Its official…. Love Jihad is a reality…

The intelligence officer who worked on Love Jihad confirms its existence
The intelligence officer who worked on Love Jihad confirms its existence

It is official now. A week after demitting office as the State Police Chief of Kerala, T P Senkumar, the former Director General of Police, declared that Love Jihad is a reality in the State and many girls have fallen prey to this dangerous and cruel modus operandi perpetrated by Islamic terrorists with the active help and connivance of various terrorist organisations.

Senkumar while addressing a meeting organised by Janmabhumi (a popular Malayalam newspaper owned by the Kerala BJP) to honour students who scored impressive victories in various public examinations said Love Jihad, an operation by Muslim boys to woo Hindu girls under the pretext of love and marriage only to get them converted to Islam and dump them for prostitution and terrorism, has claimed the lives of hundreds of Hindu girls who resorted to the extreme step when they found themselves between the devil and the deep sea.

This is the first time a senior police officer who himself investigated the cases of Love Jihad has come out with a revelation like this. Senkumar had investigated two incidents of Love Jihad in his capacity as state police chief recently as per the directive of the Kerala High Court.

“This is a bizarre operation. The girl who falls in love with one Muslim boy ends up marrying another person much against her wishes. But there is no way out for the victim because by that time it would be quite late and she finds herself in a trap,” said Senkumar, who was eased out of the post of State Police Chief by the CPI-M government in 2016 as Pinarayi Vijayan, the Marxist chief minister of Kerala found this IPS officer not amenable and flexible. Following his removal as SPC, Senkumar approached the Supreme Court questioning the propriety of the Marxist government’s action removing him from the post of SPC. The Supreme Court in a scathing attack on the Kerala government directed it to reinstate Senkumar as the police chief.

This is the first time a senior police official declaring that the Love Jihad is a fact and it has assumed alarming proportions. Senkumar’s decision to participate in the Janmabhumi meeting was attacked by various Islamist forces who alleged that the former Intelligence expert could be joining the Hindutwa forces soon. “I have attended and participated in meetings organized by Jamat-e-Islami and other such Islamic organizations in the past. Nobody did speak against me for attending such meetings. So what is the big issue in attending the Janmabhumi meeting? Please remember that Janmabhumi is a newspaper owned by the political party which rules the country,” Senkumar quipped when asked about adverse reactions to his participation in the meeting.

While he ruled out the possibility of him joining any political parties, Senkumar made it known that one can never equate RSS and the IS as alleged by certain sections of the society. “RSS is an Indian organization while IS is a foreign body. It is not possible to assess these organizations with the same yardstick,” said Senkumar, who as Intelligence Chief, is believed to have alerted the government of Kerala about various anti-national activities in the State.

Team PGurus had published features about the sensational and shocking reports submitted by the Intelligence Units in the State to the authorities alerting them about the unprecedented growth of Jihadi elements in Kerala and especially about the Love Jihads. Things reached a point of no return in June 2017 when a Hindu girl from Malappuram committed suicide after posting her video in the social media about the trap she had fallen into. She gave the details of the boy who trapped her in the Love Jihad and said she alone was responsible for taking the extreme step. “The youth who posed as my lover made me shell out a lot of money and jewelry for his needs, a video filmed me in compromising positions and threatened me of dire consequences if I do not cooperate with him,” said the girl from Thrissur district.

Meanwhile, many Islamist organizations have questioned the statements made by Senkumar about the rise in the Muslim population in Kerala.

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  1. And our Home Minsiter Rajnath Singh said in Aap Ki Adalat “Ye love jihad kya hota hai(what is this love jihad)” as he doesn’t know anything. Islamic fundamentalists and christian missionaries are ruining this country and our PM is busy doing dalit and cow politics.

  2. It is time to stop all benefits to minority class.They use these facilities to fight against majority.They keep forgetting that India is a secularist country.Govt should tame action in blocking all you tube videos and other news which is against seculiarism nd patriotism. Some videos like zakir naik etc. Are really targetting a conversion. Govt shd also study about the reasons for agitated communal violance happening these days.

  3. Nearer to our home in Mylapore , chennai there is a Vedic scholar whose two daughters were taken over by love jihad. Unfortunately the first daughter pulled the second one also into that trap. Unfortunately the vedic scholar do not have any male children to take care of him and his wife and they are old.

    Similarly in Triplicate chennai one girl from an orthodox brahmin family was wooed and used in Kashmir by Kashmiri youth in very bad way and eventually died within a year we heard.

    My own distant relation got entangled in same way. Delivered 2 boys but left the kids with her mother and both muslim boy and relative girl are absconding for years now.

    The parents don’t want to talk as they feel very difficult to talk such thing in open as they get beaten from all sides. They just digest as if they did not had a daughter

  4. There are three states in India where state or language nationalism is extremely high. They are kerala,tamil nadu and West Bengal. It is very difficult to penetrate this group by people from other states.Hindus of this state would easily mix with their muslims counterpart as state or language nationalism overrides the religion difference. But when muslim believe in brotherhood or muslim umma above everything else and work for conversion to attain caliphate, it is suicidal for the Hindus of the state. When in early 80’s Assam and NE protested on the unhindered immigration of Bangladeshi, West Bengal protested and start calling it as antinational. Here is an example of language or state nationalism overriding everything. You can now see what is happening in Assam and even Westbengal themselves.

    • And the rich, learned, capable Tamil Brahmins are all in Mumbai, Delhi or abroad holding very high and key positions and prosperous… not bothering what’s happening in their own state…

  5. Irrespective of the location in India, wherever Muslim population is very high like in Kerala, Kashmir Valley, West Bengal there will be Talibanisation as Muslims can’t think beyond Wahabi Islam. I have just read a political thriller written by an Englishman settled in West Bengal who has analysed “Love Jihad” for what it truly is and how it is practiced in West Bengal as a recruitment agency for Dawood Ibrahim’s drug and smuggling empire apart from how the LeT and Jaish-e-Muhammad operate. The book THE COUNTER TERRORIST also exposes the Congress and Communist/Marxist parties who would have banned the book by now if they had a chance to do it as it is more factual and explosive than Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses.” The link:


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