Shashi Tharoor tried all tricks to fool AIIMS doctors during the post-mortem of Sunanda

Documents show how Shashi Tharoor tried to confuse AIIMS on the state of health of his wife

4 Documents that show how Shashi Tharoor tried to confuse AIIMS on the state of health of his wife
4 Documents that show how Shashi Tharoor tried to confuse AIIMS

The former Minister in UPA, Shashi Tharoor has filed a case against Republic TV for defamation in trying to prohibit the reporting of the murder of his wife Sunanda. PGurus has decided to publish the crucial All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) reports and Delhi Police (DP) records which show how Shashi Tharoor sent a lot of emails to doctors during post-mortem to confuse the medical condition of his assassinated wife.

The first document is a 12 page AIIMS report dated September 27, 2014 which clearly says Sunanda’s death is due to poisoning. Pages 2-7 expose the fact that Delhi Police had submitted several unwanted medical records of Sunanda. Why? To obfuscate. 211 pages of medical reports and certificates were provided, most of it useless, while not giving the basic things of the crime scene photos and bed sheets and pillow covers and tablets seized from the room for 10 months.

The worst was that even the family medical history of Sunanda and even her son’s drug addiction treatment certificate were given to the AIIMS doctors, while not sending the crime scene photos and bed sheets and pillow cover! That time Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia was heading the probe. His role was detailed in an earlier post of PGurus.

The second document is the DP reply and submission of reports to AIIMS date October 1, 2014. The first two pages of details of submission of documents show that these crucial materials were hushed up by the Delhi Police during Congress regime. Page 26 and 27 show the emails of Shashi Tharoor to his then Private Secretary Abhinav Kumar, who is also an IPS officer. This email was dated January 26, 2014, nine days after the Sunanda’s murder. Why should such an email be written to the AIIMS doctors when the post-mortem was going on? Why send a fake Lupus disease certificate provided by a child specialist in Dubai to AIIMS doctors? This shows that Shashi Tharoor clearly tried to influence the post mortem to show that his wife’s death was natural.

The third document is the DP forwarding of FBI Report to AIIMS Medical Board on December 9, 2015.

The fourth document is AIIMS Medical Board’s analysis of FBI Report to Delhi Police on Jan 12, 2016. This report exposes all frauds of Delhi Police and Shashi Tharoor. Page 8 of this document exposes Tharoor’s emails on fake Lupus theory created though a dubious certificate issued by a Child Specialist working in Dubai.

After doing all these activities, Shashi Tharoor wants to muzzle the media. Laughable! The facts of the case are clear. It is time for the Delhi Police to act on this cold blooded murder. For the interest of justice we are publishing all the above mentioned four documents.

1. Sunanda murder – AIIMS Report Sept 27, 2014

Sunanda Murder – AIIMS Report Sept 27, 2014 by PGurus on Scribd

2. Delhi Police reply to AIIMS with documents and statements of Sunanda murder case Oct 1, 2014

Delhi Police Reply to AIIMS With Documents and Statements of Sunanda Murder Case Oct 1, 2014 by PGurus on Scribd

3. Delhi Police forwarding FBI Report to AIIMS Medical Board Dec 9, 2015

Delhi Police Forwarding FBI Report to AIIMS Medical Board Dec 9, 2015 by PGurus on Scribd

4. AIIMS Medical Board’s analysis of FBI Report to Delhi Police on Jan 12, 2016

AIIMS Medical Board's Analysis of FBI Report to Delhi Police on Jan 12, 2016 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Evidence of people entering the hotel and leaving, people entering this particular floor and leaving and evidence of people entering and leaving Sunanda’s room must be collected from the Hotel. I believe either they have collected or destroyed that. Summons to the Hotel owners and order closure of the chain if video evidence is not shared.

  2. One thing. is obvious:
    Ethnically, Sashi Tharoor, from a Kerala Hindu Nair community, this chap educated in England from his adolescent years and later his youthfull years spending in USA working in the office of the UN, unfortunately lost his grounds on the family values of both the western “perennial religion or the eastern “sanathan dharma”.
    His talks, writings..reactions…his life itself…although very apt and proper at a mental. yet superficial level…is not connected to the indepth realities of neither the western nor the eastern Life as it is.

    If his wife Sunanda wrote in a mail few weeks before her death that she had no interest in living any more.. ..

    …this shows that both the husband and the wife had no experiential know how of the spiritual dimensions of life…which both the west and the east particulatly India strongly adherse to..
    How can the services of such persons to public life be really good.or effective…unless they keep trying to absorb the Verities or the Dharmas in their personal lives…?..particularly in India..?

  3. I doubt he ever loved his wife. Did he marry her to get access to her and use the proximity for some fraudulent act before finishing her off? I get this doubt from reading the news and his reply to certain questions during the IPL controversy.

  4. why so much leeway is being given to the murder suspect ?why there is a lull in the course of investigations for years?His friendliness witn the rulers being taken advantage of?

  5. There is Ambiguity. A panel of 10 judges 5 for and 5 against should probably read this. A few friends and relatives must judge the relationship and help them make a decision. A drug overdose can be by the patient or someone induced her to that state of mind. The easiest would have been to sleep if she was so disturbed. Media might have instigated a reaction like Princess Diana and her boyfriend who crashed because of a car chase. Some people need space to enjoy a night out too. Financial stability would never induce a person to commit suicide.

    • Whose friend Tharoor or Sunanda? Judges shud not be for or against the accused. They all shud all be in biased as expected.its 100% a murder and who will try to save whom even a non law student can tell.

  6. One of the main purposes served by reservations is to reduce competence to enhance corruption and render successful prosecution of criminals impossible.

  7. These AIIMS reports clearly says it is a murder. Shocking the delay in fixing the culprits. Tharoor knew all. Sure Cricket lobby politicians are protecting him

  8. In India, the quote “the Law is no respecter of persons” is a farce. There is one set of justice for celebrities and people in high positions and another for the common people.

    • Without Doubt
      Also wonder when the true story about Judge Karnan will break.
      And which intrepid journalist will put his/her life on the line to deliver

  9. There is a saying in Kannada ” any day wife of a thief is a widow”. So what ever influences Tharoor may ply with, he is sure to be punished.

  10. If this can happen in Delhi our capital than imagine smaller states who can get away with crimes like this. Only power and money can keep criminals in the open.

  11. Shashi Tharoor should be in jail. It is shame to the Delhi Police for not acting on this cold blooded murder of Sunanda.


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