Sudhir Singh and Alex Gedstad on St Paul Minneapolis City Council resolution and subsequent riots

How a few individuals like Sudhir Singh and Alex Gedstad of Indic Foundation are busting the fake narratives against CAA and enlightening people about it in the US. Also discussed is why right-minded people should be elected to make sure peace prevails in the society.


  1. 1: I watched the twin cities vote on YouTube– two council members abstained. I think Sree Iyer is confusing the vote prior which was unanimous.

    2: so is there a plan to repeal or amend the language? If the council wants to mention things from 2002 then they need to talk about the SC verdict and Kashmir pandits also.

    • they won’t. This is, I feel, Soros/Bloomberg/Wahhabi-Qatar paid Ilhan Omar controlled #Hinduphobia at its height

      • Did anyone try? We have new information today about the Delhi riots which wasn’t available to the council members when they voted.


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