The cycle of Janma and Karma

Homo Sapiens life, when examined deeply, will appear to be a chain of Janma and Karma

Homo Sapiens life, when examined deeply, will appear to be a chain of Janma and Karma
Homo Sapiens life, when examined deeply, will appear to be a chain of Janma and Karma

Janma and Karma

In the ongoing heated debate on जन्मना (Janma/ to be born) and कर्मना (Karma/ actions), I was struck by a claim, “only dogs of specific breeds can be made guide dogs and sniffer dogs.”

हे भगवान, हे माँ काली, हे महादेव, क्या होगा हमारा; कब हम इतने (Oh Lord, O Mother Kali, O Mahadev, what will happen to us; when did we became so) braindead dumb, मूर्ख हो गए (became fools)……

We are stuck at an animal level even as other Civilisations are thinking of colonies on the Moon and Mars.

So, even as we created Sanskrit and mathematics, we never contemplated why “we” created Sanskrit and mathematics, and not chimpanzees, with whom we share almost 98.8% DNA.

Homo Sapiens jumped to the top of the animal kingdom suddenly about 80000 years ago with the Conscious Revolution. When we started to think consciously, purposely, and with awareness, that we could think.

Had we not been blessed with the Conscious Revolution by whosoever did the blessing, Gods, accident, or Nature; and instead had remained bound by our genes, we were below the fellow primates in the jungle, competing for food with them and mostly losing.

Then our brains acquired minds, and here we are, flying around in planes, independent of the time of the day, and place on the earth, with power and means to kill just any organism, and growing our food, not foraging for it.

We are different from all other species, because we have a mind, and the mind is totally independent of the genes. So we do not have breeds, because we are not bound by the genes.

Even the dogs fit to become guide dogs and sniffer dogs do not become guide dogs and sniffer dogs till we train them to be. Who are “we” ? We are the Homo Sapiens, a species superior to dogs. And the जन्म want and claim to be, this “we” to rest of the Homo Sapiens: the superior species with power and authority to decide who will become what even among the Homo Sapiens. Who will take what profession, who will acquire what skills?

On the one hand, they claim that जाति (caste) is a consequence of भाग्य (Fate), that is, something fixed by a power higher than us. On the other hand, they want to fix what a जाति can do by way of the profession.

No child is born with the knowledge of any profession. All the knowledge of professions is acquired here on earth. If Gods did not decide the skills, who are we to play Gods and decide what skills a man can acquire? If we believe in our जन्मना theory honestly, why are we worried? The जन्म will automatically decide the limits of skills a man can acquire. Why do we want to place limits on a human being? Isn’t condemning a man to a particular station in life, a particular place in society, the cruellest, evil, immoral, dishonest thing to do? Can we escape the कर्मफल of being so cruel, evil, immoral, and dishonest? Aren’t we staring at utter destruction if we do so?

Wait, aren’t we already suffering utter destruction for doing so?

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