The Morgan Train that rescued America and the World

Another stunning instance of a good dead (Morgan Bank) being punished

Another stunning instance of a good dead (Morgan Bank) being punished
Another stunning instance of a good dead (Morgan Bank) being punished

The House of Morgan is one of the great banking and finance institutions in the world based in America.

It can be said to have started in 1854 when Junius Morgan joined George Peabody’s London banking firm, George Peabody & Co., a name he changed to J S Morgan & Co. after he succeeded George as head of the firm.

Morgans financed all the big and famous Industrial Corporations of America in their early days. In 1907 they got financiers of the US together to save America’s financial system from a certain collapse. Morgan also financed the UK and France in WW I and thus saved not just the free world, but the entire world. Had the UK and France lost, Lenin would not have stopped in Russia. Communist murderers would have seized the entire world. Therefore, the office of Morgan at Wall Street, New York, was duly bombed in 1920, killing 38 and wounding 400, by Anarchists (a faction of the communists).

The Morgans are still around, serving people, serving the world. But one of the most demonised names.

  1. America’s industrialisation can be said to be the work of Morgan. But people can still be convinced to hate those who create a better world for them.
  2. The bombing of their office in 1920 shows that wealth will always attract savages and criminals. And criminals can even form a political party named the communist party. They can form even a religion, and call it the religion of peace.

(A pointer to the world to come, the Morgan building at Wall Street, NY, is now owned by a Chinese.)

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  1. ‘Morgan building is now owned by a Chinese’ -What an irony?
    Thanks PGuru for this piece of history.
    True capitalists become rich and in the process provide opportunities for others to become rich.
    The socialists (left liberals/communists) claim to make others rich in the process enrich themselves. When people have greed for free money who can blame the socialists?


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