PTI Editor Vijay Joshi caught for making false claims by Lok Sabha. Permanent pass withheld

Lies of Vijay Joshi confirmed - LS withdraws Permanent Pass

Lies of Vijay Joshi confirmed - LS withdraws Permanent Pass
Lies of Vijay Joshi confirmed - LS withdraws Permanent Pass

At last the Press Trust of India’s (PTI) Editor-in-Chief Vijay Joshi is caught by the Lok Sabha authorities for making false claims of his journalistic experience to get a permanent pass having a Radio Frequency (RF) Tag. Last week, the Press Advisory Committee withheld his permanent pass and directed him to undergo mandatory Parliament reporting experience for two consecutive sessions. So as per the decision, Vijay Joshi will get only temporary session pass and will have to cover two sessions with the temporary pass to get qualified for the permanent pass.

Is it fair for the PTI Editor-in-Chief to play such tricks? How can one expect fairness and truthfulness of news when such persons head premier news agency like PTI, which was earlier seen as a trusted news source?

PGurus on November 13 detailed the fraud committed Vijay Joshi in getting the permanent pass by making false claims on his experience in covering Parliament. Vijay Joshi actually never covered Parliament and was serving in the Desk of PTI and in 1989, he left PTI to join Associated Press Singapore office. He joined back PTI in February 2017 straight as Editor-in-Chief with the blessings of the outgoing head MK Razdan by sidelining many seniors in the organization.

In his application to Lok Sabha, Joshi claimed that he covered Parliament during 1991 to 1994. This was a total lie as he was not in India during that period and came back to India only in February 2017. Actually, Joshi left India in 1989, say veteran PTI journalists, who worked at that time. Though some members of the Press Advisory Committee of Lok Sabha sought Joshi to produce his Passport and urged for initiating criminal action, Chairman DP Kamath was gracious and said that the issue should be sorted out internally and not embarrass PTI, the premier news agency of the country.

The Committee decided to withhold the permanent pass and directed Vijay Joshi to undergo mandatory coverage of three Sessions of Parliament. As Joshi had already covered the previous Session, the Committee directed him to cover Parliament’s forthcoming two Sessions on a temporary pass. It is learnt that earlier Vijay Joshi tried to play the same trick with Rajya Sabha too and they also rejected his application.

Is it fair for the PTI Editor-in-Chief to play such tricks? How can one expect fairness and truthfulness of news when such persons head premier news agency like PTI, which was earlier seen as a trusted news source? Now PTI is caught with so much fake news recently and even started misquoting and wrongly quoting many people, including the Union Ministers.

Though Vijay Joshi is saved from criminal cases due to the gracious nature of the Press Advisory Committee of Lok Sabha, the question that hangs fire is the nature or pettiness of the people leading news organizations.

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  1. An extension, which is fifth in the row , has been given to the General Secretary of PTI employees Federation, allegedly , at the instance of the Former CEO & EIC ,to ensure that Federation President do not take up the issue and demand removal of the present EIC for the alleged fraud.The General Secretary who should have retired on November 2013 , strangely , continues with the blessings of whose ? Why he has been retained when his extension was over this November. Is there any explanation by the present CEO about it ?
    The most logical explanation, which comes to mind is that the General Secy. has got extension just to protect the interests of the CEO and EIC . The CEO would turn 60, and apprehends there could be demand for his replacement and he to insulate himself from Federation , extended General secretary’s term for two years it is learnt. Hoping ,The General Secretary would scuttle such a demand. And the same time the EIC could also be protected from the ire of the Federation.
    It is alleged that Board is kept in dark about all these nefarious activities what is going on .
    A more serious offence which has come to light is that a huge amount was paid to an agency to interview candidates for the post of EIC . The agency , it is alleged , the Board had shortlisted three eminent persons for appointing as EIC . But the Board ,it is alleged , that at the behest of former CEO & EIC who dubbed those three persons as BJP stooges scuttled their selection. And thus , Board changed its decision and engaged the agency for selecting an EIC for the agency. The Agency called for applications and PTI staffers close to former CEO were the applicants. However , it is also alleged, the agency instead of maintaining confidentiality about the candidates , it briefed the former CEO and EIC about the candidates what they said at the interview and was also guided by him. And the Board was completely in dark about what was going on in regard to selection of the EIC of the agency, it is alleged.
    It is also alleged that the present EIC was a nominee of the former CEO and EIC . His name was forwarded to the Board by the agency at the instance of the Former CEO as he wanted a person who would at his beck and call , it is alleged.
    It is alleged that the Former CEO & EIC, though he has retired but continue to pull the string and has proxy rule and control over the administration. How far these allegations are true could be found after a through investigation into the entire gamut.

  2. He should not have been let off. He is a responsible person holding a responsible position and have lied. He deserves exemplary punishment.

  3. Vijay Joshi is now caught. Frankly this PTI is damaged by MK Razdan who continued as its head for two decades by spoiling the news agency. This Vijay Joshi is only a stop gap arrangement and at last Razdan will make his cheli Priyanka Tikoo as head of PTI.


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