Modi must have known much more about him. Yet Modi give him important ministries, why?
    3. Why is Modi allowing one man to hold more than one ministry, when everybody knows doing a good job in just one ministry will take more than all the energy and time a person can give?
    3. Is there anything Jaitley and the congress hold on Modi that he is unable to get rid of him and bring more competent people to the ministries held by Jaitley?

    Something smells rotten as the very fact of Jaitley being part of Modi’ core ministerium seems to suggest what Modi says and does are in complete opposition. This is what many will come to believe unless Modi decides to act against Jaitly.


  2. Congrats Mr Jaitley your shielding and supporting Madam and Chiddu from going to Jail has been rewarded amply.Today Pappu called you JETLIE.

  3. All this boils down to one fact that is, Modi is not as strong and determined in the fight against corruption as made to be believed during 2014 election. Corruption therefore reigns everywhere in the Indian polity in one form or other and Congress knows how to reap the full benefit of it.

  4. Mr. Jaitley of course is an utter disappointment to many as a minister of finance. But charges alleged against him sound as good or as bad as Ra. Ga`s against Modi without any sort of evidence.

  5. Nowadays all suspects Arun Jaitly that he is also one among the persons of corrupt there by unable togo ahead with the elimination of corruption. Mr. Modi made a mistake in giving him the portfolio to ruin the inian economy when there was an upright honest person in the BJP Dr. Swamy. However he will face tough time during the election having ignored Mr. Swamy. God is great every one has to learn the lesson in a hard way.

  6. Sree Iyer, your article does light up the issues of soft peddaling of many corruption issues by the current government besides it is baffling to note that AJ is being given a long rope; looks like Modi/Amit Shah have chinks in their armor hence no action against AJ.

  7. It is clear that either there is a understanding between Modi and Sonia on no action on her via Arun Jaitly or Modi is being blackmailed by Arun Jaitly.

  8. Someone else would have helped the family in case the present FM didn’t. Also, the present FM must have helped other people and organisations.

    Nothing to note here. You are never going to be able to shake the reverent confidence crores of people have in BJP and it’s leader.

    It is a matter of faith.

  9. I am a simpleton, barely literate. I have a simple question too to the legal eagles: Is committing a crime, as well as shielding criminals (during/afterwards) equal to having committed the crimes? If so, are these “accomplices” too should be given the same punishment? Or is it that “Justices are Blind” and Deaf too? There is story – true by the way – that the Redoubtable Patriot and noble Dewan Shree Veluthambi Dalava, had ordered the clipping off of the Right hand thumb of one of his revenue official for trying to curry favour with the Dalava (by recording the coconuts of Dalava’s property of inferior quality (for taxation purposes) when they were the best). I feel we need to have this kind of Justice system in place.

  10. No point in ranting out that we told you already to Mr Modi.. It is evident that the will to change the system is absent in Mr Modi’s scheme of things. His choice of playing the neutral game like Mr Vajapayee will hurt in 2019.. There is no incentive for Modi to push Jaitley to the corner.. and he will never do it.. Every honest citizen have been waiting for the change to happen by reposing more than usual faith on Modi.. Everytime it did not happen, it is said that modi and shah are not dumb and they may have some other ace up their sleeves.
    But now it is evident. that the two are either clueless or caught on the wrong side by the likes of jaitley who are milking the mandate

  11. Whether Mr Jaitley learns a lesson or not it is high time Mr Modi learns a LESSON.History will not forgive Mr Modi if he gives further rope to Mr Jaitley to hang all of us.

  12. Very true. AJ portrait is getting worse day by day and only God (not even Modi) need to decide when he can retire from politics by taking him back from this earth. It is painful to see a strong nationalist like Modi buckling down to a corrupt AJ. As public we cannot do much as there is no better Govt to choose. Only thing we can do is pray to God that his health worsens and will forever bid good bye!!

    • Well said Sir.AJ is in the category of Laaloo Mulayam Gowda and Pawar whom even God does not want in his abode.After all who wants such dirt.

    • Law will take its own course but PM must see that it takes its own course. There should not be any wrong move. If AJ is involved he also should be exposed to the world. It is a massive game. The players are extremely powerful. Any wrong move will spoil the game. I have great faith on Modi ji.

  13. Mr. Jaitly brings down chances of BJP to reduce to minority in coming election. Educated masses can understand the actions of Finance minister Jaitly mental make up not to go ahead on corruption cases of Sonia Gandhi family and Mr. Chidambaram and public are aware his tactics and unhappy ready to teach a lesson. Even not giving him a ticket to contest can not pacify the public. Mr. Mody urgently induct Dr. Subramanyasami and set right the wrong doing of Jaitly and other co leaders who support the Jaitly.

  14. well said mr iyer. pgurus went all out to expose ndtv, mr iyer wrote a book on frauds committed by ndtv and c-company. finally nothing has happened. all are roaming free. becos all corrupt have a friend aj in govt.
    its truly doubtful whether namo will get another term, becos he had enemys friend with him and in powerful post.god save india.

  15. V have voted Modi not to c such secret deals with corrupt, but to develop India in all perspectives. Fire Jaitley, place subramanian swamyji that’s what true justice to voters

  16. जब तक जेटली वित्तमंत्री बना रहेगा UPA माफिया के कोई भी सदस्य को जेल भेजना तो दूर एक दिन का हवालात में लेकर पूछताछ करना भी असंभव है। मोदीजी को चाहिए की वें तुरंत जेटली को मंत्रिमंडल से बर्खास्त करें

  17. Dear Ratnam, Do not take the ‘canards thrown by Pappu on AJ’ on their face-value

    This is a pre-arranged drama (possibly choreographed by AJ) to provide enough ammunition to Pappu to fire on Modi & divert focus from Pappu’s involvement in the loan scam

    More than anyone, it is Pappu’s UPA Mafia that needs AJ in that position & can’t afford to unseat him

  18. Team Pgurus,

    The title is not just misleading but creates an impression TEAM Pgurus IS TREATING ARUN JAITLEY WITH KID GLOVES

    This title seems to suggest -All what Jaitley did to protect the corrupt Mafia was inadvertently without any ulterior motive

    Whereas the truth is Jaitley is very much a part of the cabal & had been an equal beneficiary of all the evil lucre

    Jaitley is the ‘evil Satan mole’ planted by the UPA Mafia to render protective cushion against the imminent legal actions

    Team PGurus should now focus all their energy in convincing Modi to drop this ‘plug-ugly miscreant’ called Jaitley

    • Agreed. It is strange that no one wants to believe that Jaitley is a Congress implant into BJP like a few who are there to undermine the Modi’s efforts. Waiting and praying that Dr. Swamy gets to be the finance Minister.

  19. I wd thank,vote and grateful to Rafle gandhi if some how he wd manage that he will make AJ jobless,Swamyji cd not succeed,Modi is mysteriously helpless reg AJ,Rahulji is a true LEADER if he some how dethrone powerful,Shakunite(!)AJ.


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