Where are the environmental fascists who opposed Art of Living’s WCF?

WCF was fined for their using Yamuna banks but there is other activity going on unchecked

WCF was fined for their using Yamuna banks but there is other activity going on unchecked
WCF was fined for their using Yamuna banks but there is other activity going on unchecked

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]R[/dropcap]emember the brouhaha of environmental fascists when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living (AOL)conducted its World Culture Festival (WCF) in the banks of Yamuna River on March 11 to 13, this year? A lot of doomsday scenarios were painted by Left leaning media and some organisations sympathetic to  religious conversion groups. Even the Congress Party landed some punches at WCF, raking up environmental concerns in the Rajya Sabha. These people were convinced that WCF would cause irreparable damage to River Yamuna and its ecosystem. Many media houses parroted what these environmental groups said. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) was approached by many and it imposed a fine of Rs. 5 crores ($750,000), which AOL refuted.

Five months have passed since the event. On August 7, PGurus photographer visited the area, where WCF was conducted. The pictures say it all. You can see the same green area and the River Yamuna flowing quietly. Such diligent efforts by AOL to clean up after the event has gone un-noticed by the hyper-ventilating media who shouted from the rooftops that conducting WCF would finish the green paddy fields and pollute Yamuna forever. See the three pictures below:
WCF-venue-as-on-7th August, 2016_1
WCF-venue-as-on-7th August, 2016_2
WCF-venue-as-on-7th August, 2016_3
[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]t must be remembered that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar personally monitored the cleaning of the area for a week after the WCF, where lakhs and lakhs of people had gathered. What was the motive behind all these malicious campaigns? The pictures expose the bogus and manipulative propaganda against Art of Living and WCF. AOL was forced to pay up to the NGT its fine. What was AOL’s fault in all this? Perhaps the NGT can explain. Sri Sri has vowed to get back the Rs.5 cr ($750,000) fine paid (Originally it was going to be Rs. 120 crores ($18 million))!

Wait, there is more! Please look at the wide angled picture below. This is the DND flyway passing through the Yamuna banks. One side is the WCF venue and other side is the Batla House and Okhla area. Since both sides abut the banks of Yamuna the environmental rules are expected to be same.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]N[/dropcap]ow our photographer takes you closer to the Batla House area. See the below three photos from Batla House area. You can see a whole lot of alleged illegal construction going on near the banks of River Yamuna. Once these are inhabited, where will the effluents go? More importantly are these legal?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]W[/dropcap]here are River Yamuna’s lovers? What do these environmental fascists have to say about the alleged illegal construction going on still at Batla House and Okhla areas? Why don’t they approach the NGT? Is it because the area is occupied mostly by a minority community? If yes, then it is OK for some to pollute but not others? Why this is jarring is because the NGT has forbidden even farming along the banks of Yamuna!

Mainstream Media offices are located just a few kilometers from this site. Why doesn’t anyone report on the construction activities in the Batla House area?

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  1. I have tweeted the Rohit Sardana, rahul shiv Shankar and Gaurang sawant to expose the hypocrisy of NGT and the left fiberal gang of the likes of bahar Dutt and vimlendu jha.. who just lie in hr name of environmental protection.

  2. I think so called envoironlists and NGT wants cheap publicity while the AOL did a remarkble event and also let the area more clean and beautiful.On the other side there is parmanu concrete building has been built.Is the bais NGT and so called false and liar environmentalist take action against this?

  3. looking at the available pics i can see that the architecture resembles a lot like the peacefuls!! no wonder the intellectuals are silent coz they know that a few machetes are in waiting if they open their drains [mouth]

  4. WCF was a pride of India. It is so irresponsible as an indian citizen to talk against it for selfish motives. AOL has worked for 5 yrs to clean Yamuna, proud to say that every volunteer has given his best to clean Yamuna. We at AOL are been taught to take responsibility to care for the nature and human kind.

  5. They are not Yamuna lover. They are Hindu hater instead. Out to denigrate, deride & destroy our great civilization. These environmentalists will close eyes to secular pollution.

    If you got a problem with secular pollution, please feel free to raise the issue.

  6. why not complain about Batla & Okhla to the same NGT, and let it fumble? let it make a decision this way or that, at least let it ignore… we need to prove their collusion on paper, then sue them to expose the collusion of courts too.

  7. Kodos to PGurus for exposing the agenda of anti-nationals, one by one! These anti-nationals successfully push their agenda as long as Modi government keep reacting to a well planned propaganda of these anti-national groups with the help of bought out media and journos. Modi government should instead investigate the people/ organizations behind these agitations/ petitions and their foreign sponsors and media facilitators and prosecute them for sedition. Unfortunately in many instances Modi government also following minority appeasement and vote bank politics at the expense of national security!! Doesn’t surprise considering the alleged support of Modi’s closest minister to these anti-national groups most of which allegedly execute orders from congress leadership !

  8. I commend team PGurus for taking all the trouble to expose the most glaring(obvious) example of anti India stance by motivated agencies.
    Do those occupied with the mission of stopping the event at all costs till the last moment call the dirty sewer, garbage dump, stinking cesspool an ECOLOGY which could be further eroded by the event?Who has made the Yamuna so and have we heard any of these worthies take up the cudgel before the event in the decades gone?
    Not only Yamuna, the pathetic state of all flowing water systems suffer from rampant de forestation up stream, soil erosion,addition of un treated sewer/industrial effluents, rise of water beds, mind less encroachments , heavy construction activities and active sand/land mafias.
    As a result we are cursed with flash floods alternating with droughts, infectious /contagious/water borne diseases, lack of potable water for human/ animal use .
    You have painstakingly displayed green paddy fields on the river beds.But I ask what business agricultural activities are doing on the river bed;isn’t it(river bed) meant to facilitate only free flow of water?
    An ignoramus I am, I still don’t know if the N G T is such an omniscient and omnipotent body which has already saved much environment/ecology or tries to be in the news involving in celebrity cases.
    For I would seriously like to see some empowered agency treat the malady of all flowing water systems of the country as mentioned above.

  9. If AOL pollutes then anyone who does this also pollutes. But let’s not ask a negative question like if one can pollute can the other not? It is not the laters intention to pollute but the formers. So why say something which is not true by the real Yamuna worshipers (not lovers)?

    Mainstream media may ask such questions thinking they are highly intelligent. They have painted themselves as not so by not reporting this.

    We have to be the change we want to see. So let’s stick to the path of not polluting Matha Yamuna and never ever even got argument sake do that.

    Then they may say it is ok to pollute and finish off Yamuna

    • First of all AOL did not pollute. It is the work evangelical missionaries with the help of local anti-national and anti-hindu media so that Indian culture is not showcased to the world. Now since Muslims are doing illegal construction on the banks of Yamuna all is fine with Presstitutes and NGT.

    • AOL did not pollute. They have actually been cleaning the rivers for the last 5 years. River rejuvenation is a major part of AOL’s social service. They have rejuvenated 22 rivers over the last decade. Please do adequate research before commenting. All MSM is dominated by the left and the islamists.


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