How to deal with Novel Corona Jihad – Time for National crackdown

Hindus should temporarily prefer a total social and economic distancing from the Muslims and their businesses because the onus of winning the trust of the Hindus lies with their behavior

Hindus should temporarily prefer a total social and economic distancing from the Muslims and their businesses because the onus of winning the trust of the Hindus lies with their behavior
Hindus should temporarily prefer a total social and economic distancing from the Muslims and their businesses because the onus of winning the trust of the Hindus lies with their behavior

Novel Corona Virus – Origins

Ever since the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) was detected in November 2019 in the province of Wuhan in China, it has taken a heavy toll on both lives and economy of each and every country which has been largely affected due to an uncontrolled outbreak.

Apart from China, almost all European countries became totally exposed as they had a porous border, thanks to the European Union (EU) the virus was able to do a good ‘tour’ in every part of Europe, converting every playground into mass graveyards. After the EU, It spread to the Middle East countries as a secondary transmission i.e. from European countries rather than the origin (China).

It was found out that this Tablighi Jamaat event in Delhi has been a super spreader as 30% of the overall cases are related to this one event.

The Covid-19 did not spare even the world’s superpower, the USA, it has started the dance of death in the US with exponential shoot up of cases and deaths in every state. In India, although it started as a direct transmission from 3 returning students who were studying in Wuhan on Jan 30, 2020, the rate of growth was very minuscule for the next 1 month.

The actual spread took speed when skilled labour Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) started returning to India from the Middle East and European countries in the 1st week of March 2020. This was thankfully a linear growth as the awareness about the virus was pretty well known and there was no large scale transmission or community transmission.

The start of the bad news for India came after Mar 28, 2020, when investigation agencies were able to find that all those who succumbed to death in several parts of India due to Covid-19, had one thing in common, which is, all of them had attended a religious event called as Tablighi Jamaat, a Sunni Muslim Missionary event held in Delhi on Mar 14 and 15[1].

It was found out that this event has been a super spreader as 30% of the overall cases are related to this one event. In Tamilnadu, almost 90% of the total cases (out of 564 as on April 5) are from this event.

The doctors and policemen, who went to trace them and conduct tests were attacked with bricks and stones by an unruly mob as these people where positioned in densely Muslim populated areas and some of them were even hiding in Masjids.

It took the Investigation agencies by surprise because it was not a local Muslim event but rather a foreign radical religious congregation that had over 2000 participants from 150 plus countries[2]. The other big shocker came when they noticed that the actual location where the event was held was just behind a police station in Delhi.

This event not only bypassed the police but also the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) too because all these people who attended this event had come on tourist visas issued by it. The attendees of this event travelled to several states of this country through various modes of transport to preach Islam![3].

All these prompted the MEA to cancel all visas issued as they found several violations. It was too little too late. To date, police and healthcare officials are not able to trace and track all the attendees but were able to find most of them.

The demon gets exposed

Once most of the attendees of the Tablighi Jamaat were tracked and traced the real evil started to reveal itself. In several places in North India, especially in Delhi and Indore, when the healthcare personnel had gone to track the attendees to conduct tests, unpardonable incidences started taking place.

The doctors and policemen, who went to trace them and conduct tests were attacked with bricks and stones by an unruly mob as these people where positioned in densely Muslim populated areas and some of them were even hiding in Masjids[4].

Those who were traced were cordoned off and taken in special buses to different hospitals, during which, they even spat on the healthcare personnel. It did not stop with this, in several places across India where they were tracked, these people started spitting in public places despite a clear instruction not to do so. They defied all lockdown and curfew orders and did Namaz in public and some even started doing it in Quarantine centers clearly violating social distancing norms[5].

All these on one side, the chief of that Tablighi Jamaat, Maulana Saad, openly told on camera to the congregation of 1000 plus of Tablighi preachers, “Corona is a conspiracy to close down the Masjids and everyone must come to Masjids five times a day, regardless of the lockdown rules imposed by the government, even if one were to die at a Masjid, consider it as a better option.”

