P5 – Will Modi clean house of corrupt IAS officers?

Did Ramesh Abhishek commit a huge conflict of interest by trading Commodities while being in FMC? Will NaMo sack corrupt IAS Babus too?

Did Ramesh Abhishek commit a huge conflict of interest by trading Commodities while being in FMC? Will NaMo sack corrupt IAS Babus too?
Did Ramesh Abhishek commit a huge conflict of interest by trading Commodities while being in FMC? Will NaMo sack corrupt IAS Babus too?

Parts 1 to 4 of this series can be accessed here. This is the concluding part.

Of the 12 Income Tax Officers shown the door, 11 were due to corruption. Is a similar drive of corrupt Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Officers being planned by Modi? One has to wait and see.

The man behind Lalu’s loot

On Sep 28, 2017, TenNews.in came with an explosive post, titled Ramesh Abhishek: Lalu’s Advisor Under Scanner[1]. The post says that RA is the mastermind behind the illicit empire of the massive ill-gotten wealth of Lalu Prasad Yadav. In his complaint to the Office of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), the Whistleblower (WB) alleges that his daughter’s legal firm, Thinking Legal is one of the numerous places where RA has parked his money. The WB goes further to say that RA, being the head of Startup India, would ensure that an angel network entity such as the Indian Angel Network (IAN) would approach and use the “advice” of Thinking Legal (TL) for their investment in startups because TL would expedite the permissions, benefits provided by the government. Five startups have been listed which got funded by IAN in which IAN was advised by TL.

Is Ramesh Abhishek a Commodity trader?

If true, this is a massive conflict of interest. The WB writes in his complaint that RA is a commodity trader himself, and owns a rice mill by the name of “Jagdamba Rice Mill” situated at Rairangpur Industrial Estate, Rairangpur, Odisha – 757 043. He also trades and imports commodities such as LC Ferro Manganese, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Moly, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Titanium, MC Ferro Manganese & other LC Ferro Alloys items through his brother Vijoy Shankar Agarwal’s company “Jagdamba Iron Steel (P) Ltd” situated at Rairangpur, Orissa – 757043[2]. He also has a warehouse for the storage of commodities.

Illegal extensions given to Ramesh Abhishek

Ramesh Abhishek, 1982 IAS officer (Bihar cadre) joined the Forward Markets Commission (FMC) as a Member in December 2010 and was given the charge of acting Chairman from August 2011 onwards. He was subsequently promoted and made the FMC Chairman on 21 September 2012.

In March/ April 2014, by when his tenure at FMC should have already ended, Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister (CM) of Bihar wanted Ramesh Abhishek to come back to Patna as Additional/ Chief Secretary since he had stayed outside the State beyond the limit permissible in civil services rules. Despite some strong back and forth, P. Chidambaram misused his power to prevail upon Nitish Kumar.

P Chidambaram bypassed all process and policy and abused his Power (Chair) to extend favor to Ramesh Abhishek by giving him 5 extensions as Chairman of FMC, which is unheard of in the history of bureaucratic India and had never happened before.

P Chidambaram wanted Ramesh Abhishek at FMC and so kept extending his tenure in violation of all process and policy and thereby helped Ramesh Abhishek to stay in Mumbai till he desired. This was organized by P Chidambaram by partnering with K.P. Krishnan in Finance Ministry, who is known to be P Chidambaram’s frontman and collection agent.

Interestingly, on the Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT) website now there is no record of Ramesh Abhishek’s extension before Jul 10, 2014, as Chairman of FMC given by P Chidambaram.

DOPT website shows details of only the decisions by the NDA Government and nothing about earlier extensions, as follows:

List of extensions, latest first
Sl. No. Order No. Date Concerned Officer details
1 36/2/2015-EO(SM.I)(2) Jul 6, 2015 Ramesh Abhishek, IAS, BH, 1982, Economic Affairs PDF(English)
2 36/2/2015-EO(SM-1) Apr 14, 2015 Ramesh Abhishek, IAS, BH, 1982, Economic Affairs PDF(English)
3 36/02/2015-EO(SM.I) Jan 12, 2015 Ramesh Abhishek, IAS, BH, 1982, Economic Affairs PDF(English)
4 9/47/2012-EO(SM.I) Oct 13, 2014 Ramesh Abhishek, IAS, BH, 1982, Economic Affairs PDF(English)
5 9/47/2012-EO(SM.I) Jul 10, 2014 Ramesh Abhishek, IAS, BH, 1982, Economic Affairs PDF(English)

Till April 2014 Ramesh Abhishek was eagerly hoping that the UPA Government will come back to power, while in actual NDA Government came to power and Mr. Arun Jaitley took charge as Finance Minister in May 2014. Before the NDA Government could change officials of Ministry of Finance, under which the FMC fell, Ramesh Abhishek managed to continue at FMC.

