Sonia must surrender more than Rs.5000 crores-worth assets of National Herald grabbed by her instead of demanding a ban on Central Govt’s advertisements to media

Sonia Gandhi should first give back the National Herald properties and back taxes before preaching austerity measures to the GOI

Sonia Gandhi should first give back the National Herald properties and back taxes before preaching austerity measures to the GOI
Sonia Gandhi should first give back the National Herald properties and back taxes before preaching austerity measures to the GOI

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has come out with an obnoxious demand of a complete ban of Central Government’s advertisements in all media including Print, Television, and Online platforms for two years in the wake of the Corona crisis. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she urged this as the first demand saying that by this ban on advertisements Central Government can save Rs.1250 crores per year. That works out to Rs.2500 crores in two years.

While making this atrocious demand, we must remember that Sonia Gandhi has captured the Congress party’s newspaper – ‘National Herald’ and is holding more than Rs.5000 crores-worth land and building assets across the country including in plush locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Panchkula, and Indore. National Herald newspaper was started in 1938 by Congress leaders under a public limited company – Associated Journals Ltd (AJL) – and after India’s independence, many Governments allotted huge benefits including lands across the country. Sonia Gandhi was interested only in the newspaper’s huge land assets and closed down the newspaper publishing in 2008. By the end of 2010, she dubiously formed a private company (76% of shares owned by Sonia and son Rahul) named as Young Indian and grabbed 99.3% shares of AJL.

Now she is facing criminal charges in the National Herald grabbing case filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and Income Tax charges for tax evasion as well. The Government has also ordered the eviction of its headquarters (Herald House) in Delhi worth around Rs.1000 crores. The Income Tax case and eviction case is now pending before the Supreme Court after Sonia Gandhi lost the cases in all lower courts. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) have also filed cases against Congress leaders in the Panchkula land grabbing case.

If Sonia Gandhi is so concerned about India’s financial position, she must surrender all the lands worth more than Rs.5000 crores belonging to the erstwhile newspaper National Herald company to the Government of India.

NBA deplores Congress letter

The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) on Tuesday “strongly deplored” Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s suggestion of complete ban of Central Government advertisement in all sorts of media including print, television and online for two years to tackle the financial crisis due to Corona crisis. In a statement, the NBA President Rajat Sharma said that Sonia’s statement was demoralising and asked for the withdrawal of the statement.

“At a time when media personnel without fearing for their lives are doing their national duty by disseminating news on the pandemic, a statement like this from the Congress is highly demoralising. NBA calls upon Congress President Sonia Gandhi to withdraw her suggestions made to Prime Minister on a complete ban on media advertisements for two years in the interest of a healthy and free media,” said Sharma.

Practice what you preach

Why is Sonia Gandhi not asking the Congress-ruled states to stop their advertisement in media? Her cunning idea is to limit the publication of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo published in the Central Government advertisements. Some media-friendly Congress leaders accuse former Minister Jairam Ramesh of giving this “brilliant(!) idea” of scrapping Central Government advertisements. It is an open secret that penning erudite prose is beyond the capabilities of the Sonia/ RaGa/ PriVa trio. So, it must have been written by someone and just signed by Sonia.

Her other four demands were the suspension of construction of the Rs.20,000 crores-worth Central Vista Project, ban on Modi and other Minister’s foreign visits, 30% cut in Government expenses and transfer PM-CARES funds to PMNRF. These demands expose her hatred towards Modi. Why she wants Modi to not travel abroad is a mystery. These things expose the pettiness of and the cunning nature of Sonia Gandhi.

INC tweet
INC tweet

Let me reiterate – Sonia must surrender the more than Rs.5000 crores-worth assets of erstwhile National Herald newspaper grabbed by her instead of calling for a complete ban on Central Government’s advertisements in media for two years.  If Sonia is so concerned about India, she should pay back the Rs.414 crores illegal gain (findings of Income Tax in 2018) from grabbing the assets of the National Herald newspaper[1]. The Italian born Sonia, the land where the word fascism originated has shown her true colors.


[1] National Herald case: Read 105-page Income Tax Assessment Order against Young Indian exposing Rs.414 crores gainJan 22, 2018,

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  1. Very correct demand.
    She is well aware that what DAVP and Now BOC is ment for
    1 only a way to feed few publications to turn in the favor of government.
    2 Indirect kickback to information keeper to keep mouth shut
    3 Bread and butter of officials working in department with the cuts as high as 50% on advertisement.

