All Tablighi foreign preachers violated VISA norms to land in India. All claimed as tourists and Govt decided to blacklist all such foreign preachers

The congregation of Tablighi Jamaat was illegal and those preachers who lied about their purpose of the visit have been permanently blacklisted

The congregation of Tablighi Jamaat was illegal and those preachers who lied about their purpose of the visit have been permanently blacklisted
The congregation of Tablighi Jamaat was illegal and those preachers who lied about their purpose of the visit have been permanently blacklisted

The exposé of the illegal congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz by the Tablighi Jamaat preachers has confirmed that similar kinds of congregations happened in many parts of the country and all the foreign Islamic preachers violated the basic VISA norms. The Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) Bureau of Immigration has found that around 900 preachers landed India in February and March on a simple Tourist Visa. As per rules, they have to land on a Missionary Visa. In fact, they have to fill in an application that explicitly asks them if they are going to do religious work in India. In the US, this application form has to be filled by everyone applying for a visa. But to avoid monitoring, these Islamic Preachers landed as Tourists. According to highly placed officials, the Government has decided to blacklist all these foreign Islamic preachers in the future.

“If they have applied under Missionary Visa, their Indian contact points will also be under monitoring and Missionary Visa is not easily granted. So all these people (around 900 identified thus far) landed in India by cleverly claiming as tourists,” said a top IB officer.

Mainly these preachers came from South Eastern countries like Indonesia, Malaysia. The IB is scanning the other Tablighi congregations possibly convened in Karimnagar of Telangana, Malappuram and other Northern parts in Kerala, Erode, Nagore, Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu, and in the coastal parts of Karnataka. The government has asked to submit the details of such Tablighi preachers who landed in all the international airports in the country during February and March.

In India, basically Tablighi activities involved in teaching and spreading of Islam in rural areas. This orthodox sect of Islam is under the radar of agencies as many involved in creating a fundamentalist mindset in the younger generation. In Hyderabad many involved in the Tablighi congregation have tested positive for COVID-19 and in Delhi, results of more than 20 persons are awaited[1].

According to officials, the authorities are crossing their fingers waiting on the results of those removed from the Nizamuddin Markaz spot. After testing and 14 days quarantine, all these foreign preachers will be deported to their countries and will be permanently blacklisted by the Dept. of Immigration. Agencies say that over 5000 Indian preachers came into contact with these foreign preachers.


[1] Preachers came on tourist visa, face legal actionMar 21,2020, Times of India

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  1. why the BJP government is allowing these conversions (especially in AP), and this kind of religious activity, these activities are not at all good for the Bharath…….as a common Bharatiya, I’m confused.

  2. Why to deboard back to their own country after 14 day isolation imprisonment for 1month and give punishment. Inka gand pe danda maro.

  3. Approximately 900 people connected to an organization were blacklisted. It is good. But it would have been better had the MHA in consultation with the MEA blacklisted the organization along with all its members.

  4. abe bosdiwalo, they are also humans show some respect. In the article it just not only talks about Pakistanis, it also talks about other nationality origins as well. Terrorists can be from any country. Practically you need to think. Do not assume for God’s sake.

    Money is a concern in India if they want to change the religion they can and no one can stop them. Given money is the sole power to get things done. It would not be in our control to keep a check and stop them. We can stop them by educating them. What will you educate them on so that they don’t change their religion?

    • Are the Tablighi Jamaath members human?

      Humans do not deliberately spread a zombie ideology that seeks to dominate the world and extinguish civilizations.

      This was bio warfare by Tablighi Jamaath!

  5. NDA led by Modi & Shah are as spineless as Manmohan’s UPA

    Vohra Committee Report directly accuses Sharad Pawar of receiving 800Cr bribe from Dawood Ibrahim to (1) Assist Tiger Memon conduct Bombay Serial Blasts (2) To facilitate escaped of Dawood Ibrahim after the blasts.
    This so called 56″ Government does not have the guts to even make the Committee Report public – leave alone punishing the criminal Pawars

    • How does this make Modi Spineless?

      Article 370 has been implemented.

      Triple Talak bill passed and implemented

      If anything- – Tablighi Jamaath , PFI and other faithful,, with their Chinese allies have been spooked into this preemptive attack on Bharat and the world.

      Modi Government was and is taking the right actions.

      The virus was developed in the Wuhan Military labs and released into Iran, Italy, Spain etc.

      Then released into USA and Bharat.

      Bharat under PM Modi is taking the right actions in a balanced way.

      Jihadim zombies can change their ways, take t dharmic ways or perish.

  6. I hope the MeA wakes up to screen many other foreign nationals who ARE currently residing in India under the pretext of Tourism and WORK but are engrossed in the vice of religious conversions.