Adding further, he even issued a threat to the media stating “If Tablighis show their true face, you will be in big trouble.” Those Tablighis who were in Quarantine centers started behaving much worse, in several hospitals in Ghaziabad, Kanpur, and Aligarh, they harassed nurses who were treating them using vulgar language and started roaming nude displaying their private parts to healthcare professionals. Although FIRs were filed in many instances, it only resulted in several healthcare workers and nurses opting out of duty because of these incidences[6].

The only silver lining in the midst of all these was the Shia Waqf board chief coming out on camera and openly condemning these activities and calling for a total ban on Tablighi Jamaat.

Is this an attempted Novel Jihad?

The attacks on healthcare personnel, police and civilians were not done by just Tablighi Jamaat members but by a large section of Muslims spanning states, this has come as a total shock to the whole country[4].

Well educated urban Muslims openly declared on social media to spread the virus, it included an Infosys employee too[7]. Several instances of Muslim shop keepers licking the fruits, peeing on them were reported across the country. A few Muslims started using a social media app called TikTok to suggest how to spread the virus to ‘Kafirs’ (Hindus) by licking and sneezing on the currency notes.

A Maulvi in Kolkata openly declared on camera to spread the Virus so that 50 Crore people get killed in India[8]. Even in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Muslim students union came out in support of Tablighi Jamaat and several activities and started saying that actions taken by healthcare professionals were done to ‘malign’ Islam as the govt is suffering from ‘Islamophobia’[9].

The only silver lining in the midst of all these was the Shia Waqf board chief coming out on camera and openly condemning these activities and calling for a total ban on Tablighi Jamaat[10].

All these seem to have a clear cut pattern directed by a source, it can’t be just some random Maulana or Maulvi who can convince the whole Muslim society to do such things. It has to be something else that prompts them to do it at this magnitude and all these have a precedence and takes us to the source which is clearly stated in the doctrine of Islam and the Quran.

The doctrine of Islam is guided by Sirah and Hadith. It gives the direction of behavior that the Muslim brotherhood needs to display at each and every scenario. Apart from this, it also suggests the method and action towards that direction to fulfill its objectives and this is what is called ‘Jihad’.

Jihad in Arabic means ‘Struggle’ (it generally denotes armed struggle ) but what is it that they are struggling for? What is the objective of that struggle? The answer reverts back to the doctrine of Islam which is Dar-ul-Islam, Dar-ul-Harb & Al-Taqqiya or (Dar-ul-Aman).

The Doctrine of Islam

The doctrine clearly states that whenever Islam is in Majority the doctrine which is followed is Dar-ul-Islam i.e. Islam as a totalitarian state with fully implemented Islamic laws i.e. Sharia. There is no place for other faiths. It is blasphemous to worship any other God other than Allah even in their private space[11].

When Islam is in a sizable number as a minority and the majority is divided and confused then the doctrine followed is Dar-ul-Harab. This is when Islam takes an ugly stance through Jihad because the doctrine states that when Islam is a minority and the Majority is disunited, it shall do everything possible to further confuse the majority, make unreasonable demands to the govt and when demands are not met, it should obstruct the functioning of the govt, in all aspects until the govt comes on its knees. Finally, when the govt or the state is on its knees, the final strike has to be made with direct action. Partition of India happened through this method.

Al-Taqqiya is the last one, where Islam is a minority and the majority is united and clear. In this case, the doctrine states to make peace with the Majority. In short, Jihad is the fuel in the mode of transport (doctrine), which tries to fulfill the Islamic objectives of establishing a totalitarian state. Going back in history, we observe that the origins of Jihad could have started with the expeditions of Prophet Mohammed himself. The military expeditions of the Prophet against the local tribes, Pagans, the Jews and the enemies of Islam indicate that the Ghazis (the raiders or the mercenaries) might have done this following this doctrine.

This has evolved over period right from 7th Century raids to Caliphate level expeditions across the Middle East, Mesopotamia and even parts of Europe and Africa. It was this fuel, i.e. Jihad, which helped Ghazis propel the growth of Islam all over the Middle East with the help of a sword.

India is no exception to it during the Islamic rule from 1192 AD to 1815 AD. India alone suffered a casualty of over 400 million during these years. Those who did and still doing these expeditions (in different forms) for over 1400 years need to know that there is a lot of blood in their hands.

