Top Finance Ministry official US Kumawat honey trapped in Paris. French cops handed over tapes to RAW

US Kumawat, an IAS officer with clout, manages to get his lady lover officer a plum post abroad and gets honey trapped

US Kumawat, an IAS officer with clout, manages to get his lady lover officer a plum post abroad and gets honey trapped
US Kumawat, an IAS officer with clout, manages to get his lady lover officer a plum post abroad and gets honey trapped

India’s Finance Ministry’s Joint Secretary (Revenue) Uday Singh Kumawat IAS was honey trapped by French Intelligence during his stay in Paris recently. This officer also holds the sensitive post of Member Secretary to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Black Money Commission. Readers of PGurus working in Paris told us that the French Intelligence has given the video to their RAW counterparts stationed in Paris.

Caught between wife and lover, Kumawat managed to get a plum posting for the lady officer in the Belgium embassy.

Why did Kumawat go to Paris?

US Kumawat landed Paris on an official meeting in connection with Financial Action Task Force (FATF), representing the country.  The international meeting was from February 18 to 23. Before going to Paris, Kumawat tried to get a visitor’s visa to Belgium. A former lady colleague in the Finance Ministry is posted currently in Belgium. But having been denied the visa, Mr. Kumawat invited the said lady over to visit him in Paris. This lady colleague was a Director level officer in the Finance Ministry and it was known to all in the North Block about Kumawat’s rendezvous with this lady officer from the Indian Revenue Service (IRS).

Many officers say that Kumawat would always put a Red Light on his cabin door, as and when this officer enters his Cabin and this rendezvous will go on for hours. Seven months ago, as alerted by some colleagues with a sense of humor, Kumawat’s wife barged into his cabin and caught both of them and created a ruckus in the Finance Ministry. Kumawat’s wife had complained to senior levels in the Ministry and demanded that the said lady officer from the Ministry be kicked out, according to many officials.

Caught between wife and lover, Kumawat managed to get a plum posting for the lady officer in the Belgium embassy. Kumawat is controlling all the postings and transfers in Finance Ministry, Income Tax, Customs, Enforcement Directorate, Financial Intelligence Unit etc. Putting pressure on his boss and Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia, Kumawat managed a plum Belgium posting for the lady officer, ignoring the candidature of around 40 officers who had applied for the post.

Reaching Paris, Kumawat was accommodated in Hotel du Collectionneur in Paris and as he was denied a Visa to Belgium, he invited his lady-lover officer to Paris. The lady officer landed in Paris and the French agencies were eyeing on their rendezvous. Secret cameras fully recorded their tryst. Such is the “level” of one of the senior most officials of the Finance Ministry. He was there to attend the crucial International meet of FATF in Paris. The man who supposed to present India’s case was enjoying sleaze in Paris international meet of Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering) (FATF). And after February 23, the hotel management asked Kumawat to vacate, when he sought an extension of two more days. As hotel management was stubborn, Kumawat and the lady officer shifted to another hotel and continued their rendezvous on February 24 and 25. And the quick-footed French cops promptly started monitoring them at the new place.

PGurus has learned that a few days ago, the French Intelligence has given a copy of the Compact Disc (CD) of Kumawat and the lady officer rendezvous to the Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) officers stationed in Paris.

US Kumawat is a very powerful officer, having big links with the Congress, BJP, and National Congress Party (NCP) leaders. He is a 1993 Batch IAS officer from Bihar cadre. He worked with many BJP, Congress and NCP Ministers as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD). In August 2017, the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had repatriated Kumawat back to the Bihar cadre. Interestingly, he continues to be in the Union Finance Ministry and many political leaders have recommended for his extension of service in the Central Government up to March 2018 and recently the Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia has also recommended his extension up to May 2018! These incidents show the power of Uday Singh Kumawat, IAS. After ACC orders a transfer, how can an officer stay that long? Whose patronage is he enjoying? It is a known fact that many powerful politicians from all parties in Bihar were recommending the continuation of US Kumawat in Finance Ministry (what business is it of theirs, to ask the Center?), despite the ACC headed by Prime Minister transferring him back to Bihar cadre due to his sleaze activities in Finance Ministry.

It is time Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley kick out these types of sleazeball officers, who shame the country. A mere transfer won’t do. If this was the corporate world, Mr. Kumawat would be kicked out. This is what this officer deserves.

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  1. […] पीगुरुज के अनुसार, जब उदय सिंह का मामला विवादों में आया था तो कई अधिकारियों कथित तौर पर ये आरोप लगाया था कि कुमावत हमेशा अपने केबिन के दरवाजे पर रेड लाइट लगाता है. जब यह अधिकारी अपने केबिन में प्रवेश करता है तो बैठक घंटों तक चलती रहती हैं. सात महीने पहले, कुछ सहयोगियों द्वारा सतर्कता के साथ, कुमावत की पत्नी ने केबिन में घुसकर दोनों को रेंज हाथ पकड़ लिया और वित्त मंत्रालय में हंगामा खड़ा कर दिया. कुमावत की पत्नी ने मंत्रालय में वरिष्ठ स्तर पर शिकायत की थी और कई अधिकारियों के अनुसार मंत्रालय से उक्त महिला अधिकारी को बाहर निकालने की मांग की थी. […]

  2. Well said. They have their own problems. Now their hands are full with Sarcozy. Why would they follow an Indian Man and his Lady love.

  3. It appears that the French Spy agency is acting on the behest of the RAW. After all the Raw has an interest in monitoring such characters who do not abide by the ACC headed by Modi. Having been repatriated to Bihar by the ACC yet remaining in the plum position would have incurred the knowledge of the PM who would have sanctioned the spying of this sleazy fellow so that he can be asked to leave and collect evidence on Arun Jaitley.

