Part 1: Chat with Ajay Jagga how Chandigarh is losing its heritage treasure created by Le Corbusier

Chat with Ajay Jagga on the idea of Chandigarh, its conception and heritage

For Reference:
1: Corbusier heritage being auctioned off – How Chandigarh is losing its pride of possession – 29th August 2016

2: Apathy towards Heritage is deplorable 5th September 2016

3:  More Chandigarh Heritage artifacts auctioned in Oak Park, IL, USA – 11th September 2016

4: HERITAGE AUCTIONED IN FRANCE on 15 March 2018 loot by foreigners continue – 22nd March 2018

5: Chandigarh Heritage Furniture Under The Hammer Again – Firangis Continue to Loot India – 13th April 2018

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