Twists and turns in the rape allegations against Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel and how the cases were withdrawn

A look back in time on two high-profile cases of allegations of rape against Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel

A look back in time on two high-profile cases of allegations of rape against Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel
A look back in time on two high-profile cases of allegations of rape against Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel

The country is witnessing an uproar over the rape cases in Jammu & Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh. The justice for the victims sadly happens only after the uproar, as certain elements try to settle brownie points for their benefit. In this context, we wish to rehash two incidents of rape allegations where the vast majority kept a stony or even criminal silence. Why? Because it involved two of the country’s then most powerful persons – Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel – during the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA)’s regime, controlled by the then Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi was represented by veteran lawyer P P Rao and he argued continuously for three days. His main contention was that this complaint was a political conspiracy to block the rise of Rahul Gandhi. CBI also said that the rape allegation was a non-existent one[1].

Around 2007, in the middle of the UPA-1 regime, Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul Gandhi was facing allegations of rape and this case went up all the way to the Supreme Court (SC). Sonia Gandhi’s Political Secretary Ahmed Patel also met with similar allegations and this case to went up to the Supreme Court. Interestingly or mysteriously in both cases, the petitioners fizzled out or retracted their allegations in the SC. Media, Civil society groups and Feminists went completely silent on these two high profile rape allegations. Most media houses only dared to report when the petitioners retracted and cases were dismissed.

PGurus is bringing out the timeline of these two interesting cases involving rape allegations against Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel.

Allegations against Rahul Gandhi

In early 2007, many bloggers published rape allegation against Rahul Gandhi. They alleged that one Sukanya Devi, local Congress leader’s daughter was raped by Rahul Gandhi and friends on December 3, 2006 at a circuit house in Amethi.  The blogs said the girl and parents went missing after they came to complain to Sonia Gandhi in Delhi about the incident. Samajwadi Party was in power in Uttar Pradesh and the state was going for Assembly elections.

No media covered this report until March 2011. The issue got raked up when a former Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Samajwadi Party Kishore Samrite in March 2011, approached Allahabad High Court seeking a probe on the incident and the vanishing of Sukanya Devi and family. A Single Judge Bench issued notice to the State Government, the Police and Rahul Gandhi. This became a big news in many newspapers while the TV channels kept silent. In the petition, the ex-MLA said that he had gone to the village of Sukanya Devi after reading the blogs and found that the home was abandoned and the neighbors were unaware about the family’s mysterious disappearance after going to Delhi in December 2006.

But a dramatic thing happened two days later. One girl named as Kirti Singh approaches another Bench (Division Bench of two judges) of Allahabad High Court claiming as she is Sukanya Devi, seeking probe against the petitioner Kishore Samrite. Her allegation was that she is the Sukanya Devi mentioned in the petition listed in other Bench filed by the former Samajwadi MLA and that petition is just to malign her modesty. Without hearing the opposite side, that day itself the Bench ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe into all blogs carrying rape allegations and conspiracy angles behind such reports and interestingly imposed a heavy fine of Rs.50 lakhs on Kishore Samrite. By this surprising Order, the first Bench’s summon against Rahul Gandhi became null and void.

Within a week Kishore Samrite approached the Supreme Court against the unprecedented action of the Division Bench of Allahabad High Court and unheard of fine of Rs.50 lakhs that too without hearing his side, based on a petition filed by one Kirti Singh, who has no locus standi.  Many newspapers started covering the Supreme Court proceedings, while TV channels kept mum. Supreme Court gave a stay on the Division Bench of Allahabad High Court order and started hearing the case in mid-2012.

But all of a sudden, Kishore Samrite retracted his complaint and said that he personally doesn’t have knowledge of the incident and that he was forced to give this petition by Samajwadi Party leaders including Mulayam Singh and the then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. He even alleged that his petition details were discussed in the New Delhi home of Mulayam Singh and that he is withdrawing from the case and reiterated in the Supreme Court that he filed the petition against Rahul Gandhi on behalf of Mulayam and Akhilesh.

Rahul Gandhi was represented by veteran lawyer P P Rao and he argued continuously for three days. His main contention was that this complaint was a political conspiracy to block the rise of Rahul Gandhi. CBI also said that the rape allegation was a non-existent one[1].

In October 2012, the Supreme Court disposed of the petition terming the case a politically motivated one with malice and vendetta and reduced the fine on Kishore Samrite from Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs.

Here two questions remain unanswered:

  1. Why did Kishore Samrite do a U-turn in the Supreme Court?
  2. Till date, neither Samajwadi Party nor Mulayam Singh/ Akhilesh Yadav has uttered a word on this incident and we have now seen in 2017 Rahul Gandhi aligning with Akhilesh Yadav, who according to Samrite, prompted the rape allegations. How come Rahul Gandhi allied with Akhilesh Yadav, after this incident?

