Who leaked Sahara – Birla Diaries? Covert operation of Lutyens’ Gang falls flat

Another attempt by Lutyens' Gang to undermine Modi falls flat

Another attempt by Lutyens' Gang to undermine Modi falls flat
Another attempt by Lutyens' Gang to undermine Modi falls flat

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he covert operation of Lutyens’ Gang to malign Prime Minister Narendra Modi by dragging him in the fake and manipulated Sahara-Birla payoff diaries fell flat on Friday after Supreme Court (SC) rejected the documents as cooked up ones. To fix the outsider Modi in the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, the unscrupulous Gang in Delhi was circulating Sahara and Birla pay off entries to many politicians in India and used shoulders of Prashant Bhushan, Ram Jethmalani and Arvind Kejriwal.

The bench said it can only hear the matter if the NGO can come out with “better material” on December 14.

A few weeks back, PGurus had reported the style of covert operation about the Sahara-Birla Diaries to heat up the Winter Session by the Opposition parties.

“You take this back. You come when you have some better material. This is zero material. It is only an insinuation,” a bench comprising Justices J S Khehar and Arun Mishra said. As the bench was not inclined to order any investigation, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said the allegations are “scandalous, malafide” and NGO Common Cause led by Shanti Bhushan and son Prashant Bhushan, which has filed the plea, as indulging in “kite flying”. The bench said it can only hear the matter if the NGO can come out with “better material” on December 14.

“We can’t order investigation only because you name a big person. Give us some better material, good material. What is this material? Just because it is a computer entry would you rope in the entire world? We are very clear if the suspicion arouses the conscience of any person, it is a good material.”

“So far as this material is concerned, it does not arouse suspicion. We are not satisfied at all. These are high public functionaries. If you are bringing this material before us, it is nothing. It is a serious issue. You must give us something on which we can determine,” the bench said. The Judges also wonder why the petitioners gave credibility to the Sahara Group, which was caught several times with fake documents. The court did not accept the arguments of senior advocates Shanti Bhushan and Ram Jethmalani that the investigation can be ordered based on the material provided by the NGO.

“All these are non-genuine documents. They are all fictitious documents. You are relying on that. We already had held it was all fictitious. Give us something authentic,” the bench said, referring to the Sahara diaries. When Bhushan referred to Birla diaries, the bench said anyone, anywhere today can make entry of a hundred persons.

“There are thousands of unscrupulous persons in the country and can be making entries. Presuming we accept what you say then see how far-reaching impact it can have. We are not shying away from taking any action, but on which material we can order investigation,” the apex court said.

“There should be some good material, there should be some supporting material and for investigation, there should be some prima facie material. At present, there is nothing. We can’t order investigation.

You can’t have investigation only because you name a big person,” said the apex court.

What are Sahara, Birla Diaries – who leaked these fabricated documents?

Birla Dairy was an old one when in 2013, CBI and Income Tax found certain payoff details to many politicians from the computer and mobile phone SMS entries from Aditya Birla’s office in Delhi. The raid conducted in connection with Coal Scam during UPA regime, curiously found payments to BJP Chief Ministers only. The lone Congress Chief Minister name was Sheila Dixit. No need of super intelligence to understand that the seizure documents were leaked to media by none other than then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. But fact of the matter was Birla Group always historically shown proximity to Congress and in the Coal Scam, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was summoned by the trial court, which was later stayed by the SC. Prashant Bhushan had argued about these Birla diaries in Supreme Court’s Coal Scam Bench a few years ago. And now a few weeks back, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal rehashed this old allegation by lending his shoulders to Congress to raise it in the Parliament.

Undoubtedly Sahara diaries were created and leaked by people inside the Modi government to malign or blackmail him. On November 20,2012, the Income Tax’s Delhi Headquarters unit lands in jailed Sahara owner Subrata Roy’s secretary’s office and unearths Rs.125 crore, which later found as a genuine bank transaction. During the seizure, they found many computer printouts having pay off details to who is who of the country. All important persons’ name including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many judges names were mentioned as payments given. Except Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and his predecessor P Chidambaram, Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel, almost every VVIP’s name was mentioned in the print outs. This was clear attempt by the frustrated Sahara head to terrorize the system and especially the Supreme Court which put him behind the bars for sheer fraud.

