Arrested Pakistan terrorist reveals Pak Army helps the terrorists at the launch pads in POK

With 8 new routes from PoK Pakistan's ISI plans a massive infiltration bid, says NIA officials

With 8 new routes from PoK Pakistan's ISI plans a massive infiltration bid, says NIA officials
With 8 new routes from PoK Pakistan's ISI plans a massive infiltration bid, says NIA officials

Captured terrorist exposes Pakistan’s ISI mischief plot

Terrorist Ali Babar, who was captured by the Indian Army from J&K’s Uri sector on September 26. The terrorist revealed that Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has been providing support to the terrorists in order to sneak them into the Indian territory. The Pakistan Army has also been helping the terrorists at the launch pads in POK, he added.

Sources said Babar has admitted before the sleuths of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) that Pakistan will attempt more infiltrations into the Indian territory with the active support of the ISI, as over 200 terrorists are waiting at different ‘launch pads’ in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) to be pushed into Jammu and Kashmir before the heavy snowfall begins in December in the valley.

Babar was captured following an operation on September 26 in the Uri sector by the Indian Army. During interrogation, Babar revealed that he had sneaked into Jammu and Kashmir on September 18 along with five other terrorists.

NIA is trying to collect more information from Babar, such as the routes he took and the local contacts he made for collecting arms and ammunition, etc.

The officials said that the ISI is trying to create a synergy among the terror groups to make coordinated efforts to bleed Jammu and Kashmir. They have identified eight new routes for infiltration, which was revealed after Indian intelligence agencies decoded the intercepted chats between the ISI and the terrorist handlers.

The officials also said that a meeting was held at Lashkar-e-Taiba‘s new office at Chelabandi in Muzaffarabad, which was attended by the handlers of Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and Al-Badre wherein they were clearly instructed to finish the task of pushing terrorists into the Indian territory before December.

The Border Security Force (BSF) has intensified its patrolling along the Line of Control (LOC), while the Terror Monitor Group (TMG) comprising officials of the central intelligence agencies, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and Special Operation Group (SOG) of J&K Police has been keeping an eye on the border areas of Bhimber, which has been used by terrorists in recent past, officials in the security set up said.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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  1. Our Indian Government should be merciless in dealings with the captured TERRORISTS.
    None of them should be allowed to go scotch free.
    Capital Punishment should be given to everyone of them.
    If any local is aiding the terrorist, they should be put to death,in Public.
    If our Government shows any MERCY,our country will be doomed. There are some Muslims of our country,who openly say that their main aim is to make BHARATH, a MUSLIM COUNTRY. This will happen, if the Common Civil Code is not implemented, the soonest!


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