No money for SSCP (Ram Setu) in 2016-17

In a reply to a question by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the Minister of State for Shipping, Sri Pon Radhakrishnan replied that no funds have been allocated in the Union Budget of 2016-17 for the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project (SSCP).

The video above calculates the age of the Ram Setu bridge by computing it in two different ways to arrive at an accurate date of 5076 BCE (Before Common Era or Before Christ) as the possible date when it was constructed.

Below is a copy of the reply:
Reply to a question by Dr. Swamy on Ram Setu English
Reply to a question by Dr. Swamy on Ram Setu Hindi

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  1. According to this video lord rama was born on 10th January but we celebrate ramanavami in April/ chithirai masam….

  2. If the Govt is really serious about the Ram Setu being of historical,strategic, puranical and emotional importance for India specially to Hindus it should do everything in its capacity to preserve the Setu for posterity.
    It should not be only obscessed with its development slogan by forgetting core non controversial emotional issues and suffer the same fate of Vajpayee Govt for its pre-occupation with the ‘golden quadrilateral’ at the cost of all others.

  3. i have viewed this video earlier as well. I doubt the process of dating that have been adopted here. The result is not really consistent with that of the Vedic time calculation if we assume that the Bridge was originally built by Vanara Sena and the current heritage is not rebuilt or modification of the original. Lord Rama saga was during the period of Treta-yuga which is by Vedic calculation comes to around 864000 years (reason: the Dwapara-yuga is/was two times the Kaliyuga ie 2 * 432000 years and the Treta-yuga was before the Dwapara-yuga) ago. Therefore, the present calculation is either wrong by itself or it indicates that the bridge was renovated during Dwapar-yuga because the time of 5037 BC is the time of Dwaparayuga when the Mahabharata war took place. So this result has to consistent with the Vedic time, relying too much on modern science dating process is also wrong because it has got limitations.

    • Your conception about period of a yuga is wrong. Don’t cite vedas falsely. Ask someone who is knowlegiable about these and he will tell you that the time period allocated to a yuga changes depending on certain conditions. There is nothing inconsistent in this calculation in the video. I remember somewhere Dr. Swamy had also explained the yuga issue. Last, but not the least, don’t base your knowledge about ancient Indian culture from Wikipedia. This is the most dangerous source that is trying to spread misinformation about historical facts.

  4. Sri Ram descension on mother earth was 17 Million years ago according to the Must Read Book “The True History and Religion of India” which co-relates the Panchang to today’s English Calendar using NASA’s planetarium Software analysis, so its possible to deduce the descension of Lord Krishna to an exact date and time on the English Calendar Feb 25th 5037 BC Rohini Star,

  5. What about the crores of govt money spent (taken) by TR Balu for dredging when he was the shipping minister ? Will it be reimbursed from him or it will be on the account of Gandhi ?


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