Jihad in the past and contemporary times – An Evolution of Evil

Methods in the past

If we review the origins from the 7th Century AD (start of Islam), the Prophet’s army consisted mainly of the mercenaries from different parts of the Arab peninsula and they were driven by one agenda which is to spread the word of Islam through the sword.

The bloody conquest took everyone by surprise. They waged wars against the Pagans, the Jews, the enemies of Islam and their objective was not limited to just spread the word of ‘One true faith’ and bring a utopia of progressive brotherhood (Insaniyat) but something more. It was a political doctrine masquerading as faith and all that they wanted to establish was a totalitarian state with the help of mercenaries and sword. Almost all who came on their way were simply run over.

We can clearly conclude that this Tablighi Jamaat event was a Fidayeen Novel method in Jihad to massacre Hindus in mass numbers and in parallel cry victim and ‘Islamophobia’ using various organs which have already been infiltrated.

In the entire Arab peninsula the doctrine’s only achievement was that it pitched brother against brother, wives against husbands, sister against brother, children against parents and it was all Kith and Kin fighting against each other. And the Irony is that it is justified by saying that these were done to establish a ‘brotherhood of humanity’ (Insaniyat) but the reality is that it was totally pretentious in its approach and clandestinely fueled by materialistic desires to create a brotherhood of bandits.

If one observes closely, In all their conquest and raids they had one thing in common and all those were materialistic validating that it was a brotherhood of bandits. The mercenaries were waging wars for 3 materialistic desires namely Zar (Gold, Silver and wealth), Zan (Woman) and Zamin (Land).

They were clear in the objectives and in their focus and approach. They knew that if they ought to establish a totalitarian state then they need Monetary resources under their control for administrative and military expeditions, Woman to ensure that the manpower is maintained and progenitors are produced to continue the process and land to ensure that maximum resource mobilization is done.

They knew that these three materialistic desires can’t be easily achieved with mercenaries unless they have a good strategy to exploit the enemy at a time when they are totally unprepared. So, it was totally fine to follow every sinister route to achieve this.

Destroying other places of worship were fine, slavery was fine, murdering woman, children, non-believers were fine, selling captured woman was fine and every evil that one can think of was totally fine because the ‘purest of all’ told so and it is also written in the ‘unquestionable holy book’.

If they were not able to achieve a conquest in the shorter run, they would do it by surreptitious methods in the longer run. For them either they would want their enemy to be killed in the shorter run or made sure that the enemy bleeds to death in the longer run.

Approach in the contemporary times

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (Ottoman Caliphate) in the 1920’s this riot run of the brotherhood of bandits should have collapsed, because the modern world had moved to Industrialization, modern science and education whereas the system was still feudal and medieval with the Arabs.

It was thought that they would always live in tents and camels but Nature, unfortunately, blessed them with the most powerful resource which fuels Industries all over the world i.e. Oil. The discovery of Oil reserves, unfortunately, regrouped this brotherhood of bandits and only endorsed and expedited their process worldwide.

There has been no change in their desires. The same 3 materialistic desires are present even today, i.e. Zar, Zan and Zamin, the only difference is that in the past they used local mercenaries to get this done within their country, now they use the Nature’s gift oil to fund external mercenaries (Islam in other than Arab countries) to get these done.

Now the so-called ‘struggle’ for these 3 has gone global. It is simply extraordinary greed despite blessed with Nature’s gift. So what started as local Jihad in the Arab peninsula has now become global Jihad due to the enormous presence of oil which is their only major source of income[12].

Post the discovery of Oil, The objective just got evolved and it was not to establish a local caliphate in the Arab Peninsula but a Global Caliphate (a Totalitarian Islamic state).

India is the only country which did not budge to the force of Islam (unlike other countries like Persia, Egypt, etc.) for over 600 years so, therefore, there is a need that arises to trying novel methods to get this done (to establish a Caliphate in India). India is the only country that has all 3 structurally still intact i.e Zar, Zan and Zamin despite all the invasions from the 7th Century. The only challenge they face right now is the unavailability of Ghazis (mercenaries), who can do the raids, so they have adopted 2 new strategies.