But here, Lutyens’ Gang did a fraud by putting all official seals and signatures in these computer printouts. The raid was monitored by none other than the then CBDT Chief K V Chowdhury, who is now Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC). These papers were brought to the notices of each and every top officer in Finance Ministry including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The question is who took the decision to put official seals and signatures to these computer printouts, which prima facie look like a fictitious one. Then how did these papers reach in the hands of many media houses and Prashant Bhushan?

It is now clear that someone inside the government has leaked these papers to malign Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hopefully Ajit Doval’s Intelligence sleuths might have identified the transportation of these papers to many advocates offices and media houses from a top functionary in Modi’s Government. The more important question is, why Modi is keeping this Trojan Horse?

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  1. keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
    PM’s advisors and strategists are not fools. they want to keep everyone(including enemies and all ‘Judas’) neck deep in visibility and answerability despite their personal motives. if jaitley screws up the government, he is basically chopping the branch on which he is sitting. PM’s strategists know that jaitley is not that big of a fool. so keeping him in the thorny chair, making him answerable while lining up all secretaries of finance ministry directly under PM’s authority is the best way to force jaitley to deliver results (still allowing jaitley little fantasy rides like this paper leak and sun TV security clearances).
    PM’s strategists have done a commendable job at either eliminating adversaries or keeping them in check (see Modi jis whole political career from the beginning till the recent Bihar elections). He is the master master chess-player, its good that he is doing this for a good cause.
    Starting with almost zero and now becoming the PM of the country; this cant be a record of a novice or a chance politician. Its a sure-shot indication that he has got a massive team of extremely reliable lieutenants who are working behind the scenes.
    this is RSS’s moment of redeeming glory in history, this is what they have been preparing for. i remember in shakha they used to tell us the stories of how israeli’s used to tell each other “see you in jerusalem next time” for generations, until they reclaimed their homeland. this is our reclaim on delhi, all the good forces uniting against bad forces, and not hesitant to fight dirty and hit below the belt …..
    oh it gives such a relief that Judas will be executed soon ….

    • “Param Vaibhavam yetumetat swarastram, Samarthabhavatva srishatebhrisham”

      A man who solutes “Bhagwa” at least once in his life is for “Bhagwa” till his last breathe. All RSS Swayamsevaks proved time and again this notion of reality. If others failed to understand this , then we are not at faults & no one can help them.

      We are here to serve Maa Bharati and take her to highest heights of the Glory and Fame. None can stop it now . Hindus are awaken lot now , we all know very well that Bhagwa is for sacrifice,truth and Dharma. Every military convoy even today unfurled this flag on their vehicle irrespective of party in power , as we are here to serve & save Maa Bharati!!!!

      Bharat Mata Ki Jay!!!!!

      • Well, this could be one of the strategies to shake AJ as the seals and IT marks may be fake too. So more and more AJ is in a neck deep mess and has to redeem himself. He just cannot go on date with NDTV/ BDutt as he wishes. But it is clear that everyday he is plotting Modi’s downfall which is why not one piece of news item so far, points finger to AJ. Most of BJP supporters know this on SM. Hence PM’s core group and PM himself might be very well aware of this snake. It would be a natural disconnect of this guy when things get exposed. May be he would be forced to step down due to health reasons.

  2. A.J. Sakuni must go forthwith. He is a real pain in the neck Please dear Narendrabhai get rid of him as soon as possible.

  3. MODI if not removing Arun Jaitely from Ministry and Party will repent in future when his downfall will be visible by BJP RSS.Now RSS shud ask for his removal forthwith and MODI ought drop him from ministry when everything is clear that without blessings of AJ no files are to be leaked to Media.AJ is boss of Lutyens media.Both AJ PC are friends indeed.IF MODI failed to act on AJ then it will eb proved that MODI is puppet of AJ like MMS puppet of Sonia.

  4. Jaitley is always a trojan horse. Lost everything and then got plum portfolios. Biggest error of Govt/Modi to keep this Congressman called Jaitley in such a prime position..

    • Yeah Yeah. You are right. Income Tax & CBDT under Arun Jaitley filled with P Chidambaram men and women now reports to Subramanian Swamy every morning and evening.


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