Which Gandhi damaged Congress more???

An objective look at the Gandhi family and which one damaged the party more as the GOP flounders on its last legs

An objective look at the Gandhi family and which one damaged the party more as the GOP flounders on its last legs
An objective look at the Gandhi family and which one damaged the party more as the GOP flounders on its last legs

Sonia Gandhi

She is accredited with uniting the Grand Old Party (GOP) of Congress and bringing it back to power in 2004. She traveled extensively, was meeting people all the time, and built a powerful cadre. But, since 2004, after she could not become Prime Minister (PM) she started the dual power structure. Prime Minister became a person deferring to the party for all important policies and even in day-to-day appointments and postings, 10 Janpath, the home of Sonia, became important.

This dual power structure led to a strong party but weak governance as the Head of the executive, PM Manmohan Singh wielded less power. Such a contradictory position ultimately led to a mute PM and the public ultimately started disliking him and this dual power system. This was the first mistake of Sonia that she did not rectify this faulty system and continued with a weak PM and weak governance and Ministers who always reported to 10 Janpath rather than to PM.

Secondly, she had a coterie of advisers who were not mass leadersAhmed Patel, A K Antony, Ambica Soni, and P Chidambaram, who was completely cut off from the ground and were too arrogant, self-centered,  commanded no respect from party workers, were giving opinions on every matter which was remotely connected to them. They had, in fact, become Super PMs.  Their word was final for Sonia Gandhi and then her wishes were communicated to weak PM Manmohan Singh who followed it in letter and spirit and had no say to alter it.

Although he traveled extensively and addressed over 500 election meetings and became Congress Vice President and then President he still carries a nonserious image basically due to his slippery character.

Thirdly Sonia started selecting weak leaders as Chief Ministers and ultimately MLAs had no say – started with Prithviraj Chauhan in Maharashtra, experiments continued in Uttar Pradesh and no strong leader was projected or developed. Bihar was surrendered to Lalu Prasad Yadav who later backstabbed. Delhi continued with Sheila Dixit who had lost popularity due to CWG scam, divided Andhra Pradesh (key advisor on this venture was none other Chidambaram) and kicked out Jagan Reddy at the behest of this coterie and now both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have gone from Congress. There is no clarity in Madhya Pradesh and the GOP was swinging between Jyotiraditya, Digvijaya and Kamalnath.

Fourthly she did not replace the old team in UPA 2 which had resulted in no Congress leader who is available today. If younger Congress MPs were made Cabinet Ministers then today India would have at least 50 ex-Cabinet Ministers and leaders who would have taken forward the party. She failed on this count miserably.

And finally, she was not clear on son Rahul Gandhi’s role – this cost the Congress the maximum.

To quote American journalist and writer H.L.Mencken, “Life is a constant oscillation between the sharp horns of dilemmas”.

As a mother she wanted her son to take over the party and attain Prime Ministership and in both aspects, she failed to deliver. She should have given Rahul Gandhi experience in Government by making him a minister in the UPA period and ultimately to PM’s post when Manmohan Singh was unwell. This would have had far-reaching consequences. She failed miserably and the party is finished today. The tag of Pappu, Buddhu, inexperienced, immature, would have been removed from Rahul Gandhi.

This is open for people to debate that was this the work of Coterie which did not let Rahul Gandhi take over or it was a weak mother who could not control her son who’s image was projected as non-serious, uninterested, and an escapist. She is responsible for this mess in the career of her slippery son.

Rahul Gandhi

The less is said about him the better. Although he traveled extensively and addressed over 500 election meetings and became Congress Vice President and then President he still carries a nonserious image basically due to his slippery character. He routinely commits blunders and is equally responsible for the demise of Congress.

Firstly he has no connect till date with the party workers and they don’t feel motivated by him. He does not empathise or sympathise with Congress workers at any level. The touch of creating personal feelings with party cadre is completely lacking. This has damaged the party to a great extent.

