“Secret Diary” found with D K Shivakumar reveals shocking details

D K Shivakumar dairy reveals a lot of payments from various sources

D K Shivakumar dairy reveals a lot of payments from various sources
D K Shivakumar dairy reveals a lot of payments from various sources

  • D K Shivakumar tried to destroy the evidence in a diary as IT officials entered
  • Reliable sources indicate other Ministers may be involved
  • Crores of rupees worth transactions between D K Shivakumar and a cable company have been unearthed, according to sources


As the Income Tax officials were heading into the doors of the Karnataka Power Minister D K Shivakumar’s hotel room, he ran to his room and tried to hide something. He had grabbed a “secret diary” which he had in his room and was trying to shred apart the diary to prevent the Income Tax officials from reading what was written inside.

As per one IT official, the collective 11 crore cash found in D K Shivakumar’s and some of his associates’ houses was only the tip of the iceberg. He said that these dairy had startling details that could bring down not only D K Shivakumar, but also several other top Congress members.

The income tax officials revealed that the diary was snatched away from Shivakumar as he was trying to destroy crucial evidence. The pages of the diary which are now in a partly torn and crumbled state is still legible enough to drop a few bomb shells.

D K Shivakumar at his residence
D K Shivakumar at his residence | Image credits: Indian Express

IT officials who did not want to be named said that although Shivakumar had managed to shred some important parts of the diary, the department managed to put it back together and recreate the handwritten text on the diary.


Although the department did not mention any names, they said that it was very evident that there were crores of Rupees worth transactions between D K Shivakumar and a cable company.

Details in the diary also revealed that one “Shailendra” had brought money to D K Shivakumar on several occasions. As per the entries in the diary, this man had brought Rs 1 crore, Rs 1.5 crore and Rs 2.5 crore on three separate occasions, totaling Rs 5 crore.

Another shocking entry in the diary shows a Rs 3 crore pay off made to “AICC”. It is still unclear as to whether this represents the “All India Congress Committee”.

Meanwhile in the diary of one of Shivakumar’s associate MLC Govindraju revealed some transactions with one “KJG”. Some say that this may be none other than Bengaluru Development Minister “K.J. George”. The diary said that Rs 15 crore was received from KJG in September and Rs 20 crore on another occasion.

Meanwhile, another associate of DK Shivakumar had confessed to the IT officials, sources said. He said that he had carried crores of cash at the behest of the Karnataka Power Minister.

An image of Eagleton resort, where the IT raids took place
An image of Eagleton resort, where the IT raids took place

In another development, another man has filed a case with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) alleging that DK Shivakumar is involved in multi-crore solar power scam in Tumakur district. He alleges that DKS not only looted public money but also illegally forced farmers to sell their land to corporations.

Meanwhile, the IT officials are also investigating DK Shivakumar’s maternal cousin S. Ravi, who was also in charge of taking care of the 44 Gujarat MLAs staying at the same resort where DKS was found tearing up the diary.
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  1. I mostly agree as one of the comment made above “that these politicians in power either state r centre has such immunity and support by the respective parties that nothing comes out by way of severe punishments etc in real terms. Even if it does it will take 2 to 3 decades to settle inspite of all proof / evidences etc. This the type of justice system we have in India. I would only call in one sentence these corrupt politicians as traitors who have least DESHBHAKTHI & want Indian to remain ever poor in their eyes so that these people can loot our nation’s wealth. This true irrespective of party affiliations.”

  2. And please change all instances of “bought cash” to “brought cash”. Like Shiv has commented, please don’t make silly mistakes in the write-up and invite ridicule.

    • Hilarious ! Am so amused tat there r tons of people in India who concentrate on silly spelling mistakes rather than focusing on actual content of the article. is this an English essay contest ?.

  3. Nothing is going to happen
    These politicians going to hold legs of ruling party for help and with return of the favour ruling pary will leave them..we have seen this even in BJP ruling Since 2014

  4. yes indeed. but you will need modi in power for ten yesrs more and an entirely new administrative team if the cleanup has to happen.

  5. Let us not read too much into this and get excited.So far not a single crook has been destroyed by Indian state.They are always let off.If India has to progress,it has to develop capability to do what FBi does to crooks.Crush them financially by impounding all their wealth.In the case of madoff,they even took back personal jewellary left on the table by his wife when she went to take bath.That is a criminal justice system with cajones.


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