Blaming Corona, ethics preaching The Hindu newspaper group also implements salary cut of Six-25 percent

The labour friendly, pro-Left-ideologue spouting paper The Hindu Group puts profits before the well-being of its workforce, announces salary cuts

The labour friendly, pro-Left-ideologue spouting paper The Hindu Group puts profits before the well-being of its workforce, announces salary cuts
The labour friendly, pro-Left-ideologue spouting paper The Hindu Group puts profits before the well-being of its workforce, announces salary cuts

After Indian Express, Times of India, and Hindustan Times, one of the major newspapers from the south, The Hindu also imposed salary cuts citing the COVID-19 pandemic-throwing-their-revenues-out-of-whack excuse. In an email attached with a handwritten note to all the employees, The Hindu Group CEO L V Navneeth said that the company’s Board has decided to implement a salary cut ranging from six percent to 25 percent.

As per the CEO’s letter, persons getting below Rs. Six lakhs per annum are not having any salary cuts. Eight percent will be cut from those who earn between Six lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs and 12 percent from those earning between Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs annually. 16 percent is cut from those earning between Rs.15 lakhs to 25 lakhs annually and a 20% cut is imposed on those earning between Rs.25 lakhs to Rs.35 lakhs annually. Those who earn above more than Rs.35 lakhs annually will face a salary cut of 25 percent.

In a two-page sugar-coated salary-cut-imposing letter, the CEO also says that the whole time Directors (N Ram, N Ravi, and Malini Parthasarathy) and Independent Directors have also “sacrificed” many substantial monetary benefits. It is a known secret in Tamil Nadu that Hindu’s owners always take consent of the powerful Trade Union controlled by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). The current Trade Union leader is the former Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi and the earlier leader was T R Baalu.

One question that has been plaguing the minds of long-time readers of The Hindu Group is the rewording of their letterhead as ‘THG PUBLISHING PRIVATE LIMITED’.  Speculation is rife that this could be due to their pro-communist stand – the word “The Hindu Group” maybe not acceptable to the decision making whole time Directors like N Ram, who is a total Communist party supporter or believed to be a Card Holder party member of CPI(M).

The first to cut salaries was Indian Express blaming the Corona Crisis. One month ago Indian Express imposed a 10 to 35 percent salary cut[1]. Hindustan Times pre-emptively claimed that they were running up daily losses of up to Rs.3.5 crores. But staffers say that management is lying and hushing up huge annual profits. According to them the Management is only talking about the lack of advertisement revenue during the lockdown season and portraying a “fake loss” theory.

The Times of India Group controlled by Samir Jain and Vineet Jain has also imposed 10-20 percent salary cuts and are now planning a massive retrenchment. The staffers point out that Times of India Group which is running many newspapers and TV channels has more than Rs.1000 crores profit and this salary cut is just to protect its profits by the “unscrupulous and heartless” owners when it comes to money matters[2].

Now it is proven – Ideology such as Socialism, pro-Left, and pro-worker comes only after money. Calls by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all Chief Ministers to employers not to retrench or cut the salaries of employees during the Corona Crisis are falling on deaf ears. Money, money, money – must be funny, in a rich man’s world, sang Abba. This move of a “left-friendly” newspaper shows that money is above all else – deny it to those who need it the most.

The letter of The Hindu Group CEO imposing salary cuts is published below:

The Hindu Group Salary Cuts… by PGurus on Scribd


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  1. Typical communist party member…. When i was working in bank there was a group of people who have total allegiance to communist ideologies keep criticizing the management on every count but receiving salary every month without iota of guilt. At the age of 60 many of them boasts their wards are USA and happily settled in jobs with fatty salaries. This is not an isolation case but majority of communist ideology inclined people are 100 percent hypocrites so far s their preaching and practices are concerned. Less said more is better about N.RAM whose intellectual quotient has weakened over the years and on te verge of declaring intellectual bankruptcy. The kind of damage this group in the guise of socialistic journalism is causing is incalculable. If one reads the HINDU one can easily come to conclusion about their empty brains and left leanings ( irrational thoughts)

  2. The name should be changed to Anti-Hindu. The paper if it were pro-labour, should not cut the salaries. The hypocrisy is exposed. The paper has no moral high ground to stand and criticise others who are to the right of the most left wing newspaper. Their stand on various issues are anti-Indian and without support of communists anti India countries in all forms this paper would have folded up long time back. The founding fathers of this paper must be turning in their graves after Mr Ram ( I think it is misnomer) has brought disrepute to once leading morally upright newspaper

  3. N Ram is know as a communist. We know what kind of a communist he is, just a congress stooge and a hinduism hater. I don’t know why people still consider him as a intellect and give a damn on his views. my foot.

    • In an area turf war between DMK (Kalaignar mafia gang), AIADMK (MGR, Jayalalitha gang), Pukka Chor (Chidambaram) who was flashing his Central, Corrupt Congress, Communist connection Card, the rudderless, N. Ram gave up his family values and got trapped in the nets of 1,000 Lights, Mount Road Dada to give him protection to his crumbling newspaper empire. Of course, he had to pay salary to his vast number of Brahmin staff and had to take refuge and protection from take DMK Kingpin. Although he convinced himself that he saved all his Brahmin monthly wage earners, he had to sacrifice his journalistic freedom. He had to pay a huge price to go pally with the pseudo-secular, antibrahmin, Antinational opportunistic DRavidian Kingpin. N. Ram had to protect his family estate, office and had to embrace the evil connection to protect all his employees. Media baron in South, calling himself a Communist, my foot, Self and family Survival takes precedence.

  4. This Hindu newspaper has no ethics and totally under the control of DMK. When problems in Chennai during DMK regfime, Hindu turns its eyes from Chennai to China or Chile related issues.


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