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Gold at @2000/Oz. How high can it go?

Gold in the Goldilocks zone With Gold touching $2000, this is going to be one of the popular topics for conversations in the media and...

2022 – The end of an era of blissful ignorance!!!

2022 will be viewed as a pivotal year In the annals of finance, 2022 will be viewed as a pivotal year – perhaps without even...

Housing bubble 2022 is NOT Housing bubble 2008

Why this housing downturn is nothing like the last one With the caveat that the Housing bubble (HB) 2022 is not yet officially categorized as...

Crude oil @ $100/ barrel and Murder on the Orient Express

No moral dimensions are involved in explaining oil prices but there are powerful economic blind spots at work In the Agathe Christie fable of Murder...

2022 – It is different this time

Most frightening decades ahead Regular readers should by now understand that we are looking at one of the most frightening decades ahead. Whether it is...

Budget 2021 : A Modest Proposal

One of the unintended benefits of following Austrian Economics is that I can take my own time to do the analysis of major economic events...


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