Sleazy officer U.S. Kumawat shunted out after Prime Minister’s intervention

Kumawat shunted out of the Finance Ministry and PMO must ensure no shenanigans are done to keep him at his post even for 1 more day

Kumawat shunted out of the Finance Ministry and PMO must ensure no shenanigans are done to keep him at his post even for 1 more day
Kumawat shunted out of the Finance Ministry and PMO must ensure no shenanigans are done to keep him at his post even for 1 more day

Controversial officer Uday Singh Kumawat working as Joint Secretary (Revenue) has been shunted out of the Finance Ministry vide order of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) dated March 30. Kumawat was caught for sleazy activities during his trip to Paris[1].

Ritvik Ranjanam Pandey from Karnataka cadre, has been posted in his place as the Joint Secretary (Revenue). The extension granted to Kumawat, bypassing the ACC, has been curtailed and Kumawat has been repatriated to his parent cadre – Bihar.

PGurus had carried out a series of articles on Kumawat – his debauchery and abusive conduct – which is unbecoming of an officer and warrant an inquiry both under the civil services conduct rules and the Prevention of Corruption Act[2]. Sources in PMO have reliably confirmed to PGurus, that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was unhappy about these activities in the Finance Ministry and ordered for immediate action for the repatriation of Kumawat. Owing to the sensitivity of the Finance Ministry, the Prime Minister has also ordered for the clean-up and streamlining of the system there. The first step in this direction happens to be the posting of Ritvik Pandey known for his integrity and expertise in economic and taxation matters. Pandey, has previously worked in the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) and has been associated with the GST journey for the last 5 years from Karnataka. It is further learnt that the Prime Minister has ordered an inquiry to be conducted by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) on various alleged charges of misconduct and flouting of the norms by U S Kumawat.

The Prime Minister, it is learnt wanted to order an inquiry against Kumawat and his activities by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) but has stopped short of the same as this would cause a severe embarrassment to the Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia. Instead, the inquiry is expected to commence immediately after he joins Bihar, according to very highly placed sources. We will be reporting on the details of this enquiry, as soon we get further information in this regard.

PGurus has reliably learnt from a very highly placed officer, that a senior official in Finance Ministry who is very close to Kumawat and a senior official in PMO, are talking to the Election Commission to ensure that Ritwik Pandey currently working in Karnataka is not relieved till May 15, so that Kumawat will be able to cover-up and complete all the activities that he has been indulging in. This way, a larger protective cover is being launched to ensure that the tracks are sealed so that the senior officer in the Finance Ministry is not in trouble. Is it true that even after the Prime Minister’s order, ways are being found to retain Kumawat for another 45 days?

The power-play is on in the corridors of North and South Blocks to protect certain bureaucrats. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stepped in and we are very hopeful that this is the beginning of the end of the Chidambaram coterie that is ruling in the Finance Ministry. Will a new beginning mean shunting out of the Ministry all other officers who owe their allegiance to former tainted Finance Minister Chidambaram? PGurus will continue to bring you more news as events unfold.


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  1. Really great news this morning. No news feeds report this, as per my knowledge. I usually read google news feeds and pgurus. Pgurus ranks better than those feeds as they give the real meat necessary for the citizens of this country to know. Great job. Please keep going.
    It is no surprising PM need to step in to do something like this, as our FM is worthless (unless this falls under PMO area). It should be a shame for him I believe. Atleast now, if FM can act correctly, it will do our country and his party some good.

  2. I don’t understand one thing – why was only the PM unhappy about Kumavat? What about the FM? Shouldn’t he have been unhappy first?

  3. The role of FM in allowing such officials to indulge in such inimical activities must also be looked into; even if it is a passive one, it will warrant his removal too. PM must be bold enough to act tough as time is running out to eep his promise to the people to root out corruption in any form and at any level.

  4. Why news of Mr Pandey being son in law to PS Nripendra mishra not printed, why merit not taken into account and networking of father in law used?

  5. The news is fentastic.This should have been done earlier.How ever,better late than never.There should be complete reschuffle of the key ministrys.The loot ens also need to be cleansed.Inaction,delay or mercy will only bring disaster!

  6. Thanks for the positive news ..but the food for thought is the power play of the nehruvian elites who lost power officially in 2014 but un officially continued to dictate/control the corridors of power from their lutyen dachas! The fact that even after PM Modi’s direct & precise order there are people audacious enough to undermine it right under his nose proves how much of a compromised system the nehruvian state was and still is! Still hoping that PM Modi will beat the odds and free india (Bharat) from the chains of this slavish & parasitic system. Its now or never!!


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