Secondly, he was surrounded during UPA 1 and UPA 2 with people of below-average mental level. They could not guide him at all. They, in turn, say he never wanted any advice and they were only like court jesters!! The coterie surrounding Rahul made him completely inaccessible. The coterie was foreign-educated novices who experimented with congress working and ticket selections and alliances and party posts. Thus completely destroyed congress but they were untouchable as Rahul depended on them. Kanishka Singh was their leader and it consisted of Kaushal Vidyarthi, Alankar Tandon, etc. They behaved like most knowledgeable and demigods for poor party workers and leaders. They regularly misbehaved with them and rather keeping senior party leaders in good humour even if Rahul gave them no time, they were more arrogant and discourteous than Rahul Gandhi. They made Rahul Gandhi very unpopular among senior party leaders and party workers.

Iconic American businessman and once chairman of IBM Thomas J. Watson summarised Rahul Gandhi’s foremost problem, “Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.”

Thirdly, no one knows everything. Only if he had read Ernest Hemingway, he would have known the value of listening, “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen,” Hemingway has famously said.

And as PG Wodehouse, English satirist wrote, “…she’s got brains enough for two, which is the exact quantity the girl who marries you will need.”

Everyone tries to learn from known intelligent and knowledgeable people about different fields be it Economics, Governance, Law, Human Resources, or Foreign Affairs but Rahul showed no inclination to learn from anyone. This nonlearning made him a burden on congress and he could in return offer no good advice on day-to-day issues. He was always out of focus. He offered no consistency on any issue or policy. He never saw anything reach a final conclusion.  Today he cannot claim anything that he has done for the country. His advisors and friends also failed miserably to counsel him.

Fourthly, he had a complete disconnect with senior party leaders, and neither could they groom him nor he wanted to learn anything from them. He looked at them with contempt. Stalwarts like Pranab Mukherjee were ignored – slow-moving politicians like Mohan Prakash, Madhusudan Mistry, who inspired none were given prominence. Rahul could not control the corruption of Chidambaram or others. Congress became a party embroiled in fights among themselves But Rahul chose to ignore it – Chidambaram was fighting with Pranab, Anand Sharma was fighting with Vir Bhadra Singh,  Ajay Maken was fighting with Sheila Dikshit, Pulok Chatterjee was fighting with TKA Nair in PMO – these fights led to engineering Public Interest Litigations, newspaper leaks, and adverse public opinion which finally led to the demise of Congress in May 2014 Lok Sabha election.

The fifth point is that Rahul miserably failed to constitute a young team of governance. He didn’t make young Cabinet Ministers, had no one in the bureaucracy, and miserably failed to make young leaders as State presidents of the party. These people would by now have changed Congress but old spent forces continued in UPA 2 and the public got fed up and came to believe that Gandhis are a part of the same gang and so discarded them.

Sixth is that Rahul has no friends. A person with no friends never gets to know informally what is going on. Only friends give frank and unbiased inputs. Rahul gets no true inputs. So he is always at a loss. This attitude of his has cost Congress dearly.

Priyanka Gandhi

Finally comes the newest General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi who is much more receptive than both mother and brother, is more pleasant to interact, and gels with Congress workers more and they have better connect with her. And as PG Wodehouse, English satirist wrote, “…she’s got brains enough for two, which is the exact quantity the girl who marries you will need.” She gave Congress; husband Robert Vadra a liability which Congress is not able to digest. Marriage was a personal subject but still, rulers enter into alliances and not marriages. If you have to rule them you have to sacrifice personal feelings.

She damaged Congress by letting her husband loose. Robert should have been kept at home without getting into shady land deals. She should have told him clearly that there is no space for him to enter into a business of any sort but she failed miserably and Sonia Gandhi also it seems to have had no control. Robert ran amok. He created an image for himself which is hated by every common man. He ruined Rahul Gandhi’s Amethi election by standing on a truck and asking votes for him. Such weakness on the part of the Gandhis for Robert has caused irreparable damage for the GOP and there seems to be no sign of remorse or feeling of guilt in Robert and others that they have killed the ambitions of lack of youth and old congress loyalists.

