National Herald scam: ED summons Sonia for a third round of questioning on July 27. Sonia continues to blame Motilal Vora

National Herald scam: For a change, perhaps Sonia Gandhi should lay the blame at the person who conjured the scheme - not Motilal Vora!

National Herald scam: For a change, perhaps Sonia Gandhi should lay the blame at the person who conjured the scheme - not Motilal Vora!
National Herald scam: For a change, perhaps Sonia Gandhi should lay the blame at the person who conjured the scheme - not Motilal Vora!

Sonia Gandhi grilled for over six hours on Day 2, summoned again by the ED tomorrow

After questioning for six hours on Tuesday, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summoned Congress President Sonia Gandhi again for a third round of questioning on Wednesday – July 27. It is learned that like Rahul Gandhi who was questioned for five days, Sonia also put all blame on the late Motilal Vora and said that all these modalities regarding the formation of Young Indian and allotment of shares from Associated Journals Limited were prepared by Vora and people working in his office. Both Sonia and Rahul maintained that they were just signatories to the papers prepared by Vora, also an accused who passed away two years ago.

Sonia was earlier questioned on July 21 for two hours and she requested to go back home to take medicines for post-Covid ailments. On Thursday Sonia was questioned for six hours up to 6 pm and the agency allowed her to go home after an hour lunch break. Main petitioner and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy through his Tweet demanded that after questioning Sonia, the ED should confront her with Rahul Gandhi to find contradictions in their statements.

Rahul Gandhi was questioned for five days by the ED. The agency registered a case following the private complaint filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy. The case filed by Swamy is at the trial stage and all the accused including Sonia and Rahul are out on bail.

Income Tax has already found huge tax evasion of Rs.414 crore by dubiously floating a private company Young Indian with just Rs.5 lakh paid up capital to acquire the public limited company Associated Journal Limited’s more than Rs.2000 crore worth assets by Sonia and Rahul. PGurus published the 105-page Income Tax Assessment Order exposing the blatant violations and corruption by Sonia Gandhi’s family.[1]

Income tax won the case in all forums including the Tribunal and Delhi High Court. The case is presently on appeal by Sonia and Rahul at Supreme Court from November 2019 and not yet listed due to pandemic Lockdown. The Herald House in Delhi was ordered to vacate and the Urban Ministry won the case in Delhi High Court the case is pending before Supreme Court from November 2019. ED had already attached the Herald House buildings in Panchkula and Mumbai.

PGurus Managing Editor Sree Iyer wrote a book on the National Herald scam (‘National Herald Frauds’). The book can be purchased from Amazon.[2]


[1] National Herald case: Read 105-page Income Tax Assessment Order against Young Indian exposing Rs.414 crores gainJan 22, 2018,

[2] National Herald frauds: Arrogant stealing of prime real estate – another instance of hubris of the Gandhi family HardcoverFeb 09, 2021,

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  1. Rahul Pappu got away by sayng I know nothing Moti Lal vora did every thing and he told me nothing. Now ED must use all the info and answers from her interrogation and start taking action as there is solid evidence of money laundering, tax evasion and misinformation to the authorities, Sonia must end up in jail asap and the center must make sure no protests take place as congress would like to play the victim card and organize big crowds of protesters with the help of their looted money. start taking over all the assets of Gandhi parivar and make them fight in the courts to get them back.

  2. Mother-In-Law went to jail, Bar Maid is in Que.
    Bar Maid is Russian spy, time to fix them to secure Indian military secrets.
    There will be some helicopter & road accidents i.e. those involved in the case will be assassinated by KGB crooks in India (read Khangress)

  3. What is being claimed is that Motilal Vora was the real culprit. What fell into the lap of mother and son was just the leakage from the loot without them knowing it was so. The old man is no more so the debt now dies with the man. Everybody now lives happily

    • Well written…..unfortunately, it is great Hindu tradition NOT to tell anything wrong / blame any dead souls (except for their wrong policies i.e. Nehru), that tradition is also broken for they are Muslims by birth & have fake Chinese DNA in their blood

  4. The dead have their uses.
    The living including those presently running the country will meet their fate too.

    Forgiveness is only when there is unintentional action. Not for premeditated thoughts and actions.

    Temples are no longer the refugee of the honest but the dishonest. They are also built by the dishonest to fool the honest into thinking they are God Fearing. Crooks and Criminals cannot cheat God for he is all knowing.


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