  7. My friends in Bengaluru and Mysuru districts of Karnataka are telling me that christian Missionaries and Islamic mullas have converted hundreds of villages to Christianity and Islam. They have added some attachments to the original names of people and have asked the families not to stop doing any thing that they have been doing for ages. This is cleaning the front of the house with Gobar liquid, decorating the doors with mango leaves etc. They have added Mike to Mallappa. Kevin to Kittappa. These families get extra money per month if they bring more families under the church. Village names have got changed to Christapura etc. According to them Congress and JDS are solidly supporting this kind of activities to make Italian madam happy. Shiva Kumar and devegowda and Mallikarjun Kharge names get mentioned.

  8. The incident shows gross negligence of functioning of MHA and IB.
    1) Visa on arrival is being grossly misused by foreign agents both Muslims and Christians. Why would a single Muslim from indonesia, Malaysia, srilanka or Saudi with a beard and pyjama visit India ? Every foreign tourist can bring upto $10000 . Imagine how many millions have come to India. Our immigration police are worst dumbos. They are supposed to check purpose of visit, won’t even look at visitor.
    2)Politicians, police,judiciary are scared of Muslims because they damn care for you. They act when fire is lit.
    3) Islam doesn’t permit democracy, hence Indian Muslims don’t care for India.
    4) Orthodox Muslims don’t use tooth paste. They brush with Mishawak stick, sold at mosques. Daily bathing is not mandatory before prayers or congregations. Attar is regularly used.They rub noses when meeting friends.
    5) Many pak radicals holding dual passports might be entering India.

    NDA has miserably failed at internal security. Unless IB outsources internal security to private agencies, India is under severe threat.

    • Dear Venkat, your last point is definitely not true. I am a western citizen of Pakistani origin, an athiest who studies astrophysics. I wanted to visit India but couldn’t apply eVisa like my western girlfirned. I had to opt out for regular visa that required embassy visits and biometrics. The staff at the embassy warned me that it would be quite unlikely that I would get an approval from authorities in Delhi due to my Pakistani heritage. I made the application anyways and then they asked me to call them after a month. I called and they told me that the application is still under process and I should call back in two weeks and this continued till about four and half months. Then my friends in India called authorities in Delhi who told him that they had aprroved my application after 30 days of receiving it. So, I called the embassy again and asked them if they could issue me a visa as my application has been approved by Delhi. They told me that it was just one approval, another approval is still awaited from Indian High Commission in Islamabad. I wrote a few emails to whoever related to deicison making on my visa application explaining my background, purpose of vist etc. and then a week later my application was approved and I was issued with a single entry tourist visa. The Indian staff at the embassy was very kind and helpful throughout the process though. They kinda told me that rarely any applicant of Pakistani origin is approved and you are the lucky one and I do feel lucky to have visited India. So, be assured that no dual passport holder of Pakistani origin is entering India easily.

      • There are two type of Pakistanis I used to interact in a Middle East city. Educated mohajirs from Karachi , and people of elite punjabi families. The others were uneducated pathans. The former had no animosity for India and in fact they kept me in high esteem. The pathans and the labour class were highly fanatic, no issues.
        I agree with your point that any pak origin person applying for Indian visa is severely cross checked. This is due to the reason that pak doesn’t issue visas to Indian businessmen or celebrities. Even if a pak visa is issued, it is single visit plus single city.This is tit for tat. Statistics show at least 20,000 pakis have jumped Indian visa and are untraceable.

        When I stated dual passports, I mean holding an illegal second passport because Pakistan doesn’t permit dual nationality. Educated pak citizens like you may have surrendered the original PP and obtained a western PP. Any Pak origin person holding western PP can get e visa as tourist.David Coleman a spy aka Dawood Gilani entered India holding US passport. I am not sure why you opted for regular visa.

        Espionage is a professional secretive subject and beyond our scope of discussion.Any pak origin guy holding any SE Asian PP can enter India through e visa. This was the point I wanted to make keeping the lacunae in e visa system with reference to Tabligh gathering. Hope you enjoyed your Indian visit .

        • One of my very good friend’s name is Venkat and he is the nicest guy I have ever known. I am sorry but you are generalizing a group of people and you don’t seem to know all the facts. I am Punjabi and personally know pathans who hate Pakistan and love India and there are Punjabis and Urdu speakers who are fanatics too. Pathans are usually hard to read as their Urdu or Hindi is often not that good and they end up giving wrong impression of themselves.

          You are wrong about eVisa system. No person of Pakistani origin with any second, third or whatsoever passport is eligible for Indian eVisa. If it wass possible, I would have definitely applied for eVisa and would have saved a few hundred euros and a long wait. Pakistan does allow dual citizenship with about 20 countries oficially and unofically they doen’t bother a Pakistani having any other citizenship of any other country in the world. David Headley plainly lied in his visa applications and to be honest someone like him may still fool the system to obtain visa or enter India illegally.

          I did enjoy my visit to India and would love to visit again. To my surprise, people who were teh most welcoming towards a Pakistani were usually BJP supporters. 🙂


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