Secondly, Priyanka seems to be in a tearing hurry to take over everything in Congress, undermining the position of Rahul. The group in Congress which hates Rahul Gandhi is always seen around her. This created a bad message which has gone everywhere and is damaging Congress and creating confusion in the party.

Thirdly Priyanka Gandhi had a dream to be in politics since childhood but she failed to receive world-class education and exposure. The reason may be father Rajiv Gandhi’s death but politics and power demand a tough mental status which she lacks. Unlike Rahul, she has friends but she is also not surrounded by a team of sharp people from every walk of life. People discarded by Rahul and the public are surrounding her which is furthering the damage to the party. She has failed miserably to awaken the masses in UP and restructure Congress in the State. All party posts are lying vacant in Uttar Pradesh and she is busy in Delhi thereby losing touch from the ground. Rather than staying and touring continuously for months in UP, she spends time in Khan Market and in parties.

Fourthly She is completely absent from the intellectual arena and talks. She is never seen as a serious politician and a knowledgeable person by the upper-middle class and intelligentsia. She has failed to carry forward the legacy of Nehru and his so-called intellect and dynamism perception. No congress district president can dare to ring them and give any suggestions, they can’t even take the liberty of sharing their problems, no Congress leader can hope to get a surprise call for lunch from Gandhis!! This is how they behave and have already caused serious damage and continue to inflict more damage every day.

Writer Jay Kristoff has said it before, “Beauty you’re born with, but brains you earn.”

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  1. It is disgusting & frustating to see Modi projecting himself as saint, who would forgive everything & only man with authority
    1) NOT a single govt hospital has been seen any equipment upgradation with modern medical equipment
    2) NOT a single hospital opened in any of rural areas
    3) Where will the Doctors will get employment ? in Municipality street workers ?
    4) So many BJP law makers (ass lickers) cannot win one legal case, except of the great & only one
    Dr. Swamy
    5) Govt hospitals do not even have a chair to sit for Doctors, forget about fashion parades & solidarity
    masked dummy fashion shows to gain sympathy credit cards
    6) Only medical fraternity / ICMR should be allowed to speak on medical matters not the dumb & dumpest
    Mr. Javadekar
    7) Want to see those idiotic bureaucrats who are issuing new rules / regulations & policy making, why govt
    is protecting them – they should be known to public so that they can throw rotten eggs & rotten
    tomatoes on their faces
    8) NOT one person is punished, only FIRs and wait for 120 years for justice delivery. What are the law
    collges doing ?

    • Looks like you have listed the achievements of congress which ruled for 49yrs..State of government hospitals after 70 yrs of Independence..whom you should ask??

  2. In 1940’s Hindus were paralysed with Gandhivad and now it has been
    Gandhuivad in a new cover demanding ‘eternal patience’, nonetheless torture of Hindus, Indians never ceased, stopped.
    Is author not aware, « according to world media Congress is ruling, calling the shots in India ?
    Is it author’s wish to see Hindus to be tortured ad infinitum, who deserve nothing better ?
    Due prayers of authors, would Indians be seeing another Nehru soon ?

  3. GOP Took No Time To Turn Into POG.Party Of Goons.People Came Made Their Killings And Left.That Pie Was Perfect For The Don.Son Came In As A Political Novice And Prefered To Remain An Apprentice.Thank God Congress Stands Damaged.Not The Nation.

  4. Which Gandhi damaged Congress more???
    Writeup is not good. Pgurus Team should have done their homework well.
    Pgurus Team should know how three muzzi families Nehru-Jinnah-Abdullah sliced India into three pieces… with Brits….Bakistan, Kashmir(J& L) and rest of India ruled by three solid muzzi families.

    Better to start a critical review on MK Gandhi himself before commenting on fake/duplicate Gandhis… names mentioned by Pgurus team in their write up.

