85 vans, 250 cars and 10,000 Congress cadres the target for ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’

Rahul Gandhi set to lead 3,500-km, Bharat Jodo Unite India, 148-day padayatra

Rahul Gandhi set to lead 3,500-km, Bharat Jodo Unite India, 148-day padayatra
Rahul Gandhi set to lead 3,500-km, Bharat Jodo Unite India, 148-day padayatra

Congress party back to work with strategy to relaunch Rahul Baba

Congress is attempting a major political strategy, to take on the Narendra Modi government. Preparing for 2024 Lok Sabha polls, a novel idea of Gandhi style of Padayatra. Congress’ ‘Kanyakumari to Kashmir Bharat Jodo Yatra’ takes a new dimension with plans for Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress party’s Kanyakumari to Kashmir ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, proposed at its Udaipur Chintan Shivar, appears to be all set to become an occasion for yet another “Rahul Gandhi relaunch” experiment.

The tentative plans being discussed within the party include Gandhi personally leading a ‘padayatra’ (journey by foot), covering 3,500 km in 148 days.

Even as the Congress circles widely expect Gandhi to return as the Congress president through the scheduled August-September election of the new president, party leaders Digvijaya Singh and Jairam Ramesh announced at a media briefing on Thursday that the commencement of the padayatra could be advanced ahead of the originally scheduled October 2 launch.

The duo, though, insisted that the rescheduling of the yatra plan was only due to “the repeated and intensifying attacks on our democracy, our country’s Constitution … by the Modi Sarkar and the BJP”. Incidentally, an October 2 launch would have led it right into the year-end Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections.

Announcing that the proposed Congress yatra would be now in the form of “a 3,500-km padayatra through 12 states and two union territories”, they only said all the Congress national and state-level leaders would participate in it.

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  1. All that bjp needs to do is to start fast track courts and punish criminals very fast to give a sense of security to people and send a strong warning to criminals. Just like Rahul pappu, many families who controlled major parties do not have capable charismatic leaders. once sonia and ansari links with ISI gets exposed, congress party will die a natural death,


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