Former Media Manager of Rahul Gandhi comes out with a film – Love You Pappu

Is the fictional "Love You Pappu" by Pankaj Shankar a tell-all on the Gandhi family?

Is the fictional
Is the fictional "Love You Pappu" by Pankaj Shankar a tell-all on the Gandhi family?

The two-hour film shows love triangle, work culture of Pappu

In a big embarrassment to former Congress President (and perhaps in the future too!) Rahul Gandhi, his former Media Manager Pankaj Shankar has made a film titled Love You Pappu, which is expected to release in April and is sure to create a controversy. The two-hour film, which is termed by the Director Pankaj Shankar as “purely fictional”, exposes the working style of a lethargic Rahul Gandhi and his coterie which messed up the Congress party’s prospectus for the past decade. A few days back a 90-second teaser was released by Pankaj Shankar revealing what is in store in Love You Pappu.

The attacking teaser gives the viewer a glimpse of the work culture of Rahul Gandhi. It shows the embarrassment of Mahatma Gandhi who visited Rahul Gandhi’s office and how his staffer dealt with the Father of Nation, in a satirical way.  Mahatma Gandhi comes to meet Rahul Gandhi at his 12 Tughlaq lane office/ home. He waits for him in the waiting room for 2.5 hours. His staff comes & tells Bapu that it’s not possible for him to meet today.  On hearing this, Gandhiji tells the Personal Assistant (PA) that he had a prior appointment. Pleads to the PA to tell Yuvraj that if possible kindly spare a few minutes for him. PA tries but is unable to manage.  Gandhiji gets up to leave, disheartened.  The PA calls him and says, “If you don’t mind, can I have your visiting card please?”  Gandhiji is shocked.

In the teaser, there is a funny scene when the PA claims that his boss had worked long hours in the night followed by visual inserts about Rahul’s favourite night biking shots. A few months back Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned this curious habit of Rahul of speed biking across the city, wasting the time and energy of Special Protection Guards (SPG).

According to Pankaj Shankar, in his movie, Gandhiji represents the aspirations of a million die-hard Congress workers, sympathizers, and leaders who are continuously ignored by the supreme leader. The office of Rahul Gandhi’s ignorance of ground reality is portrayed by the PA who failed to recognize even Mahatma Gandhi.

The film is waiting for a Censor Board certification and next week Pankaj Shankar is expected to release the trailer. Pankaj Shankar was an NSU (National Students Union) leader in the mid-80s at Delhi University and started associating with the family from Rajiv Gandhi days. He was Rahul Gandhi’s Media Manager from 2004. He is a filmmaker and a journalist too. All Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi related press releases and videos are uploaded on the website The website’s Twitter handle also uploaded the controversial teaser:

Pankaj Shankar started bickering about the style of functioning of Rahul Gandhi and his coterie from 2017. Then he was arguing for Priyanka Gandhi’s rise in the party. Pankaj Shankar recently attacked Sonia Gandhi for her “Putra Moh” in promoting Rahul Gandhi leading to the collapse of Congress party.

With this film – Love You Pappu – it is heard that he has invited the wrath of Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi too. Rumors abound of family’s trusted aides telling Pankaj Shankar to desist from making a movie against Rahul Gandhi. Many friends of Pankaj Shankar say the movie talks about the “dumb” supreme leader’s love triangle with a journalist and another lady. Some say there is a lot of “masala” in the film exposing Rahul Gandhi. Though the Director insists the Movie is totally fictional, comparisons to his former boss Rahul Gandhi will be made and it will be interesting to see how Congress party is going to respond to this controversial film in the coming days.

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  1. Buddu Bambino probably would not even get what the movie director is trying to depict. It is the work of Karma that a family of such high status has to have children of such low mentality.

  2. Everything is fine in a fictional mode to tell the story of a spoilt Yuvraj. But what about the real story of this fake Gandhi family starting from Nehru himself which are scattered here and there including the book by O Mathaei the PA of Nehru and many others? Have we matured enough as a democratic open society to tell the truth to the nation about the first family and it’s legitimacy who command so much devotion from the Darbaris?

  3. The title of the movie is a fatal attraction to all Hindus. The movie should be banned for it reveals national secrets !!! Think this movie will break all previous box office records…..It should declared as tax free & in remote villages, “ticket” free movie also, after all farmers are entitled once in a while free family tickets to see the movie with whom Pappu often ended up woth photoshoot opportunities.

  4. Rest assured the spineless PM, HM and the I&B Minister will intervene and delay or our a spoke on the release. All said and done all these regards have inferiority complex… their wielding power and arrogance is reserved only for common man and karyakartas!

  5. Does Pankaj Shankar not know Pinky is equally ‘corrupt’ & ‘feudal’ like this raskal Rahul?

    PGurus should not portray Pankaj as an ’embodiment of virtue’

    Pankaj’s outbursts are result of his disappointment

    But I welcome the film


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