  5. A true analysis based on the experiences of many people and events as they unfolded. Success through hard work sharpens the intellect but even a semblance of it obtained by fooling around in the name of “hereditary” name dulls even the natural smartness. I wonder if buddhus become otherwise by being offered a CM post as opined in this article.

    That apart, reading this article makes me wonder if the team relies on a voice activated text editor (akin to a dictaphone) for creating print copies, looking at the “typo” howlers. It is important to avoid such howlers who’s, nay, whose contributions kill the ambitions of lack , nay, lakh of loyalist readers for a smooth flow.

  6. India never had what you call people’s democracy but in the name of democracy, the antinational dacoit congress, its allies leaders and fake dynast fmly adopted and implemented dynastic democracy right from J&K to Kanniyakumari, all the states were ruled by dynasts and still most of the states are being ruled by the heirs of these dynast. Fake dynast fmly destroyed India completely in the name of secularism, supporting, pampering and maintaining separatists, terrorists, underworlds, naxlites, all sorts of mafias including land mafias, building mafias, forest mafias, water mafis,..you just name all the mafias congress creations, (Khao our khan do!) an muslims at the cost of majority. This was going on systematically for more than sixty years but after 2014 NAMo taking over the reins of India, the antinational congress, its allies leaders and fake dynast family’s black deeds came to light, these rogues were conspiring against India, against Hindus fabricating different narratives to malign the image world over and silence them once for all, because of NAMO all antinational elements got badly exposed and the common masses started hating them, no sane Indian can tolerate compromising safety and security of the nation, which was done by antinational corgis and dynast, so naturally people started burying this antinational party and associated parties, and now time has come to completely eliminate these rogue political parties who are acting against the interests of the nation and we the people of India will definitely do it except the ass lickers of the fake dynast fmly.

    • Perhaps whatever democracy India is, building a good public opinion prior to or simultaneous with any precipitate actions are considered important for sustainability.

  7. Poorly written & understood by Team PGurus.
    The Italian Bar Maid is a KGB Spy and spies are to work without leaving any trace, so they had a shadow cabinet in which all stooges / coteries are selected, work if done will have their signature & nothing of Bar Maid or her Pappu or Beautician Piya.
    Do not consider it as mistakes, spies have to work without traces. It is the sheer luck & brilliance of Dr. Swamy got them red handed in National Herald case.
    Unless the spies are killed, the coterie will keep resurfacing thinking that the Bar Maid & her Pappu gang will retain power some day. So the spies already caught, should be “eliminated” then only the Lutyens will fall silent
    Unfortunately there is no punishment in India – one can kill,, rape, murder, generate fake information, take bribes, engage in mob violence, lynch anyone anytime, talk ill of others & Hindu Gods….everything is allowed.
    Saudi Arabia & Chinese simply executes, that fear keeps people away from doing bad deeds. World has not spoken a word on them, so why worry, just go after the Lutyens gangs & silence them forever. India has nothing to lose.

    • True. India is having great threat from the internal enemy posing as antinational dacoit congress, its allies leaders and fake dynast family members and unless this internal enemy is eliminated nothing good can happen in our country. so it becomes imperative for India to crush the internal enemy as early as possible before they bring about further destruction. Already India has been destroyed by these antinational fake dynast fmly by supporting, pampering and maintaining separatists, terrorists, underworlds, mafias, and muslims at the cost of majority, in the garb of sickularism! Italian bar girl is creating havoc in India, if not controlled now, situation may go beyond control, it can only be controlled as long as NaMo is there.
      People from abroad really wonder about India, what type of country is this? where Leaders come from Italy, voters from Pakistan and Bangladesh, majority pay taxes and minority get subsidies, really strange! All this nonsense must stop !

    • Sreeram you are spot on.
      Yes spies never leave a trace. Not even a cigarette butt. Look at Antanio Maio aka Sonia and her multi banks deposits,universal networks and status of 4th richest politician in the world—Desh ki bahu tag!!! Rahul too is a dumbo,with a wayalnad racketeer status and an addict and his sister a national bo**er.

