Would reviving newspapers help the Gandhis in the NHCase?

Reviving the publications of AJL is at best a pathetic attempt at putting a spin, which the courts will see through

M R Venkatesh, a noted T V Commentator, author of several books and a Chartered Accountant weighs in on the recent decision of Associated Journals Limited to renew the defunct newspapers and its effect, if any on the pending National Herald case (NHCase) against the Gandhis and others.

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  1. In my view it will affect the case because the mens ria won’t get established.
    Dr.Swamy alleged that Mother and son duo aquired YI through AJL to Publish the newspaper.
    But Rahul Gandhi in his reply to J Gopikrishnan’s mail said,that YI has no intention to publish the newspaper.
    Hence the allegation.
    But it was AJL which published newspaper NOT Y.I.
    And now AJL will publish the paper.


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