The complete truth of this incident is not yet out as the politics is a game of gives and takes.  The detailed Supreme Court Judgment on this incident can be accessed by clicking on this reference[2].

Allegations against Ahmed Patel

In early 2005, one Sunita Singh from Meerut approached Delhi Police that she was brutally raped by Congress leader Ahmed Patel at the home of the Mahila Congress leader and the then National Commission for Women (NCW) Member Yasmin Abrar’s home. According to her complaint, she was the wife of an ex-Army man and he used to beat her often and once she ran out of her home and jumped into a bus to Delhi and reached NCW office for help. The NCW put her in its shelter known as Nari Niketan. After a week, Yasmin Abrar came for inspection at Nari Niketan and met her and offered her a job as a maid at her home. After few days, Ahmed Patel came visiting and Yasmin Abrar asked her to give tea and water to the Congress leader. When she came to serve tea and water, Abrar left the room and Ahmed Patel raped her. In her complaint, she said that later the local Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Member of Parliament (MP) from Meerut also came and raped her and then she was also raped by many Congressmen when she was taken to Jaipur and Ajmer.

As usual Delhi Police kept quiet and Sunita Singh approached Delhi High Court. Her petition got rejected as Delhi Police said that they are probing the matter and needed more time (Sound familiar?!) By early 2006, she filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. But during the case, clearly, due to some settlement, she files an application to correct her petition. In the corrected petition she withdrew all men’s names including Ahmed Patel. She only mentioned that there were white dressed or Khadi dressed men. But in the corrected petition also she reiterated that the rape happened at NCW Member Yasmin Abrar’s home. Only Tribune newspaper had published this news[3]. The rest were silent on this development. At a later stage in the Supreme Court, by the end of 2006, she withdrew her appeal too. We are publishing the copy of Tribune report at the end of this article.

This is how rape allegations against the high profile men play out. How many media organizations covered these incidents? How many feminists and protestors acted on these incidents? None. The family of Sukanya Devi is missing till this day.

Tribune India article - Ahmed Patel's name deleted
Fig 1. Tribune India article – Ahmed Patel’s name deleted


[1] Rahul rape case based on ‘non-existent’ claim, says CBISep 25, 2012, Indian Express

[2] Kishore Samrite vs State of U P & Ors on 18 Oct, 2012 –

[3] Ahmed Patel’s name deletedJun 23, 2006,

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  1. Nehru is Muslim. Jawharlal Nehru is behind Partition of India. Why? Nehru is responsible for Partition. Nehru destroyed India. Modi need boldly to expose Nehru’s secrets for partition….

    • When Nehru was dividing India as per the aligation where was RSS and its leaders why they were silent or they were in the lap of Britishers. Till date not a single example of sacrifice presented by any RSS leader but onlythrough hatred they politics are trying to prove their deshbhkti.

  2. maneka gandhi acts like a flag bearing champion of women issues. we must challenge her to step up to the plate, and get her to do her role when it seriously counts the most. this is her opportunity. the people of india must raise their expectations, and must not let this crime fade away; demand action – every single day until it is done.

  3. What we are seeing today, the injustices in our society- is the result of 70 years Post-independence Muslim Rulers in India.. Nehru is a Sunni Muslim, Grandson of Gyizuddin Ghazi. Is the man behind the Division of India.
    Gandhiji had decided to dissolve Congress party before the First General Election 1951.
    Before that Gandhiji was killed. If not CONGRESS party would not have been in existence in India from 1951
    After the mysterious death of the original Gandhian Lal Bahadur Shastri, the the fake name of GANDHI,
    MAIMUNA BEGUM ruled India.
    Thereafter Rajiv Khan ruled India.
    Sonia Khan ruled India through a proxy PM, Manmohan Singh.
    The waiting in PM is Rahul Khan.
    A Parsi man Feroz GHANDY converted to Islam and he has become FEROZ KHAN Feroz Khan married MAIMUNA BEGUM Indiraji) at a Masjid in London.
    Rajiv Khan is the son of Feroz Khan
    Rahul Khan is the son of Rajiiv Khan.
    If the Congress party Presidents would have disclosed their actual or correct name , the Congress party WOULD NOT HAVE WON EVEN A SINGLE SEAT IN PARLIAMENT ELECTION…. Congress party FRAUDULENTLY WON ALL ELECTIONS . since the year 1966… the fake name of GANDHI. The name GANDHI, influenced the mind of VOTERS to vote Congress party.

  4. I am not surprised at all. The Congress controls every aspect of Executive and Judiciary in this country. Any wrongdoing would be brushed under the carpet – either by using money or by elimination of victims. The Media channels are controlled by the Congress, so not surprised by their silence. Asifa’s case happened in January and Media is shouting now. But another similar case happened in Nagrota, Jammu in April, but no media attention. The only difference is that in Nagrota, the culprit is a Maulavi, so Media Channels are silent.