The first one is called a Fidayeen( a small group which is willing to sacrifice themselves in their pursuit). All our terrorists’ attacks are Fidayeen, be it the Pulwama terror attack on Feb 2019 or 26/11 Terror attack in Mumbai. This is the fastest Jihadi activity that they can do. The groups who do this attack are very small but their impact is maximized by ensuring that we bleed to death in the longer run. It’s well organized and it is target specific i.e. the Kafirs (Non-believers which includes Hindus, Jews, Ahmadiyas)

Second is the slow clandestine surreptitious method to infiltrate every organ inside a govt and destroy the native society from within. The desires here too are the same just as the medieval times, i.e. Zar, Zan, and Zamin but the only thing that has differed or rather evolved is their evil mind to get that. It is nothing but a slow Jihad.

To get Zamin (Land), the style adopted is Population explosion and mass breeding on Tax payer’s money. This is called Population Jihad[13].

To get Zan (Woman), the style adopted is ‘Love Jihad’. This is done as a supplementary function to get Zamin and Zar (Wealth & property ) because wealth gets transferred from women to men in Hindu society. The Gullible Non-Muslim woman (mostly Hindus) also called Dhimmis to fall in this trap of fake love only to find themselves forced to be converted to Islam and used up as sex-slaves.

To get Zar (Gold & Silver) i.e. wealth, a multi-dimensional approach is adopted, it is basically to squeeze out everything from the majority in every way possible to expedite the creation of an Islamic Caliphate. It includes media, academia, politics, and financial (through Islamic Banking). The ‘victimology‘ crying is specifically done in Media and academic Jihad so as to divert and confuse the society from getting to know the actual sinister designs.

Looking at all these, we can clearly conclude that this Tablighi Jamaat event was a Fidayeen Novel method in Jihad to massacre Hindus in mass numbers and in parallel cry victim and ‘Islamophobia’ using various organs which have already been infiltrated.

The Way forward

Now that we have well understood their doctrine, their approaches and its evolution we need a long term action plan which acts as a deterrent. Israel which has 42 hostile countries in the middle east has a Samson Option, similarly, India having such high populations must also have.

It demands statutory and legal teeth through which this is prevented under those circumstances. Currently, we are in the midst of such an exigency we are left with few options to ensure the security and national integrity of this country. The following are the steps that can be taken to ensure that this gets dozed off by collective consciousness and effort by both govt and the enlightened Hindu society.

First, to prevent this Novel Corona Jihad from exploding and creating a National level infectious disaster targeting majorly the Hindus Article 34 i.e. Martial Law or (Military Rule) needs to be invoked. A military rule can be on pan India or a specific locality as determined by the govt the invocation of Martial law suspends the fundamental rights in the region. This is a govt level intervention.

We must understand that the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution for religious activities under Article 25 and Article 26 are not absolute but subject to scrutiny under health, public order and morality. The current scenario mandates and validates suspension of Fundamental rights as the health of a vast majority of Hindus are concerned and the origin of this covert terror has been the Mosques and Madrasas which are religious places.

The reason why there is a need for Martial law over Emergency provisions is because only a Martial law is applicable in this case and not an emergency. The conditions for invoking emergency are armed rebellion and external aggression, but here, in this case, we are not facing either of them. We are facing a deliberately well planned covert catalytic theological viral invasion against the Hindus.

Second, the invocation of Martial Law alone is not sufficient, it has to be put to effective use, i.e. it needs a clear cut objective and direction. The objective of Martial Law should be such that the enforcing agencies ensure that all Mosques and Madrasas are sealed and all public and group Namaz is totally prohibited until the health concerns are totally null. The enforcement agencies here are the Armed forces and they have full immunity from legal action even if the agencies engage in act of killing for the maintenance of law and order.

Third, All tourist visas should be canceled. All those foreigners who were involved in Proselytization activities, missionary activities and religious activities using tourist visas, they and their organizations should be blacklisted by MEA, their India affiliates’ property seized and FIRs must be registered on all locals who cooperated with such acts. Moving forward, all those locals who cooperate with foreign nationals for religious activities should be booked under the National Security Act (NSA).

Fourth, Since it has become very difficult to track all the Tablighi Jamaat attendees across the country, the govt should release all the names and addresses of those who attended the event making it public on the internet. There should be a call for the public to either come forth for testing if they have interacted with any of them in the list or let the authorities know about the whereabouts of all those who are yet to be traced. There should be an ultimatum issued to all those who attended the event to voluntarily come for the test or they be booked under NSA.