After FMC was merged with SEBI in September 2015, Ramesh Abhishek never had to return to the State Cadre, as he used his IAS position and Oriya lobby for taking a cooling off from Mumbai and went to Cabinet Secretariat as Secretary, Performance Management, so that he could lobby for a position as Secretary in the Government of India.

Last word

The whistleblower complaint has been filed in the office of the CVC. It is up to the CVC and other government authorities to look into this and clean the Augean stables. A copy of the complaint registered is shown below:

Whistleblower complaint to the CVC


[1] Ramesh Abhishek: Lalu’s Ace Advisor Under ScannerSep 28, 2017, TenNews.in

[2] Jagdamba Rice MillIndiaMart.com

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  1. When there are 10000000000 of corrupt bureacrats, you are talking of ONE person ? Modi did not even see or know of this ONE person….. so do not expect Modi to take any action. BJP is same like Khangress in these matters

  2. Modi will give Padma Sri / Padma bhushan awards to these corrupt IAS officers. Do not see him acting on corrupt bureaucrats, expect him to reward them more in future.

  3. The truth being nobody is bothered when someone dies. These are just mandatory noises people make. I have seen this trait very very palpably among hindus. So many deaths , misfortunes have happened. I am a senior citizen btw.

    It is only the newspapers & relentless onslaught of audio visual tv in India that whip up anxiety as though we are under siege.

    As for gratitude we all owe our Gratitude to God alone.
    So hindus should stop demanding ”gratitude” from Muslims . This smacks of arrogance.

    The core issue is Cows , Buffaloes & their respective Calves. Not Muslims. They are hard working & enaged in LOT of work. Unlike GODDAMNED good for nothing modi with his monkeybaath / mannkibaath & violent needless rallies VIOLENT screechings of ”jaYiiiishRRReRRRRam”. Modi bjp goons are also GUILTY for this noise pollution .

    Based on my personal experiences I find Muslims very trustworthy . Dependable. Their diligent praying does impact their character. ”Allah is watching me” is a strong conviction coursing through their blood. Hence they don’t cheat. Unlike modi gurumurthy amt shah consummate CHEATS.

    The Seat in which Kanchi Ssankaracharya sat most of the time was made by a Muslim. Likewise lots of instances abound. During initial discussions over RamJanmabhumi itself The SEER gave a clean chit to the Muslims’ Representative. Ssankaracharya said ” He ( Mullah or whatever is the appropriate appellation) is extremely nice and peaceful….it is the others ( vested interests) who are the trouble makers”. For His characteristic forthrightness & the same trait He showed decrying evangelicals’ conversions Kanchi Ssankaracharya was ”arrested” & ”incarcerated” in various prisons. NOT a single Muslim is culpable for this unpardonable crime hitherto unavenged.

  4. Very Very Very Important.

    Sri.Owaisi is GOOD.

    Whereas it is the rascal crypto christian jaganreddy , his supporters all the rotten scum that voted him to power PLUS kindred scoundrels modi , amit shah etc etc passionately hugging each other ”negotiating” blah blah that DESERVE to be SLAUGHTERED. Period.

    Sri.Owaisi a MUSLIM RAZAKAR did NOT arrest Kanchi Ssankaracharya(r) . I KNOW Owaisi is not pseudo pious & ROTTEN like the evangelical mafia & bjp goons etc etc.

    Whereas it is jaganreddy scoundrel’s father samuel r.reddy at the behest of vatican MAFIA that orchestrated this UNPARDONABLE hitherto UNAVENGED ……modiamitshah DEMONS are ssssso horrippilatingly God loving , seeking worshipping HAHAHAHA……Cut the CRAP pronto.