      Spies enjoy life at the cost of tax payers and leave no trace of their activities barring NH case..Kudos to Dr.Swamy.

      Even after coming out of jail, PC is still arrogant ans looks too mercurial. Judicial reforms are necessary.
      Former and late PMs M.Desai, PVN Rao, Chandrasekhar and Rajiv respected Dr.Swamy and took his help/ services. Unfortunately PM Modi and HM Shah does not understand niceties and how to demand services from nationalists and experienced persons like Dr.S.Swamy et al.

      Why PM Modi and HM Shah afraid of Dr.Swamy et al, if both are true nationalist and intend to make India strong and much more than five trillion dollar economy? It seems PM Modi and HM Shah have something grave to hide and help Congress-I to bury its mega 2004-2014 scams/massive NPAs. Congress-I commits errors and allows BJP to rule for 10 or 15 years! I suspect “a deal” between BJP and Congress-I.

  8. Such articles will only help congress in improving them.. let’s not show them what wrong are they doing.

  9. Well said. Time has come to replace Modi with Yogi in the national interest. Enough of Modi who is not taking any stern action on the trouble makers and anti-nationals. We don’t want another Nehru.

  10. BJP+ has 300+ law Makers while Congress has 50+ in LS.
    In RS too BJP is in a comfortable position now.
    But any outsider watching Indian Media will get an impression Congress is the ruling Party

    As against this, witness what is happening in UP.
    Azam Khan (UP’s equivalent of Sonia Mafia) is rotting in Jail.
    The Looter Yadav Family is completely silenced.

    The Italian Mafia Queen is still delivering DIKTATS
    The D-Gang Leader Pawar is still ruling the roost in Maharashtra
    The Maha-Daku Chidambaram is as brazen & arrogant as ever


    • Well said Nagar Iyer.
      Yogi is too young and lacks some more admin skilk-sets. He has to complete his term first.
      Modi-Shah Combo did well due to Ajit Doval, and Dr.S.Swamy’s cases and portals like PGurus articles.
      The said combo insulted/silenced ruins of Vajpayee-Advani-MMJoshi, Sent RSS to vanvas, able minister Nitin Gadkari was made sulk after 2019 elections……………..

      It’s better to handover power to Dr.S.Swamy. This gentleman with half a dozen true nationalists, experts, academicians in major five ministries including of RBI/SEBI will show us fantastic results in just four months and will send all anti-nationals/Lutyens to Tihar in a months time.

      Modi and Shah are tired due to travelling over two lakh kilometres in six years, always in election mode and fails in judgement and poorly running the country now with arrogance. PM Modi is praised world over to checkmate him. Domestically he is faltering due to his dislikes on some people within his own party / lack of high education. PM is still Gujarat centric. He is a good PM working 18 hours a day. But does not respect educated and much more experienced men around him. Curse is on him. Majority community is suffering.

      For arguments’ sake remove Ajit Doval, Dr.S.Swamy (and Chief of Defense Staff Rawal) BJP lead govt will collapse in a day!!! RSS will run for covers!!!

  11. all dynasties have to go one day and now is the turn for this dynasty who have zero connections to the real Mahatma Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi by making MMS a loyal servant and allowing all her close friends and allies loot our country of billions of dollars will never be able to bring back the party to power again. Rahul Statements and party’s comments on various issues with regards to Kashmir and Pakistan has exposed them completely as partners of Pakistan. Their comments and speeches are getting quoted by Imran Khan and their reps at UN repeatedly to show India as an aggressor and an occupying force in Jammu Kashmir. Now their silence on Palghar killings of Hindu Sadhus have shown them as partners of Missionaries who are converting adivasis to Christianity. All that is needed is establishment of special courts to go after their illgotten wealth that is supposed to be in billion dollars. with multiple bank accounts in many countries, multiple passports and Rahul filing taxes as UK citizen three years in a row, shows the dynasty is on the way out in India.


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