What did SG Ranjit Kumar and Vijay Mallya talk about in a London Party?

Mallya and SG Ranjit Kumar were spotted in a London Party having a serious conversation.
Mallya and SG Ranjit Kumar were spotted in a London Party having a serious conversation. Graphic courtesy Business Standard.

In the last week of June, India’s premier spy agency RAW’s agents in London alerted the agencies in Delhi about the presence of Solicitor General (SG) Ranjit Kumar in a party with fugitive Vijay Mallya. Ranjit Kumar, the second top most law officer of the country was seen mingling with Mallya, wanted by the Cetral Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED).

The party was hosted by a controversial rice exporting firm Amira Nature Foods head Karan Chanana at his mansion in Wilson Crescent. The party was hosted to felicitate schmoozer lobbyist Suhel Seth. The size of the party was around 70 high flyers from the Delhi – London – Dubai circuit.

Ranjit Kumar was in London as the courts in India were closed due to vacation and to visit some of his family members settled in London. Some well wishers of PGurus in London told us that Mallya and Ranjit Kumar were engaged in a serious conversation for a long time at the high spirited party hosted by Chanana.

Is it ethical for the SG who represents the CBI and ED in Supreme Court and High Court to entertain Mallya, who is evading from these probe agencies? These types of parties are deal making points where all sort of lobbyists, fixers land to cash in their favours. Is it not an embarrassment to the investigators, government and courts which sent Letters Rogatory (LR) to London to catch Mallya?

During the same period, Mallya’s presence has put the UK High Commissioner Navtej Sarna in a controversy for which the Minister of External Affairs had to give a clarification. According to the Government, Sarna was caught in a book release of Suhel Seth, while Mallya “gate-crashed.”

Engaging with Mallya by the Solicitor General of India at a party is more serious, in our opinion. Whatever be the reason for the meeting, it is a question of the optics… Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi take a call on such behaviour by the top officers of the Government?

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  1. Main priority for Feku is how to demolish Arvind Kejriwal….Vadra,Pappu,Italian Waitress can wait.
    Such is the state of this nation.
    Has this nation learnt anything from History ? I doubt it.

  2. I like PGurus for their investigative reporting and incisive comments. Please keep them coming.

    I hope the Govt acts on these decisively, in a way the message is loud and clear.

  3. As far as corruption is concerned,Modi will not act.He is a fake on many issues the hindutva brigade is banking on BJP.Just as Hajpayee/Advani duo hoodwinking hindus on issues important to them,Modi will do the same.These guys are interested only in power.There are many pointers of BJP cheating on their vote bank principal of which is jaitley appointed as FM.This is a master stroke to tell the crooks in india,business will be as usual.Did these joker party guys caught any of the big crooks so far?Not even that,did they at least investigate major swindlers so far?Modi with his mask is laughing at we idiots for thinking that he is honest.Time to look past modi ,,

  4. I don’t think Mr.Modi will act being completely enamoured by Jhootley. Despite striking revelations of several FINMIN bureaucrats what has Mr.Modi done…providing non corrupt government is not enough….if this country has to progress then the first thing that needs to be done is eradicate corruption…Mr. Modi we are no longer interested in your maan ki baat, we want to see serious action (no eye wash / rhetoric)against the corrupt if you want to be reelected in 2019.

  5. Jaitley is behind Ranjit Kumar similar to his being behind Rohatgi.
    Nothing is wrong for Jaitley. For instance even after Lodha found that the DDCA working under his Presidentship was utterly lacking – he could’nt care less. It’s time Modi sacked this man and his proteges

  6. This meeting is unethical which may dent the image of Modi govt. PM should sack his AG & SG who seem to be the Congress stooges. These people can’t turn a single vote for BJP only they can tarnish the image of PM Modi.

  7. I don’t think it’s unethical for SG to meet mallaya. Perhaps if better sense prevail after this meet mallaya might choose to change his opinion n may come n face law here. Let us not trivialise issue. Don’t forget there are battery of Sr. Lawyers who can bail out mallya and he could walk free tall perhaps be nominated to RS again!!

  8. Nothing surprising.
    Ex attorney general soli ‘harshchandra’ sorabjees son was caught having secret accounts abroad in money laundering countries.His son is a doctor.its a well known fact that most corrupt ppl do not launder themselves…they get close associates (like putun) or family members to handle their money.Its heard tht manmohans m9ney was handled via his wife.

  9. I always find ur stories very informative and eye opener. SG meeting vd vijay malaya is unethical, and illegal needs immediate action fr govt.


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