    No Ramar TEMPLE AT ALL for these scoundrels. PLUS the RICHLY deserved RETRIBUTION for Kanchi SEER’s arrest persecution shall be meted out by NOBLE Muslims like Owaisis , Zakir Naiks , Anjem Chowdhurys , Taleban , BokoHaram etc etc ……


  5. Apropos Sunanda- Shashi Tharoor ” case” fav of Sub Swamy ,

    Dharma Saasthrams emphatically declare men & women are NOT equals. Period. This is for ALL. Oh puhleeze don’t start …hindus , muslims , christians…….

    What my Paternal Grandmother ( well versed in Vedas , Scriptures …..Sanskrit etc etc etc sans any formal degrees nevertheless CERTIFIED by Lord MURUGA Himself ) would have said had she been sought to pass Judgement is as follows:-

    ” Whaaaaat…..this woman with 3 / THRRRRRRREEEE husbands…….the sleeveless blouse ….cleavage everything popping out……” Would not have bothered to go deeeeeeeeeeeeeep into the case blah blah cricket….Muslim , indOOOOOO ….AT ALL. Case dismissed.

    We have NO right to quibble ” howeverrrrr , having said that..with changing times…..let us overwrite….likho apna apna script……”.

    I have also heard ( categorically) that a man ( widower) can remarry ….for whatever reasons…BUT a woman widowed shall NOT / should not remarry. Exquisitely nuanced crystallized wisdom.

    No alleged ”devotee / seeker of God / worshipper whatever would ARGUE with God blustering why…i want to know the reasons…… .

    Ditto in all fields including dance , singing etc. Certain things like for instance modijEEE’s fav * marijuana smoking jaggi vasudev’s fav kangana ranaut I recently saw ( jym workouts of all rotten bollykolly bimbos) with one leg completely pointing skyward ( wearing some thong like thing ) and the other leg ….Totally FORBIDDEN for females. However these bollykolly rotten bimbos are NOT normal beings to start with …..so we need not bother….what I have given is such a WONdeRRRRRful example.

    • Gym not jym.

      Please do the rudimentary homework. These rotten c..ts…..& equally rotten lustful unscrupulous ( RENEGADE tambram bollywood hemamalini modi’s choice …..etc etc I have lot more LURID FACTS to present about the credentials of hemamalini …”ramdev babaster’s ” brand ambassador alleged veGGGGGetarians stand forfeited of the very RIGHT to take the NAME of Sri.Ramar what to speak of ”Ram Temple ” building in hoohaaaa….

      Muslims Shias / Sunnis / Owaisis are NOT the problem . It is the OTHERS ( uber sanctimonious dhongeee pseudos ).

      I am sssssssso THRILLED to know Muslims are definitely not in need of boohooo ”upliftments , empowerments” as imagined uberuberAUDACIOUSLY by humbbble chaiwalaaa modiJeeeeee. And that it is PRECISELY these MUSLIMS who shall CHASTIZE rotten scoundrels of indiAAAA. modijEEE- amit shah-gurumurthy aaaaaaaAAAAuditor ……hahahahaha ….I am ssssso HAPPY…sachmuch Ache Dhin only NOW aanewalein hai.

  6. No way. There is not one politician, except Lalu the convict, who has the courage of conviction to take action against the corrupt IAS babus. Not only that, not one single bureaucrat of the sleeper cells in the higher bureaucracy and directly involved in “selling” the Rafale documents to someone from a rich and powerful house of media has as yet been identified and at least shamed. I was in charge of the Inspection Division of the CBDT during 1985-86 when, at the instance of the then FM, VP Singh, a cleansing operation was carried out in the income tax department (on a much larger scale and which gloriously failed). VP Singh was also the commerce minister. One day, I had to accompany my boss, the chairman of the CBDT (the late Mr. MS Narayanan) to the FM’s room. I had the temerity of asking the Hon’ble Minister, much to the chagrin and displeasure of the chairman, as to why a similar exercise could not be undertaken in the thoroughly corrupt commerce ministry too. The Hon’ble Minister took exception to my audacity and calmly told me to remain in my senses. In other words, initiating action against the IAS is beyond the question. I am sure, no newspaper will ever print all that I have known first hand about the corruption in the IAS during my tenure in the IRS.

