Webinar on ‘Breaking India forces’, by Rajiv Malhotra, Author of ‘Breaking India’, (organized by GHHF and sponsored by PGurus)

A must watch webinar on the forces that are working behind the scenes to break up India, by Rajiv Malhotra

A must watch webinar on the forces that are working behind the scenes to break up India, by Rajiv Malhotra
A must watch webinar on the forces that are working behind the scenes to break up India, by Rajiv Malhotra

All are invited to this webinar. Rajiv Malhotra, the author of Breaking India, Being Different and many seminal works will be giving a talk followed by a Question and Answer session. The details are as follows:

Date/Time: Sunday, Feb 2, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

From your Smartphones
(iPhone, Android):
a) Install, ‘Zoom’ app on your smartphone
b) Click: RM talk on mobile

From your Laptop:
Click: RM talk on laptop

Note: You can also join Facebook Live event using the link below (Click on Videos/ Live), but it is not possible to ask questions from this link:
Click: RM talk on Facebook Live

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) and PGurus urge you to participate in this talk by Rajiv Malhotra-ji on ‘Breaking India’, based on his classic work on forces working to destroy India and its cultural roots. It is phenomenal work and helps us make sense of what we see every day such as:

  1. Why is Western media and institutions so anti-India and anti-Hindu with blatant lies.
  2. Why do NGOs that supposedly protect human rights are so biased when it comes to Hindus?
  3. Why do Western Governments pass resolutions on something like CAA that is helping most brutalized people?
  4. How the mafia at work has genesis many centuries ago?

Rajiv-ji peels open the layers at work and lays bare the enormous dangers we face if we do not take it with the seriousness it requires. His work has now seeped into the consciousness of India and ‘Break India forces’ has become an established categorization of forces working in India and abroad.

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Team PGurus


  1. Check out “our temples our pride”

    Sri Rangam temple — venu Srinivasan (a cryptochristian , TVS group — son married into a christian family Coimbatore) is the arankavalar there…
    What have Hindus done to oppose this ?
    What is the action taken against the state government and HRCE managing temples…

    Britain, Australia, USA , Germany, china are all funding christian missionaries here in India…

    Loyalo college doesn’t have any land on its own (land belongs to Shiva temple , gifted away by bloody British on lease) now is issued by state to pay land tax…when land itself is not owned by them… How the hell can they be asked to pay taxes?
    A plot to acquire the land ownership by paying one crore tax n claiming land ownership of many many crores…

  2. Breaking India forces within the nation and their supporting forces outside the nation need to be identified and silenced once for all. It may not be easy to silence the external forces, but the internal links should be eliminated in a systematic manner, using some special internal intelligence department (exclusively under PM or HM).
    There is no fun in bringing such matters to the media or public as they only complicate the matters. A special secret court should be made in-charge in dealing these matters. This kind of matters are to be considered at par with espionage and dealt accordingly.
    Islamic supremacy is dominating in India like in Europe and this is causing all troubles to the progress of the nation. The corrupt leaders of Congress, Opposition who are already under bail should be jailed through fast track courts. We have too much of freedom, democracy and Gandhi geri. But, the Breaking India Forces have no such hangovers and they are taking a lot of anti-advantage.
    This is the right time for India with the help of supportive nations abroad get rid of the Breaking India Forces. We are in 2020 not in the year 1930s.


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