Strategic roadmap to discredit PM and HM with planned protests and riots

Delhi was the choicest place, as Police are directly under the control of the Center. Blaming the PM and HM for the lapses in maintaining law and order becomes easy

Detrimental action with vigour will define the outlook of Modi Govt!!!
Detrimental action with vigour will define the outlook of Modi Govt!!!

A deep-rooted conspiracy can be sensed from the timing of the Delhi riots. The outburst is attributed to the Citizenship AmendmentAct (CAA). In reality, the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, Triple Talaq and Ayodhya verdict by the Supreme Court (SC) was already stirring up the opposition. They found the mood of the minority community shaky and instigated them by fuelling speculation that CAA is an unjustified law that will take away their citizenship. This made the community feel vulnerable and they fell into the trap.

After the instigation, funding was provided to organise protests across the country. The opposition wanted to target the Prime Minister (PM) Modi and Home Minister (HM) Amit Shah. Delhi was the selected arena to flare up the matter. Protests were conducted in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Jamia Millia and a few streets of Delhi. These were like laboratory experiments that were being tweaked for a larger deployment for later.

Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration had totally failed to read the dubious gameplan of the perpetrators of violence.

Yogi’s effective implementation of making people pay for damage to public property forced them to change tactics. The protests at Shaheen Bagh were a well-managed exercise and attracted nation-wide attention. The participants were paid on a daily basis to protest with rates alleged to have been Rs.500 for daytime protest, Rs.800 till night and Rs.1000 for overnight. Does one wonder where all this money came from? Was it already in India due to the preponderance of fake currency?

A lot was at stake with the Delhi election just around the corner. The ruling party at Delhi, which was nowhere in the race grabbed this opportunity to make its mark. The Grand Old Party was already internally weak but it knew how to transfer its votes. The Central ruling party did exceptionally well in the election with terms of vote share percentage, despite a lukewarm 2020 Financial Budget. The tepid action on CAA protesters prior to election dis-heartened many voters contributing to its loss. The bulk vote transfer from the GOP played the trick with the ruling party winning the elections once again with a comfortable majority. Like it or not, the voter is willing to be “persuaded”. How this can be solved is a topic for another article.

The biggest blunder of the Govt was to go slow on the protestors at Shaheen Bagh; they did not adhere to the advice to act tough with the agitators. The opposition saw the weakness in the Govt’s stand and decided to further extend the experiment to embarrass the Govt and target PM Modi and HM Amit Shah.

Delhi was the choicest place, as Police are directly under the control of the Center. Blaming the PM & HM for the lapses in maintaining law & order becomes easy. Whatever the adjectives used to describe Kejriwal, dumb is not one of them.

Surprisingly those at the helm of power could not read the opposition and their grand game plan and fell into the trap. Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration had totally failed to read the dubious gameplan of the perpetrators of violence.

With the announcement of USA President Donald Trump scheduled visit the protests flared up in Delhi, a strategy to garner international attention and put PM Modi on the back foot. The arson violence deaths in the last few days have shaken the communal harmony. It’s man-made mischief to create hatred, chaos, and confusion in society.

The PM and HM failed to read the trouble they were heading into. Now is the time for the Govt to handle the situation with an iron fist and prevent any further damage.

The government must pursue an investigation on corruption cases, expedite ongoing court cases to a logical end with fair prosecution. Some of the corrupt babus are stalling the government’s efforts. There are many honest officers on whom false cases are being foisted. This malicious evil must be nipped in the bud.

Firm, determined action with resolve is the need of the hour.


1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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Natraj Shetty


  1. It is an well planned Riot funded by Pak ISIS. It is failure on part of Intelligence agencies on not warning the Govt on this. both AAP and Congress hand in Glow on this. Problem in India now is SC. Biggest hurdle. Judges of SC had started thinking on dictating terms to Central govt and they think they rule this nation.
    Nothing more can be said on this. Time for Amit Shah and PM to bring in stringent Law on anti national speech and jail them for 20 years. Look at people like Owasi . He is anti national and Pro Pak. Better to deport him to Pak. Same happening in TN also.


