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The cycle of Janma and Karma

Janma and Karma In the ongoing heated debate on जन्मना (Janma/ to be born) and कर्मना (Karma/ actions), I was struck by a claim, “only...

Be a thought leader

Recently I read a post on social media wherein an Indian writes that the Chinese in Hong Kong hate Indians because Indians as the soldiers...

The re-animalisation of man

It is said that a calf can locate its mother among a herd of thousands. Mother. Not a father. Because it doesn't even know...

Times – they are a changing

Lion is majestic. Just majestic. Totally fearless. But it is on the verge of extinction. Had India not been a Hindu majority, there would...

Morals And Ethics: Suppression Of Homo Sapiens Instincts

All the morals and ethics are basically suppression of man's instincts. That is, when man becomes moral and ethical, he does not learn something...


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