National Herald case – Swamy completes submission of evidence. Congress leaders to start cross-examination on October 27

Compelling evidence submitted by Swamy in the National Herald case. Congress lawyers will get their chance to cross-examine Swamy on Oct 27.

Compelling evidence submitted by Swamy in the National Herald case. Congress lawyers will get their chance to cross-examine Swamy on Oct 27.
Compelling evidence submitted by Swamy in the National Herald case. Congress lawyers will get their chance to cross-examine Swamy on Oct 27

With BJP leader Subramanian Swamy ending his submission of evidence in the National Herald case on Monday, the trial court has posted the case for starting of cross-examination on October 27.  All the accused Congress leaders are expected to bring senior lawyers to cross-examine Swamy, which is the most interesting part in the politically sensitive National Herald case, where Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are also caught by the Income Tax Dept. (IT) for hushing up Rs.414 crores taxable income, facing a Rs.250 crores penalty.

Today (September 17) was the third day of the submission of evidence by Swamy. As soon as Swamy ended the submission, the Congress lawyers demanded to start the cross-examination by asking one question. This was a clever move by Congress lawyers to prevent Swamy from providing further evidence in between the next posting of the case. Sensing the Congress move, Swamy said that he is not prepared for the cross-examination and the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal posted the case to start crossing on October 27.

In his one hour long submission of evidence today, Swamy concentrated on the production of documents related to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi in the formation of new firm Young Indian and the acquisition of National Herald newspaper publishing firm Associated Journal Limited (AJL). Most of the documents and evidence submitted by Swamy were objected to by Congress leaders, accusing him of going “beyond the complaint.”

“Thereafter, accused No: 3 Mr. Motilal Vora as representative of Young Indian and also as Treasurer of the Congress party at that time approached the Chairman of Managing Director of AJL, who was also Motilal Vora and made the proposals that since AJL was not in a position to discharge or liquidate the debt, Young Indian as owner of the debt will accept insisted of nine crores or thereabouts issue fresh shares at the 1937 price of Rs.10,” said Swamy submitting the documents. Congress lawyers objected to Swamy’s statements that Vora did all illegalities knowingly.

Congress lawyers also objected to the production of journalist J Gopikrishnan’s emails to Rahul Gandhi where the latter clearly says that he has no intention to re-launch National Herald newspaper. Congress lawyers argued that these emails are not at all the part of the case.

Completing the submission of evidence, Swamy said that all the accused including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul of engaging in criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, criminal misappropriation of properties and cheating.

Meanwhile, on October 6, the arguments by Congress leaders and Swamy will take place on the Congress leaders’ objections on the “highly objectionable” tweeting by Swamy.

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  1. Mr. Modi slogan of cong corruption only to fool people of the country that he will take action on them instead he praises that his govt is not corrupt is there any meaning when he dont take stringent action on corrupt persons of erstwhile administration. He should know he is elected only to errace corruption and punish the guilty. There must be good reason if he takes the action his party bigwigs will also be punished along with cong corrupt politicians.

  2. The trial court must allow Dr Swamy to submit all evidences now and during the course of the trial as many more facts may emerge once the trial starts. Incidentally, one wonders why the IT Dept. and other concerned Govt.Agencies prefer to be mute spectators instead of impleading themselves as parties in the case to strengthen the hands of Dr Swamy and in public interest.

  3. Let us not be too cynical.Agreed, the judiciary is corrupt. The rich and famous congress goons have been looting the country with impunity, but, time is running out.congress mafia would prolonged the case, with every trick. Criminality is embedded in Congress DNA.The have ruined the country.Time for reckoning is fast approaching. Sonia and Rahul and minions are above law.Not accountable to anybody.Treachery, Treason, cheating,crockery are powerful weapons in their armoury. For seventy years,they empowered themselves, looted the country and impoverished the people. Now, they would indulge in bundhs, strikes, mob violence Rule of law should prevail. Otherwise, the country would be ripe for lawlessness. Indra declared emergency to save her neck.Without pelf and power, they would cry democracy is in danger and with the support of communist parties create chaos and confusion.

  4. Let the culprit go to Jail soon. Let us pray for the supreme force that has protected India for long will once again protect it. Let Swamy win and that is the only way corrupt will be punished in this Govt, as Goct itself is not interested in putting these VVIP’s to jail.

  5. Nehru family enjoying for last 70yrs and treated by all so called. Secular lobby. Even Italian and half Italian wish and pray for their conviction and imprisonment. Keeping the fingers crossed. Not much belief in justice system

    • Vinay,

      Was Bofors a loose case??

      Was 2G & Aircel Maxis loose cases?

      Directly under the vigil of a Government, (which was elected on an anti-corruption plank) the Judges had the temerity to quash the 2G, Aircel Maxis cases involving monumental corruption.

      NDA has replaced only the UPA Government. Still the corrupt Ministries, Judiciary, CBI, ED & other such agencies are continuing with their corrupt practices.


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