    I do not fully agree with Mr. Shetty. This is part of a well planned Pakistani asymmetrical warfare without contact with the help and assistance of their allies in India who are facing extinction. Thankfully the CDS has mentioned the idea thus indicating that GOI is aware of the situation.
    The problem with Modi Government is that they are handicapped by opposition supporting bureaucrats and traitors who can be purchased. The opposition – as a block are staring at extinction and they cares not for the Nation but their survival at any cost even he cost of the Nation.’
    We cannot have the apple and eat it too. We need action – covert and overt.
    The idea of GOI was that the agitators were to be left alone so that they will dissipate on their own. This strategy was well known and we have western educated judges who do not even understand the implications of their own orders and ape and mouth westerners and western idiocies.
    It is not just the opposition but the Pakistan supporting opposition that matters. We need urgent amendments to law that will make return to the arena by terrorist Pakistan supporters. The Police has to be diligent and vast residual powers of the judiciary needs to be curbed for a starter.
    I fully endorse Mr Shetty when he says “The government must pursue an investigation on corruption cases, expedite ongoing court cases to a logical end with fair prosecution. Some of the corrupt babus are stalling the government’s efforts. There are many honest officers on whom false cases are being foisted. This malicious evil must be nipped in the bud.”
    The National Herald Case, the Citizenship case etc need to be expedited. Biased judges may have to be dealt with. There are many ways to do that. We have the talent in our thinkers. BUT when people advising are illiterate gosais and fools it IS dangerous. Time for soft-pedalling is over.

    • Your assessment is true but you may be hesitating to diagonise the core problem. Buck stops at judicial system and asses the on going scenarios.

      N H case, seetalvad case, NH Herald eviction case, NDTV cases are pending for years at the highest court.
      H Cs are behind police when they take action on rioters . Even UP police were chided.
      Everyone knows, that initially, when buses were burnt in Delhi in Dec, police chased the rioters into Jamia, for which they were demonised.
      S C took suomoto cognition of children participating in S Bagh agitation, but no one cares.
      Murder threat at PM,hailing terrorists, abusing Hindus,blocking highways is freedom of speech and action.
      Illegal gun suppliers are caught by police and immediately released on bail and are back to business.
      In K Kumar ,sedition case it took 4 years to obtain sanction for prosecution and it will take minimum 15 years to get final conviction, and he can become super leader in India, shouting same slogans.
      In Delhi riot case, HC has midnight sitting on plea by Harshmandar, educated Modi baiter, darling of Al Jazeera TV and the Police are castigated, when they are busy patrolling day and night and paid media pays tabla. Are police force ginea pigs to be mentally abused?
      In SC during S Bagh hearing, the court compared US police to Delhi police,castigating their efficiency. The fact is a case is finalised in US in 3 years and it takes 20 years in India.

      In this system, when Babus , activists , paid media,politicians, enjoy money and comfort in AC room, why should the police be demonised ? Why should police fire FIRs, when they are aware that they have to go around courts till they retire and there may be no conviction. In such a scenario, India is heading toward Syrian type civil war unless we have military courts to handle riots and sedation cases and internal security and external security have to be treated at par. How many are aware there were about 160 hangings in pak last year compared to none in India.

  3. Great article Mr Natraj Shetty. Thank you.

    PM & HM must seriously think about the close advisors they have. Actual Ground report on brewing trouble during visit of Trump did not reach Home Minister.

    You are right, investigations in corruption cases are pathetically slow. A particular media house mired on corruption charges continues to peddle fake news and there is no action by the Govt. It must be the bureaucrats who got benefit from the same Media house in their money laundering.

    Ministers in BJP govt appear to be lax in this regard.

  4. The BJP govt was lax in implementing policies on the ground. Its intelligence failed on Shaheen Bagh & also the recent Delhi riots. Khangress & opposition are targeting the “Melting Iron softness- also called as Pig Iron in metallurgy” of Amit Shah as Home Minister. there will be more such consipiracies & hidden plans by opposition to oust & discredit Amit Shah for they see him as future PM so start the demolition process now.

