Why is the Delhi Police delaying the trial in Sunanda death case? Why is it not probing the 12 injury marks on her body?

Is a powerful gang or cabal obstructing Delhi Police from conducting its investigation into the murder of Sunanda?

Is a powerful gang or cabal obstructing Delhi Police from conducting its investigation into the Sunanda case?
Is a powerful gang or cabal obstructing Delhi Police from conducting its investigation into the Sunanda case?

Unexplained delays

For the past six months, due to the unexplained delays from the Delhi Police, the trial in the Sunanda case is getting delayed. This time too, on Monday, Dec 24th, the case was postponed to Jan 8, 2019, simply because the accused Shashi Tharoor’s complaint that certain copies of documents in the chargesheet given by Delhi Police is not complete and certain documents in digital format are not accessible. As per the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr PC) 207, the Police is bound to submit all copies of documents in the chargesheet to the accused to start the argument on framing of charges by the Court. What is mind boggling is why Delhi Police is dilly-dallying in Sunanda’s mysterious death case, which is widely suspected to be a brutal murder.

Delhi Police on May 14, 2018, submitted the first chargesheet with Sunanda’s husband and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. Though the First Information Report (FIR) not naming anyone was registered in January 2015 (one year after the mysterious death in Hotel Leela on January 17, 2014) under charges of murder (IPC 302), the Delhi Police filed charge sheeted only Tharoor for pushing wife to suicide (IPC 306). The Delhi Police was forced to act, after BJP leader Subramanian Swamy approached the Supreme Court. While filing the chargesheet, Delhi Police told the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal that the probe is still going on and that they will file it as soon as they are finished.

Subramanian Swamy intervened on the case and pointed out that there were 12 injury marks on her body and the post-mortem report clearly showed these aspects and also explained the angle of poison on her body. Delhi Police had told the Court in May 2018 that they are probing the angle of 12 injury marks on her body and will soon file a supplementary chargesheet. Now more than six months have passed and the Delhi Police are still dawdling on this crucial aspect, which is expected to expose the murder angle in the case.

Swamy also demanded that Delhi Police submit its 2016 Vigilance Probe report that found the first investigation team headed by the then Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia to have literally sabotaged the probe[1]. The Vigilance Report clearly indicted the first probe team officers who did not even hand over the crucial evidence collected from the death spot to post-mortem conducting doctors in AIIMS. This was seen as an attempt to portray Sunanda’s death as a natural one[2].

Moreover the AIIMS report clearly shows that Shashi Tharoor had emailed the doctors suggesting his wife’s death as a natural one[3]. This is a clear case of attempt to intervene in the probe, which is a serious offence under Indian Penal Code (IPC) 200. Why is the Police not charging Tharoor for intervening into the post-mortem and trying to influence doctors by sending false information through emails?

After the settling of documents by the Delhi Police and the accused, the case will be transferred to the Sessions Court, as the charges are serious. More than six months have elapsed in the basic settling of documents due to the unexplained attitude of Delhi Police.

Who are you working for, Delhi Police?

The Delhi Police is delaying the trial in Sunanda case for past six months… Why? Why not complete investigating the 12 injury marks on the body and AIIMS findings of possible poison in her body? Why is it not taking action against Vivek Gogia and other police officers who tried to save Tharoor?

Is someone or a powerful gang obstructing the Delhi Police? Sunanda and Shashi Tharoor’s relationship happened in the backdrop of IPL into which billions were and are being pumped. Delhi Police has not yet given the full details to Enforcement Directorate in this regard. Has some coterie asked Delhi Police to go slow on Sunanda case?


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  1. BJP govt keeping its mouth shut on a day light murder of a woman in a 5* hotel which is supposed to have all remote cameras to monitor safety, speaks or tells about some well entrenched mafia who are ought to kill anyone – there is a deep chill somewhere or everywhere that is why even the police Head is shivering to tell the truth !!!
    My head is hung in shame for our scriptures keep repeating in every page that soul has no death, so do not fear, tel & seek the truth.
    Injustice everywhere….

  2. One of countless other shoddily plotted, clumsily carried out & completely obvious murders in the dirty game of cricket. The only reason these people get away with it over & over again is because of their political cronies covering up & stalling investigations & the joke that passes for a ‘justice system’. This will head the way of all the other cases that came before (Cronje, Woolmer etc. all carried out by the same perpetrators) ~ Nowhere.

  3. Expecting that Congress will in 2019 and come back to power. after that Tharoor will be a cabinet minister and will get the case dismissed. That is the reason of delay . It is so simple and so obvious.

  4. Home Minister Rajnath Singh must answer for this atrocious actions of Delhi Police. As like many cases, it is sure that PM and his office must be aware of the developments and they keep quiet. Why these things happen. I feel, Indian Cricket clubs are led by crooked politicians from Cong-BJP and NCP and even Farooq Abdullah in J&K. So this cabal must be protecting. They don’t want IPL angle in Sunanda death case. Amit Shah is Guj Cricket President (earlier it was Modi), Jaitley was the head of Delhi and now his friend Rajat Sharma. These guys even kicked out Bishan Bedi and Kirti Azad. And Pawar is there, Jyoti Scindia, Rajeev Shukla. These guys are united whatever their political affiliation.

  5. The responsibility lies with HM under whom Delhi police works. The curse of Sunanda is destroying BJP. A murder case in limbo, ultimately accountability is thrown at Modi.Conspiracy at international level, case should be handled by NIA.


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