Finally, it requires a collective responsibility on the part of the Hindus too because given the number of unpardonable incidences that have taken place spanning the length and breadth of this country it clearly shows that the Hindus were the main target for the perpetrators and not anybody else. In this, the nation has to unitedly join hands and ensure that while the innocent among the Muslims are spared, those who are acting radically should temporarily be effected a total social and economic distancing and their businesses because the onus of winning the trust of the Hindus lies with their behavior and Hindus should not compromise on this.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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  1. No Govt will do anything. Only yesterday, an FIR was filed in Tamil Nadu against a vlogger (Maridoss) because he had the audacity to call Corona+Terror = India’s biggest problem. Think about this FIR in the back drop of what has been happening routinely in TN over the last few days. Doctors, Health Dept officials, Healthcare workers, Police who went to Mohammedan dominated areas to inquire about participants in the Tablighi Jamat meeting are targeted and assaulted physically. The police has done nothing so far. Yet they file a case against a vlogger who calls it out as terrorism! It is reportted that the CM assured the Mohammedan community that “its reputation will not be tarnished”. COnsequently, the Health Secy. no longer mentions the words “Tablighi Jamat”. Instead she says, “single source” (referring to the Delhi conference).

    Let us face it. The Islamic Republic of India is already here. If you did not see the writing on the wall yet, I hope you do now.

  2. While the Muslims appear empowered to carry out terror activities including Covid Jid, the Hindus are a bunch of corrupt pussyfooters who have helmed the political leadership for years just for greed and self aggrandizement. India can only change if the corrupt Hindu does not lent a helping hand in empowering these highly insecure group of Muslims. The onus is on the average Hindu to punish these pseudo Hindus and those among them who are brainwashed in supporting the leftist an the corrupt. The intelligence apparatus of the army, police and the government must be well funded and led by trule patriotic Hindus to achieve a real tangible change where violence is met with greater violence.

  3. In addition to what the author had stated, I will present more clarity on the Islamic life and functioning of Modi government.

    Misuse of e tourist visa has been happening since inception during UPA era and Tablighi type congregation are not new. Our intelligence units look for external threats and not internal and with digitalisation, the internal enemies have become very strong whose command centre is outside India. Unless we outsource internal security to private agencies, india is in trouble.

    Process of islamization of Hindus is continuing since 1100 AD. In stage 1 Muslims created Pakistan in 1947 and we are in stage 2 where Muslims in India are more than Pak and will violate law and create anarchy. Hindu politicians of opposition parties have surrendered to Muslims, not knowing they are playing with fire.
    For ex Owaisi followers boast that they have steering and KCR the CM is sitting on back seat. This KCRs ancestors were butchered by razakars, mentors of MIM, who are now his political partners.There are 5 Muslim ghettos in Hyderabad, where KCR police cannot enter.

    Tablighi are following what is their basic ideology, to live like a society as in 700 AD. The fault is not theirs but totally with Hindus, who are docile and are treating Islamists with kid gloves and choosing a constitution against Hindu interests.Except for Shias and sufis, and those Muslims who were Hindus in previous birth,Muslims are not compatable with hindu society. Chinese knew their threat and adopted their own strategy.

    Modi is not tough and Shah is not Patel and at best what they can do is bring UCC. Indirectly this corona has wiped out terror funding from Saudi and gulf nations. These desert nations will starve in coming months. They cannot survive without Indian expats, food and medicines.

    It is last call to hindu politicians. Protect the dharma in which you are born due to previous birth punya. God has done his duty, you do yours.

    • You all are only creating an atmosphere of unrest and mistrust. The tableeghis were really orthodox in their approach to coronavirus and this is blunder on their part, no doubt. But the way you all are linking it to terrorism, attack on Hindus, you are creating an insecurity in Muslims due to which the tension is increasing. Is this really required? Those people who misbehaved with police personnel or health workers, necessary action has been taken against them. But all the time going about the tableeghis will not solve the problem. The country should have a good atmosphere to deal with the problem that we all are facing. Try to find some peaceful way for it!

  4. This is true,. And I do hope this information has been passed on to our central government to do the needful on the double. Most of our population will support it.


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