    BJP & their members failed miserably in seeing the writing on the wall. Modi is not so much a target but Amit Shah is for he is PM aspirant. Modi crossed the rubicon for now & lesser target by opposition.

    BJP to focus on restricting the sales of acid, gun powder, improve intelligence network, country made pistols. It will shameful that a country which is aiming to be a super power does not know how to control these riot friendly items Make more regulations & conduct more compliance audits. Make every violation punishable exponential to the actual violation cost.

    Make it a rule to recover the cost of the damage for each riot or happening in the society to be recovered by selling the property of the crminal & political parties who support them. Ban the politicians for life & the political party symbol

    Do not see anything happening in the BJP govt ruling

  5. It is time Modi concentrates on internal security. He looks tough but is a sanyasi. Following Gandhi principles in 2020 will not work. Gandhi was a sanyasi and sided with Muslims, but Pakis erased him from their books.Modi is doing same mistake as Gandhi did in 1945. Even the powerful sanyasis like Vishwamitra and Vashisth could not take on demons and had to take help of Rama.

    Judicial system and paid media are like corona virus. Only cure is act independently, and do not be scared of their dominance. Jehadists are spreading like termites all over the world, and have become cannibals in Islamic countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq,Yemen, Libya. The head ache has now spread to Europe and Africa. In France, it has become a national issue .Naxals are now educated and have become urbanised.As MM Singh stated, they have to be eliminated. Follow Vengal Rao’s policy in AP during 70s.

    The carnage in Delhi is professionally organised with precision and coordination with sleeper cells by ISIS heads, outside India. This is to perfectly coincide 100% to Trumps visit .The forecast by Rajeev Malhotra in BREAKING INDIA, 5 years ago perfectly matches with current day scenario. Modi ignored the book, though presented to him personally.

    Gujjus are not fighters, but baniyas. Take R Malhotra, S Swami as advisors and take their inputs seriously. Hindus have the blessings of Gurus and can wipe out any evil.

  6. The riots punctured the hubris of Modi-Shah duo. They need to focus on economy instead of rhetoric. Blatant display of irresponsible behaviour by motormouth BJP leaders only adds to the strength of Anti social and anti national elements. Riots will not always win votes. Our fight is against jihadists not entire Muslims, who have now accepted the primacy of Hindutva. CAA and NRC can wait.


    As an observer of the on-going matters & the past actions of the Center since 2014 till date; there is some kind of urgency in the implementation of rules or bills in some areas.
    Demonetization was followed by GST. Even though the demonetization was a huge impact to the common man, somehow he could withstand. But, then a quick imposing of GST without proper evaluation of its consequences caused damage to the economy and the effect is seen in Modi – 2.
    Similarly, though abrogation of article 370 & 35A was an impact on the ego of Muslim community of J&K, the situation was well managed by the center. There was a further chocking on the ego of the same community when the tripple tallaq & the Ram Mandir matter was approved by the supreme court.
    The Center should have given some time for these wounds to heal, but they chose the other way – by bringing in CAA.
    This gave the long waiting opposition and the ego affected community to plot against the center.
    Center took things for granted after a row of successes and became over confident. Leading to the current unrest in the nation and especially Delhi.
    Government should apply rules in such a manner that the impact of such rules are smooth and not like a blow after blow. You need not wipe a line to make it small – you can draw a longer line too.


  8. What has been happening in the aftermath of the passing of CAA bill, was a clear signal to the government but they did absolutely nothing. Modi has completely failed to rein his loudmouths during Delhi assembly election and Shaheebad protests were allowed to carry on without any action hoping that they may go away. This is abysmal intelligence failure of the NDA government. They are rightly to be held responsible for the loss of lives in these riots. One gets an impression that it is the SC that governs the country while the government allows it to do it. If unelected judges are going to have so much say, why elect a government? What a farce that is India. Modi’s second term is heading for a big disaster. Shah is no Sardar Patel after all.


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