Purnima Nath on the Democrats’ open bias against Hindu Americans despite the facts

Are Democrats indulging in Hinduphobia, while going the extra mile to oppose an internal act of India, intended to protect the minorities of what used to be parts of India? Is this a crude attempt to shore up their vote banks? Are they not seeing what happened to the Labour Party of the UK, which pursued a similar strategy (and lost)? A must watch!


  1. I’m getting tired hearing the same comments over and over.

    Yes we need a support network, so why don’t you start one and ask us to join?

    Don’t just show up with problems, be part of the solution.

  2. There is some resistance at the mainstream level in the US, to show any affinity, let alone empathy, for Hindus and Hinduism. It’s a curious phenomenon.

  3. Good feature. Makes excellent points. There is indeed Hindu phobia, and an Islamic nexus constantly trying to get their way.


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