Rahul Gandhi angry at Punjab Congress MP Manish Tewari for supporting Agnipath

Will the Congress High Command act against its MP Manish Tiwari for supporting Agnipath?

Will the Congress High Command act against its MP Manish Tiwari for supporting Agnipath?
Will the Congress High Command act against its MP Manish Tiwari for supporting Agnipath?

Agnipath scheme

Trouble may be brewing for Congress MP Manish Tewari after he refused to sign the Opposition’s memorandum seeking withdrawal of the Centre’s Agnipath recruitment scheme.

There is an outrage within the party against Tewari who has openly supported the Agnipath scheme contrary to the party’s stand. Though the Congress party has already termed Manish’s remarks about the Agnipath scheme as his personal opinion and not the party’s stand, the Congress is also discussing Tewari’s suspension, the report quoted sources as saying.

Sources also said the party may initiate disciplinary action against Manish Tewari for not toeing the party line.

A party source said if Tewari is expelled from the party, then he will continue to remain as a Member of Parliament and hence suspension seems a better decision to keep him trapped. The matter is stuck in view of Manish’s association with the party during the time of NSUI.

“The ball is in the high command’s court. Now, the relationship between Manish and Congress is very weak. Either Manish changes his stand or else action can be taken against him soon,” added the party source.

Rahul Gandhi, who is on his latest trip abroad is expected to take a call on this. It is a different matter that no one in the party questions him on his trips abroad. One remembers the quote by the Opposition Leader from Telugu Desam Party, P Upendra, welcoming the then PM Rajiv Gandhi on his latest visit to India!

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R Rajagopalan is a veteran journalist. He reported Parliament proceedings for Dinamani and Vaartha. Since 1980. A well known face in English TV debates. He Widely traveled with Presidents and Prime Ministers.
R Rajagopalan


  1. Pappu declared he is ready to occupy Prime Minister’s Chair way back in Year 2009, unfortunately neither MMS nor Modi are will give to give him the chair to sit on !! Sad state of unemployment in India. Pappu is jobless & unemployed for over 30 years now & might retire in same jobless state !!

  2. Pappu is angry on everything – his mother could not see him married, nor the family status did not give or get him a job, still working as a freelancer i.e. South America, Thailand, India & Nepal. He does not know where to kill his 24 hours time i.e. pub or party office or mushaira or …somehow Indian courts are strict NO for the party & his reputation.. He is still young Indian unable to decide anything. He is nation’s problem child !! BJP takes away all his votes, but giving him nothing in return !! Swara Bhaskar, Minisha Lamba, Mallika Sherawat,…..etc. all baring their chests in Bollywood, unable to shake a leg with Pappu in spite of many photo opportunities. Modi in spite of 8 years, unable to give Pappu some Job – a sorry state & sad reflection of unemployment in India

  3. What is the compulsion for articulate and logically thinking intellectuals to tow the line of a leadership that is opposing only for the sake of opposition. A leadership that has no capacity to lead, devoid of any seriousness and interested only in enjoying good life on the money that is not earned with a days honest work. One after the other the family run leaderships are crumbling all over the world. Sri Lanka is the classic example, with leader running away and hiding in a foreign country now is search of safe heaven to enjoy the loot.


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