Facebook to face legal action by a Chicago-based tech firm over its Meta rebrand

Meta Company alleged that when Facebook failed to buy them, it aimed to "bury" the company by force of media

Meta Company alleged that when Facebook failed to buy them, it aimed to
Meta Company alleged that when Facebook failed to buy them, it aimed to "bury" the company by force of media

Meta Company alleges Facebook rebranded its name

Meta Company, a Chicago-based tech firm is going to court against Facebook, alleging that the social network stole its name and “livelihood” after it rebranded its name to Meta.

Meta Company has decided to file the necessary legal actions against Facebook.

A little over a week ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of Meta, a singular company brand under which all of its various products are brought together. The name refers to the metaverse Facebook envisions, one that covers everything from its main social media platforms like Instagram to other products like VR and augmented reality.

Facebook was facing intense scrutiny over users’ data privacy. Zuckerberg downplayed that this rebranding, the first in Facebook’s 17 years of existence, is to divert a barrage of bad PR.

Meta Company Founder Nate Skulic alleged that when Facebook failed to buy them, it aimed to “bury” the company by force of media.

Skulic claimed in a public letter that Facebook decided to commit trademark infringement and call itself Meta.

“They couldn’t buy us, so they tried to bury us by force of media. We shouldn’t be surprised by these actions – from a company that continually says one thing and does another,” Skulic added.

Skulic said that for the last three months, Facebook lawyers have been hounding them to sell their name.

He further added, “We refused their offer on multiple bases. Namely, the low offer wouldn’t cover the costs of changing our name, and we insisted on knowing the client and intent, which they did not want to disclose.”

At least two law firms were involved: One in the US that requested its trademark and domains and the other in Europe aggressively contacting trying to get “us to sell its domain registrations,” he alleged.

A live trademark was filed for Meta Company in 2016 that lists the registrant owner at Chicago, Illinois. However, there is a 2015 trademark listed for Meta with the owner listed as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

“It’s unfortunate to have been associated with a company so rooted in controversy and fixated on domination. We aim to be distinguished from Facebook’s totalitarian view of the future. We hope the negative association with Facebook and its founder will be forgotten — but we won’t ignore the damages done,” Skulic elaborated.

Another US-based company called Meta PC that sells computers, laptops, tablets, and software, had reportedly asked for $20 million from Zuckerberg-owned Meta, to withdraw its registration application and free the name of ‘Meta’.

Meta, the former Facebook company, was yet to react to these allegations.

Zuckerberg said over the name change that the name “Facebook” doesn’t fully encompass everything the company does now and is still closely linked to one product. But over time, he hopes that they will be seen as a metaverse company.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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  1. It should be noted that at this time there are numerous companys named Meta in the Chicago area, ranging form wine manufactors to publishing houses. Even a business consulting firm. As such it’s not likely doing to hold in court.


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