  5. You are calling yourselves factual, accurate and unbiased. Are you sure you are all of these. How come then you are questioning the Apex Court’s decision after a lapse of so many years. You say these two cases did not appear in the Electronic Media, when they are the first ones to latch on to such juicy stories. Is it not so. You also say only a few papers splashed this story and not the others. You should know politics makes for strange bedfellows. Why are you surprised at Samajwadi Party joining hands with the Congress. They also came together with the BSP in the recent UP by elections to defeat the candidates put up by BJP in the constituencies of Phulpur and Gorakhpur. Has not BJP joined with BSP to run a Govt. in the past in UP. Also, have they not admitted tainted and disgruntled persons like Mukul Roy, Narayan Rane and so
    many Congressmen under a cloud into the party and they say they are a party with a difference. Please note I do not hold any brief for any Party be it BJP or Congress. I am supporter of persons/Party who is willing to good to the Nation and its people. I don’t think we have found such a party yet and I do not think we will find one but will have to wallow in this filth for all time to come.

  6. I am shocked and surprised that iso condemning the two rape cases which happened in Kathua and Unnao (the Allahabad high court has indicted severely everyone including the Govt. Police and the Attorney General of the State) and the one in Assam as reported by Meenakshi Lekhi you are discussing an obscure case which has no relevance at all now. Okay agreed assuming if Congressman had raped someone does it give the right to the Party you support to do likewise. You are behaving like a schoolboy – you did so therefore I also did it – holier than thou attitude – this is not going to take you anywhere may be you will get claps from Modi Bhakts. Modi normally a reticent person himself has spoken against and said these have shamed the entire Nation. My salute to Modi.

  7. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Are you trying to defend the inaction of Modiji entire govt . n Adityanathji govt in both the cases, by this report ?

    • It’s not about two wrongs make a right it’s just pointing out how one rape case has been turned political with a false narrative and the other case is an accusation by members of crime family no media is mentioning these facts and outrage is selective even though BJP had not defended anyone. The media and UPA are fooling the people they can’t find fault in governance so they are picking a 3 month old rape case and turning it into something else

  8. But why it took such a long time for you to even publish the case. Why credit is not given to an individual which is the case normally and why the credit is given to Pguru team and the timing of this expose is it to
    defend the ruling Party which is reeling against women’s and Dalit Anger. I feel this is fake news.

    • But what is wrong in re-opening the case? Investigating the whereabouts of Sukanya Devi? UPA opened many fictional cases against Modi. If this too is fictional, Rahul will be exonerated else will have to plan his stay in Tihar.

  9. Good job. But sadly this cannot make good the lost hold of the “mighty” ruling party at the centre. Even if the legal proceedings are pending, the party should have severed links with the named individual and should have suspended if not dismissed the named individuals.

  10. केवल देश कीमीडिया में हल्ला मचाना और समाज में घृणा पैदा करना शायद इन कांग्रेसियों का काम रह गया है खुद के दामन पर जब भी दाग लगता है तो बड़ी सफाई से छींटे से बच निकलने की कोशिश में कामयाब हो जाते हैं क्योंकि पूरा तंत्र इनका पिछले ६०

    वर्षों से गुलाम था और इनके उपकृतअभी भी सरकारी नौकरियों में है इन दोनों के केसो की पुनः जांच हो इसकी बहुत बड़ी आवश्यकता है एक छुपी सच्चाई उजागर करने के लिए बहुत बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

  11. All high profile accused rape cases always end like this in courts. The petitioners always budge for pressure and money and became hostile. It is always a mystery, in Rahul Gandhi case how Courts acted on Kirti Singh’s petition when the matter is about a Sukanya Devi. How Kirti Singh claimed, she is the Sukanya Devi mentioned in the petition by SP MLA? Classic case of legal bungling with consent of all. In Ahmed Patel case, how court allowed the girl to change the petition. Changing of petition is allowed only to add more evidences. Here she erased the names of all men. Must have got enough money. Shocking is rape happened at NCW Member’s home.

      • Courts can absolutely be influenced. Including the Supreme court. Disproportionate assets case of late CM J Jayalalitha of Tamilnadu is a classic example. She was convicted by every court or judge that investigated the case only to be let off by then CJI.

  12. Most likely, the bar-maid and her rascal son would have liquidated the entire Sukanya Devi family. If intelligence sources could, even at this stage, secure some sort of clue into the disappearance / murder of Sukanya and family, the case can be reopened. Though conviction of Pappu is highly unlikely in such a belated case, it would serve the purpose of bringing the ‘Ma-Beta fraud duo’ and the ‘Baap-Beta criminal duo’ to their knees


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