  7. The penny drops at last !!

    No wonder when bjp said no ”evangelical conversions” by one American org called Compassion International ( it is run by john kerry who no nonsense Americans themselves ripped apart & rip apart as a born retard ) john kerry tweaked the ears of jaitley or n.sitharaman dunno at once bjp ruled india genuflected with ”vokay sir vokay vokay vokay…” . And it was GODDAMNED bjp ministers that offered yet another FAT fat cheque for kkkkaroars of rupees to one christian missionary school in north east. nirmala sitharaman promised them of heavily ”subsidized free travel to jerusalem ( not one way ticket ) but baar- baar to & fro free (sic) ”pilgrimage” to jerusalem…

    Appeasers are LOSERS. And she is the finance minister. I am ssssso HAPPY. No more india shining….indian economy totally KAPUT !!!! shubrashta etc etc cluelessly cheering woman power….woman as finance miniter………


    IDIOTS of indiAAAA INCORRIGIBLY IDIOTIC imbeciles ( indOOOOs & hey paapigalays) of indiAAA screeching jaYshRRRRReeeRRRRRam to JOYshRRReRRRam little do you know what Sri.Ramar HIMSELF has dwelt at length on Statecraft to EVERYTHING cautioning UNAMBIGUOUSLY REPEATEDLY NOT to empower women NEVER to trust women at all ( screaming equalityEEEEE feminism ) & the reasons……HEHEHEHEHEHE…..

    Not to woRRRRY…..today a woman is not a woman , man is not a man , everything transcrossLGBT etc etc branded terrorist is NOT a terrorist whereas oath taking prime minister mitharon mitharon..mannkibaath ( MONKEYBAATH) hooohaaaa humbbble chaiwala is anything but humble but the most DIABOLICAL CHOR CHOWKIDAAR…..

  8. @Sree Iyer,

    How much more do I labour my points ..FACTS ?

    The very premise modi-nitin gadkari-amit shah-gurumurthy ( RSS reserve bank blah blah ) are all unimpeachable pitted against the allegedly (sic) ” corrupt” Congress is WRONG.

    Sub.Swamy might be bold etc etc. However he does not KNOW certain very very important FACTS or all indoo rascals are planning to target Priyanka Vadra Rahul Gandhi ( the usual screamings ITALIAN ITALIAN ……) .

    S.Swamy often states ( sic) ” Priyanka drinks blah blah & Rahul Gandhi is a drug addict”.

    It is jaggi vasudev – one of the invitees for modi the RASCAL’s oath taking ostentatious charade who is a Marijuana / Ganja / Cocaine snorter peddler whatever . He KILLED his wife ( lying to all it was”spontaneous samadhi , wilful volitional samadhi ” yada yada. NON stop orgies with bollykolly bimbos rotten SLUTS in diaphanous whatever with ” boothabootheshwaraya yogayogayogeshwaraya shemboshembo….” & many old film songs . Secret behind such indefatigable verve virility is Marijuana / Gaanja etc etc…..modijEEEEE was gifted a ”shawl” by this CRIMINAL. Do NOT ever assume modijEE knows nothing at all , that he is hummmblesimmple chaiwalaa whose mother would have ”gudkhilaoed” ( HAhAHAHA…..what a CUNNING crafty scoundrel this modijEEE is…..just a small piece of jaggery ( no laddooos that we all saw THRUST into his mouth by his mummyjEEE ) and that he had this itch to deshkeliye………Teresa of missionaries of charities ALSO existed on a quarter katori of anaemic daal , one and a half piece of dry ROTI who got this ” call from up above” to ”serve uplift…”

    ” The Road To HELL is paved with good intentions”.

    Apropos art of living sssssssrs he is one HELL of a cheat crook CRIMINAL a ” Fugitive from Justice”.
    The main culprit behind embezzlement of money from Indian Bank cleverly shifting the blame to one Gopalakrishnan ( happened to read Sub.Swamy managed to sentence & send him to jail). This is TRAVESTY of Justice.

    S.Swamy says Priyanka Vadra is ”bipolar”. That NAILED it.