  2. National Herald was started by Jawaharlal Nehru. It parent company Associated Journals had lot of real estate which in due course became priceless. We don’t know how these properties came to be acquired. Nehru and his dad were rich people and it is not clear if they used their money to buy real estate for Associated Journals. It so happens that with passage of time National Herald or what remains of it, Associated Journals and Young India come under a trust with Rahul , Sonia and some other members of congress parties as trustees. The way the title of this article is worded it looks like Sonia and Rahul have sold these properties to make 5000 Cr. This is far from the truth. Also, there is a charge that National Herald took 90Cr interest free loan from Congress party. Well we don’t what kind of transactions happens with the donations collected by political parties in India. BJP is collecting maximum donations nowadays much more than the donations received by all political parties in India put together. And BJP is not being transparent about the loans it receives especially the ones it receives from abroad. When BJP loses power, it is up to the next government to use Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax to investigate the sources of funds of donations received by BJP. The bringing in of Electoral Bonds opposed by RBI is a perfect method for laundering money. Why I am talking about all this is except AAP, there is a murky world of political donations and spending in India much of which needs to be unraveled. And if you dig deep, every party has committed crimes on this score. Subramanium Swamy is an arrogant career litigant. I don’t know in how many defamation cases he has paid the complainant and settled the matter. In one of the cases , Swamy raised a matter of Ram Jethmalani having two wives quite unrelated to the case. He also made an allegation that Ram Jemalani was in the payroll of Dawood Ibrahim. As he could not prove his wild allegation, the court ordered him to pay 5 Lakh compensation to Ram Jethmalani. Swamy has a habit of arrogantly quoting the constitution articles as if every word of the constitution is carved in stone. In a Q & A session, he ridiculed a person who asked a question on Uniform Civil Code be part of directive principle. With his typical arrogance he tried to nit pick saying article 37 asks government to adopt Uniform Civil Code but then it is not enforceable by the courts. Does it not amount to not binding any government to Uniform Civil Code. Swamy is not above board in his politics. He switches sides when it suits him. He was a close friend of J Jayalalitha and after some time he turned against her. All of Swamy’s words are not words from Bhagwad Geetha. I would request pgurus to write an article about Jay Shah shell companies, his company’s rise from a 50 lakh company to a 80 Cr company in 1 year (16000 times) and dynastic politics of Amit Shah in making Jay Shah as the Secretary of BCCI making a mockery of Lodha Comittee report of having only cricketers as administrators…

  3. Now is the opportune time to Nationalise all the monies kept by Indians in Foreign Banks and the money will be returned to them, subject to the respect foreign Bank account holders proving their bona fides to Indian Govt that the money has been earned and kept in foreign banks through legal means after intimating RBI and those incomes earned outside the territory of India have been shown in their respective Income Tax Returns every year. This was the suggestion given by Dr Subramanian Swamy to GoI, which is very easy to implement and those persons who are unable to prove their source of earnings and not intimating RBI and not showing the same in their Income Tax Returns, such monies will be forfeited and accrue to GoI in its entirety. Besides, such persons have to undergo punishment Black Money / Anti Money Laundering Act. No immunity to such rascals, who have cheated the GoI all these years.

  4. Modi is not completely free to act against many things in India that has had years of wrongdoing. Let start with the Judiciary where any kind of action that simply favours the national agenda would be challenged and kept in the backburners for very long thereby giving it immunity and to become untenable. Even if the Modi government attempts to withdraw fianancial support for the Madrassas, Imams and other Islamic subsidies, the left and the Congress would politically tear into the Modi government causing upheaval. The Shaheen Bagh protest was a classic example. Thus the likes of Sonia Gandhi and the fake Muslims would have to be tackled with strategy and finesse to end their hold on the many establishments that has tacitly supported these opposers of Modi. Dr. Swamy is doing a brilliant job in protecting this nation called India that has been inflicted a far worst disease then Covid-19, Corruption. Now Covid-19, a divine intervention, would see all these demons in society to be wiped out easily, hastened by a very well designed and executed plan by the Modi government.

    • Judicial intervention has hit India very hard in internal security and economy since many years. Modi should annul judgements through ordinances, if they go against national interest. The present day definition of freedom of speech is abusing India, freedom of action is burning public property, abusing Hindus is freedom of expression.

  5. But what about the 5000 crore that our central government spends on Muslims annually? And what about the money spent for building and maintaining hundreds of Haj houses. And what bout the thousands of crores of rupees state governments spend on paying the as salary of Imams who teach the Muslims to kill Hindus.

  6. It is said in hindu scriptures that if a person lives in heaven for that much amount of time that people praise him on earth. Similarly, expect Nehru & his family with fake DNA to live in hell till eternity for the abuses they receive from honest Indians / Hindus.

  7. There should be certain limit for politicians aquiring properties after coming into politics.The politicians have many dubious ways of aquiring properties, so all the loopholes should be fixed by the govt. They should also be made to explain the phenomenal growth of their assets .Corrupt politicians net work will be very vast and it is very difficult to book them as seen in sonia,jagan etc

    • Do you expect from the The present government, who brought a law that no donations to political parties to be disclosed, to fill those loopholes???

  8. This is the problem when you act very slow on corrupt, they tend to advise you !! Modi government should have attached all the property of National Herald to the government in one go but legal process is going on and on. The case itself is fought by a single person Dr.Subramanian Swamy and not by the Modi government. Act quick or crooks will act smart.

  9. Good suggestion by Sonia, godi media will starve, PM who become PM to travel the world will go mad. Another fraud just like statue of unity can be averted with unnecessary spending on new parliament building. National Herald is a public company, if govt alloted land it has a right to take back if the allotment provision says so just like so much land is allloted public limited companies alloted many businesses including Adanis, Ambani, Tatas, Birlas etc if they are not using the land properly. This must be investigated too.

    • Nothing will happen. Khangress has lost the relevance in India. No one is going to listen to bar dancer and dope vincci. Few will wag the tail and vote khangress. 2024 also modi will be your PM.

  10. This is the time for Mr. Narendra Damodar Das to prove that he truly is for bringing the corrupt out. A legislation to sieze the assets of all the politicians whose assets grew exponentially, in a very short time must be made. Ordiannce may be passed and ratified in the Parliament later.

    Jai Hind

  11. This Italian born Sonia Gandhi (real name is Antonio Edvidge Albino Maino) is a crook. Hope Dr.Subramanian Swamy win the National Herald case and this lady go jail. Poor Rajiv Gandhi was fooled by this crooked lady.


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