Prakasarao Velagapudi on how vote-bank politics of Hindu politicians have led to menacing proportion

Greed, lack of leadership and selfishness have driven Indian politicians to pander to extreme lengths the demands of some minorities, says Prakasarao Velagapudi in this wake-up call video. Some of the consequences of this are explained too.


  1. Good discussion with Sri Gopalaswamy Garu Saar. Both abrahamic religions have a common agenda. convert Hindus and conquer Hindustan by any means. Congress used minority Muslim card and caste card to divide Hindus and won power for decades. Now NDA govt has got more Hindu votes and particularly back ward and oppressed and neglected rural people of India who form almost sixty percent of the population. Now comes the question how to put a stop stamp on Hindu conversions by Missionaries. we must bring uniform civil code first and make one country, one people, one flag and one rule. we must take off special gifts like HAz subsidy asap. we must give autonomy to Hindu temples and remove all non Hindus and other non believers from all positions of authority. Temples should get trained as to how to bring all Hindus to many events in the temple. Schools, library, dining hall, small theater and marriages for poor men and women and widow remarriage and widower remarriage must be on their agenda. No caste discrimination must be shown for any devotee. Rich temples must identify poor families and give monetary help as needed. consolidation of Hindus will cut into size the minority mafia in our country. we must also support and give publicity to Muslims who want Islam to change and modernize as per times and as per many modern Muslim countries. we must educate the people about all the illegal and anti women activities inside the church all round the world. We should also educate the people about thousands of cases pending against pastors bishops cardinals who have raped nuns, sexually abused children, got many nuns pregnant and later allowed them to commit suicide. All these things are available for smart people to find out, we must adopt conversion tactics adopted by Missionaries to bring back our brothers and sisters who were duped and were made to change their faith. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha. Unless we protect our dharma who else will?

  2. If the Supreme Court in its decision said that funding Haj pilgrimage is wrong and these political fools are still giving, why is there no contempt of the court?

    • Once again we can expect someone else or the government or the SC to fix the issue.

      You can start fixing the issue today. STOP putting money in the hundi and give it instead to the temple priest. Once the funding isn’t going to the temple, it can’t fund anything else.
      Try it. If it doesn’t work we can adjust and move forward.


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