    None other than Kaanchi Paramacharya(r) says :-

    ” Those labelled bipolar do NOT tell LIES. Hence are very DEAR to God…. ..they are beyond paapam & punyam…..this is their last birth….they should be left as they are….NOT tortured , subject to medication ….. it is the psychiatrists who need treatment….”.

    I WANT Only Sri.Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka as Leaders of India.

    I am LEAST bothered about this & that allegedly ”stolen” ….as screamed daily by modi’s bjp.

    Apropos ISLAM ……all the multitudinous Sacred Names of Lord Ssiva , MaHaVishnu , Lalitha Sahasranamam , SathaChandi Manthrams , SriRudhram could not impact a wee bit various rotten indoooo hindu scoundrels , RAPISTS , liars that ruined my life …save the much maligned Sri.Dawood Ibrahim ஸ்ரீ-ல-ஸ்ரீ Dawood Ibrahim’s NAME that alone made them tremble in fear……

    He is certainly not bad , a terrorist to be ” brought to justice “. It is just the opposite.

    S.Swamy often finds ” D’s hand ” in whatever complicated CRIMES he is unable to unravel & crack.

    This is all his own overwrought imagination. That way if my memory serves right it is S.Swamy who drinks ALCOHOL quite a LOT. During a wedding ( very very recently) he went along with Abhijit Iyer Mitra’s mother & instead of handing over the mangalsutra to the groom’s hand he himself in stupor was going to tie around the bride’s neck. Vigilantly nudged & steered away by C ( abhijit Iyer Mitra’s mother) as she is very very very much AWARE of S.Swamy’s alcoholism….almost entire Tamil Nadu knows.

    I saw the video of it as I was zapped appalled…….whatwhatwhat sucHHHH hiiighly qualified hooohaaaa alleged trouble shooters ( collector IAS etc etc ) brahmins NONONONO …lemme check verify….

    VERY very TRUE authentic video.

    MAY the ONUS of disproving all these FACTS fall on them.

    In TRUTH I am scared of modi -gurumurthy-etc etc ……My INSTINCTS have aaalways screamed never to trust modi rss s. gurumurthy .

    When Character is lost everything is lost. Money allegedly missing owing to P.Chidambaram etc etc relentlessly hounded by HEARTLESS gurumuthys & various factors involving MY Personal life make me state the following :-

    I WANT Only Sri.Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka as Leaders of India.

    YESS Indeed. Sri.Rahul Gandhi did GET it right ” Chowkidar Chor Hai “. bhayankar shaithan , haramzaade neechgunday beshak chowkidar chor nikla…

    Nothing to do with rafale blah balh… I never said I am into nation building sooperpowerdom…
    modi RASCAL LIAR stole my Earned money through his notebandi . Bhagavan ALONE knows what horrendous price labour ignominy I put in to EARN. Nothing free .

    And I NEVER got back anything not even a paisa from GODDAMNED modijee & his equally ROTTEN gurumurthy who is now a member of the blighted Reserve bank Of India. gurumuthy flippantly told ” go & SUE RBI..who is stopping…”.

    Appearances are hiiighly deceptive.

    Despite my adhering to all stipulated rules modi the RASCAL ( I have aaalways HATED him….much much before this heartless scoundrel TYRANT became pm hoo haaa petrified …SCARED….the day I took a look at his photo & LETHAL face on tv my INSTINCTS screamed NEVER to trust him…….

    I do NOT want to live in Fear….thus. I prefer Smt.Mamata Banerjee of Kolkata to him.

    Oh btw , the allopaths , psychiatrists pharmaceutical drug pushers are THE TERRORISTS of this world. Hence do not booohoooo ” Rohingya …..are …..doctors….”.

    Please do not FEIGN ignorance of Big Pharma Mafia .

  9. I am amazed that you are still optimistic that Modi govt. will actually clean the system. Vadra is about to go to a European vacation, PC got an extension from arrest, KC is now MP, Honest officers have been removed, appointment of 40 Joint-secretaries is almost privatizing the govt., etc. And it has still not been 100 days.

    Everybody knew that with the kind of victory Modi got he can easily take tough decisions for 1 year without expecting any major backlash from the opposition. Well he is taking tough decisions, but not to favor his voters, but his financiers.

    But, I must say I truly respect your fighting spirit.


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