  4. Most problems for Modi Govt have been created by Ministry of Finance. Yet the PM and FM are doing nothing to stem the negativity generated.

  5. Is there a system of appraisal for IAS/IPS/IRS.
    Who can initiate their appraisal.
    There should a system like Army for appraisal and promotion for all these cadres.
    Presently they are not accountable to any of their actions whether off work or on work.
    For a similar action by an officer in Army, by now he would have been summarily tried and sent home without pension.

  6. It is apersonal matter if the officer has erred by having a gala time instead of attending to his work then I can understand some action need to be taken, Has he put Indian Finance ministry under any loss of revenue by compromising some SOPs , if he has given out of turn postings yes then act.Otherwise it is their personal affair
    pray Grace for them

  7. Very nice and good article. An eye opener. The general public will never come to know of these type of information. Thank you PGurus.

  8. All bull shit, IAS cadre is totally corrupt and with high networking, works for trade mafia and takes willing soft targets with them from other cadres. Better remove top 30% of this cadre in next 30 days.

    • Exactly, in USA, such officers are not appointed where they can be trapped by foreign beautiful girls of enemy
      regime and sell nation’s defense and other secrets. Taliban and Pakistani can utilize such people, and do .
      Also, these ladies in high positions do more harm than good to the nation….they should get married and then serve top posts. Indian men are crazy when ladies are concerned and do anything neglecting their duties to the nation; but why and by whom they are tolerated ? SAME TYPE OF MENTALITY or they are also honey-trapped ???? God help India, aam aadmi. Jay Hind.

  9. Its as much ironical as it is funny. The french recording consensual sex ?

    Adult Individuals ? Privacy Laws ? Extra Marital Affair ? Inappropriate conduct while on official duty ?

    This article definitely has aims – other than breaking the news, of a scandal.

    • Could not agree more. Plus the fact that France and Belgium have open borders. This seems like “fake news” all over it.

  10. The IAS,IPS,IRS structure must be changed.The Departments/ministries must be headed by highly specialized and competent people without the glorified status.They should not be allowed to establish themselves in any department deep rooted to fulfill the whims of politicians or political party.Then only they will not be corrupt or without vested interests.The existing Babus should be transferred. Their performance and integrity need to be checked from time to time.It is these people who help the corrupt establishment destroy evidences of any unlawful acts.

  11. It’s not honey trapping. Why the hell French authorities were interested in it!! Is this in anyway connected to Rafael’s!!??

  12. Why would Kumawat be denied a visa to go to Belgium, if he was granted one to go to France? France and Belgium are both inside the Schengen area, an international visa-free travel zone. If you’re in France, you can go to Belgium without any visa. You won’t even see any customs. Take the Thalys, or a regional airline, or even a car — about a three hour drive between Paris and Brussels through the highways. No visa required, or even checked at any point.

  13. this is violetion of privacy for any official who is meeting his friend in the hotel. french spy should not act like this as recording persónel time.govt should raise the voice against violetion of peraonal relation.

    • Was he deported from France. Can he not meet his girl friend if he goes to attend a meeting outside meeting time. Why is Raw involved in it. Was Kumavat a spy and what was the need for tagging him. I don’t think French Police or any Police for that matter would act on their own unless they suspect something or has been tutored to do something. In the era of open borders in Europe I do not think it is necessary to hold a visa for Belgium when you already hold a Schengen Visa for France.

  14. Looks like the article is written to keep your viewer base happy. Its two Indian officers meeting, whats the problem for French? The real story is worth a read for the two’s spouses, if at all mattwrs to them?

  15. Corruption is very high in IAS cadre. This is the age of specialists, but unfortunately these people who do not have any expertise in any field whatsoever, spoil the game wherever they go. This cadre should be abolished. This cadre is bad legacy of the colonial rule. Generalists, like IAS, are the main road blocks in the development.

  16. It is true that, currently many officers of high rank are proven dirty beurocrats since UPA regime who have been enjoying in every sense and are playing rukus .Such individuals must be kicked out categorically as is done in Leuten ,Delhi matter.

  17. In this country where so many are awaiting employment why are retirees being given extension. Why allow this discretion for civil servants who are in reality the law makers.

  18. The word Honey trap is generally used in the context of compromising national interest/official secrets. I would call this just an extra marital affair with a colleague.

  19. Is the man not allowed some R & R?

    Ditto for the lady?

    If GOI is providing on site R & R facilities to the steel backbone that rules India, should the Public crib and quibble.?

    They work day and, of course, night!

  20. It is an extra marital affair. Why use the term honeytrap? She was a colleague not someone from Pak or another country’s secret service.

  21. P Gurus- why do you need a visa to Belgium when you already have a French visa. It is a Schengen Visa. Please use better imagination while creating stories

  22. I remember a saying in Samstrutam “kaama turanaam na bhayam na lajja” == “person with lust will have no fear nor shame”.
    So only language these idiots at highest post understand is: KICK THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.
    Hope Modi ji finds a way to get rid off these idiots. Given current conditions in India, its okay to just pay them salary but somehow kick them out of office.

    • Kick these idiots out from GOI without pension and other GOI benefits. And let her present wife sue him out without anything for him. Teach these bastards to behave properly when employed in the service of GOI.

  23. I don’t know the officer. And his personal life is his alone. To me this looks like some one is trying to frame him. The story is full of holes. If you have a visa for France then you can go to Belgium as it is shenegan. Also the french are always having affairs. Starting from their president downwards. I do hope the french intelligence have better things to do than follow a IAS officer with his lady Love.

  24. the story must be definitely true becasuse many of IRS IAS IES OFFICERS are in this type only in India, very very few only honest transparent


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