National Herald: Cong objects to supply of documents

In the National Herald case, will Congress refuse or accept the documents submitted by Dr. Swamy?

In the National Herald case, will Congress refuse or accept the documents submitted by Dr. Swamy?
In the National Herald case, will Congress refuse or accept the documents submitted by Dr. Swamy?

Swamy produces documents to verify with them

National Herald case reaches a turning point on August 5, after Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy produced 24 documents for the verification of the accused under Section 294 of CrPC. Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and others that are accused, objected to Swamy’s earlier petition to produce pertinent documents on the money trail from Congress and newspaper publishing company Associated Journal Limited (AJL). Swamy’s move to produce documents by him and verify with the accused is a nightmare for the Congress leaders.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for September 23. Congress leaders, as usual, are expected to object to Swamy’s new strategy of verification of the documents produced by him. Swamy produced 24 crucial documents of Congress, AJL and Sonia Rahul controlled Young Indian linking the illegal Rs.90 crore routing from the party to capture the assets of AJL. He also produced the decades’ long agreements of land allotments to AJL in Bihar, Delhi, and Haryana.

Responding to Swamy’s earlier petition for production Congress repeated that Swamy is trying to delay the legal process and with the hidden agenda to hoist more cases. The 12-page reply by the Congress leaders said Swamy’s demands are “yet another ploy to delay the proceedings in the case and not move forward according to the procedure laid by the law.”

Congress leaders said Swamy has “ulterior motives behind to move multiple applications seeking documents.” Citing out Swamy’s styles in the conducting the Congress leaders said that he is trying to create more cases and petitions and trying to delay and link with other cases like CBI FIR against former Haryana Chief Minister BS Hooda and later withdrawing the petition.

Congress party even objected to Swamy’s demand of producing their Balance Sheets and accounts during 2010-2012, the scam period. Many party insiders say the party did not reflect the Rs.90 crore transfer to AJL and producing these accounts would be a real boomerang for the Congress leadership, as Swamy would next prefer case under Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The latest strategic step of Swamy by producing the Photostat copies of Congress and AJL documents and get it verified from the accused side under CrPC 294 is a real tension for Congress leaders, as it would directly lead to the admission of the guilt.

After the court proceedings, Swamy Tweeted:

Dr. Swamy tweet on National Herald
Fig1. Dr. Swamy updates readers on the NH case
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  1. Each time Swamy push the thugs SG, RG in a corner in this NH case, he spills out his strategy/ the status in which his opposition are in, as if he has already own the case. Crooked Kapil and his team finds a way out to drag this issue. If swamy keeps his mouth shut until SG & RG are in jaill, it will be lot easier for him. I want to see SG & RG in jail soon as much as most Indian wants to

  2. All these converts, with borrowed names like Shelly, Roberts, Keats etc are desh drohis, their forefather’s were proud Hindus..who made this culture and civilization the best…Now look at these converted offsprings..following the invaders faith, changing their names, Gods, and habits..Shameless, Cowards.

  3. One single Swamy could do so much to the nation,pity that no other politician wants to emulate him. Nation bows to Swamy for his contributions.

  4. Please don’t jump and low. Wait and see wait googly Kapil Sibal going to bowl. He may drag without admitting or denying. Please learn to keep quiet till you achieve your goal
    Don’t brag before that

    • Regardless of what happens in the courts, it can’t be denied that Swamy is the nightmare of the corrupt. No wonder Congress is scared of him. Agree with Dr. Swamy or not on the many issues he’s championing, it can’t be denied that no other single individual has been altering the course of Indian politics, solo, without the support of any organization! The nation would have been very different if we had more Swamys!


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